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2023 Year of the Rabbit Chinese New Year Film Critic Contest, RMB 10,000 bonus is waiting for you!

Yinmao Year of the Rabbit, light and shadow congratulations. @zhihu movie with multiple verticals @知识科学 @知识科技 @知识感情君 @zhihuanimation @ Zhihu Workplace @知识体育 @知识人文 Co-sponsored the “Year of the Rabbit Chinese New Year Film Critic Contest” event.

As of now, 7 films have been finalized for the first day of the Chinese New Year in 2023:

“The Wandering Earth 2”

  • Director: Guo Fan
  • Starring: Wu Jing, Andy Lau, Li Xuejian, Sha Yi, Ning Li, Wang Zhi, Zhu Yanmanzi
  • Plot: The sun is about to be destroyed, and human beings built huge thrusters on the surface of the earth to find a new home. However, the way to the universe is full of dangers. In order to save the earth, young people from the era of wandering earth stand up again and start a life-and-death battle against time…

“Man Jianghong”

  • Director: Zhang Yimou
  • Starring: Shen Teng, Yi Yangqianxi, Zhang Yi, Lei Jiayin, Yue Yunpeng, Wang Jiayi
  • Plot: During the Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty, four years after Yue Fei’s death, Qin Hui led his troops to negotiate with the Kingdom of Jin. On the eve of the meeting, the envoy of the Kingdom of Jin died at the prime minister’s residence, and the secret letter he was carrying disappeared…

“Exchanging Life”

  • Director: Sullen
  • Starring: Lei Jiayin, Zhang Xiaofei, Zhang Youhao, Sha Yi, Liu Mintao, Ding Jiali, Wu Yanshu, Yang Enyou, Yue Yunpeng, Yang Di
  • Plot: After Zhong Da and Jin Hao went on a blind date, they accidentally switched bodies with Lu Xiaogu, a young man who had a crush on Jin Hao, and exchanged their families by mistake, starting a strange “change” journey that made people laugh and cry…


  • Director: Cheng Er
  • Starring: Tony Leung, Wang Yibo, Zhou Xun, Wang Chuanjun, Huang Lei, Dapeng, Zhang Jingyi
  • Plot: After the outbreak of the All-out Anti-Japanese War, the CCP’s Special Branch under the leadership of the Communist Party of China dealt with Chongqing, the Wang puppet, and the Japanese spy agencies in Shanghai. Through the intricate intelligence system behind the enemy, it instigated the enemy, obtained intelligence, killed traitors, and established a wider network. United front until the eve of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War…

“The Jedi Counterattack of Chinese Ping Pong”

  • Directors: Deng Chao, Yu Baimei
  • Starring: Deng Chao, Sun Li, Xu Weizhou, etc.
  • Plot: In the early 1990s, when the Chinese men’s table tennis team was at a low ebb, Cai Zhenhua, then the head coach of the men’s table tennis team, was ordered to form a new team when he was in danger. After hard training, he finally fought back and returned to the top in the 1995 Tianjin World Table Tennis Championships.

“deep sea”

  • Director: Tian Xiaopeng
  • Plot: A girl (Sansuke) who is troubled by heart knots strays into the dreamy deep sea world, and Nan He, the magical captain from the “deep sea”, looks for the answer to life in a fantasy adventure…

“Bear Infested·Stay with me “Bear Core””

  • Directors: Lin Yongchang, Shao Heqi
  • Plot: On an ordinary night in the forest, the mother bear who loved Little Bear and Little Bear left them after a big fire. The two bears were very sad… Years passed, and the bald head took Big Bear to Zhenxing Island to visit the robot. Research institute, but accidentally got the clue of Mama Xiong, so Xiong Da and Xiong Er searched all the way…

Run to sign up and grab the ticket code

This time, we invite friends to record your 2023 Spring Festival movie viewing records as “viewers”. From now until January 21, sign up below with your most exciting movie reviews in the past, and you will have a chance to get the ticket code for the movie you want to watch during the Spring Festival. Quantities are limited, first come first served!

*Movie vouchers are available nationwide, one per person; users who get free tickets must write your “film review” in the topic #兔年新春电影评赛赛# within one week after watching the movie Reply. Come and fill out the registration form~

Participate in activities to win prizes

From January 22nd to the Lantern Festival on February 5th, search for “The Year of the Rabbit Film Critic Contest” on Zhihu, and you will go directly to the main venue. Select a question under the topic of the event and post the answer of “Film Critics”, and you will have a chance to win a big prize.We have prepared the following awards for you:

Year of the Rabbit welcomes Chinese New Year movie critics

Participate in the main questions of 7 films that have been scheduled for the Spring Festival and write a film review of more than 500 words. We will select 1 “film review” answer based on data performance and content quality, and each will reward 1,000 yuan “Dazhan Hongtu Film Viewing Fund”.

Year of the Rabbit Film Critics Feature Award

Around the 7 films, we have prepared three special areas for you, which are detail area, hard core area and healing area:

  • Detail zone: Looking at the Year of the Rabbit Spring Festival stalls under the microscope
  • Hardcore zone: technical experts in hardcore science popularization
  • Healing Zone: Friends accompany you through the long years

Participate in the special area questions of 7 films that have been scheduled for the Spring Festival and write film reviews of more than 500 words. We will select the Top 21 based on data performance and content quality. Reward “Dazhan Hongtu Movie Viewing Gold”:

  • Top1: 1,000 yuan
  • Top2-3: 800 yuan
  • Top4-5: 500 yuan
  • Top6-7: 200 yuan
  • Top8-21: 100 yuan

Year of the Rabbit Friends Approval Award

statistics#兔年新春电影评赛赛#For all the included questions under the activity topic, 1 “film review” answer with the largest number of positive interactions (agree + like + favorite) and more than 500 words will be rewarded with 1,000 yuan “Dazhan Hongtu Film Viewing Fund”.

Year of the Rabbit Chinese New Year Friends Sharing Award

statistics#兔年新春电影评赛赛#For all the included questions under the activity topic, select the 1 “film review” answer with the most shares and reposts and the word length is greater than 500, and reward 1,000 yuan “Dazhan Hongtu Movie Viewing Fund”.

We will also invite the main creative team of the film to participate in topic discussions simultaneously, and interact with hundreds of millions of friends; at the same time, the “film review” answer that is liked by the main creative team of the film will be weighted by 100 likes.

Competition Notice

  • Anonymous, media, and institutional answers cannot participate in the selection;
  • The “Year of the Rabbit Popular Film Critic” cannot be awarded repeatedly, and the “Featured Film Critic Award of the Year of the Rabbit” can be awarded once for each zone, up to 3 times; the four awards can be awarded repeatedly;
  • The content of the answer must meet the theme requirements of this event, and must not violate relevant laws and regulations, social order and good customs, or community management norms, etc. If the above situations occur, Zhihu has the right to cancel the individual award qualification;
  • Encourage the use of Zhihu invitations, sharing, etc. to give more exposure to questions and answers, and strictly prohibit improper behaviors such as swiping likes, swiping broadcasts, marketing promotions, and multiple submissions of one manuscript. Once found, the award qualification will be cancelled;
  • Winners will be announced after the event @zhihu movie The official account will be announced, and the bonus will be distributed within 90 working days after the end of the event;
  • High-quality content also has the opportunity to obtain official resource recommendations. It should be noted that the support traffic is the amount of exposure and not the click volume. The actual content click interaction is affected by factors such as content quality, conversion rate, release time, content theme, user preference, etc. There may be a small number of support failures In the case of , the more attractive the content, the more interaction it will get;
  • The final interpretation right of this event belongs to Zhihu.

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