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8k words: Civilization 6 Empress Wu Zetian’s game elements are well sourced, and game strategy!

The focus is on the front, the strategy is on the back, watch according to your needs!

After a long wait, the Huaxia leader package finally came out!

2k knows how to handle the psychology of Huaxia Wanjia[cube_滑稽]the Chinese leader was launched near the Spring Festival, it seems…

Many players will spend the whole night at home passionately during the Spring Festival holiday!

I will also explain these elements to you slowly~~


Table of contents:


Life evaluation:successful queen

Sophisticated lines:Zhao

Exquisite appearance:Guangyuan Huangze Temple

Skilled:Master Gongdou, Early Tang Dynasty


Contrast with Black Queen:stronger

Spy cap increased:

Spies recruit faster:

carry out offensive missions

reduce task time

increase the chance of success


Wu Zetian:

The buildings of the Tang Dynasty in the rear are more attentive

biography and evaluation

Wu Zetian is a household name, so I just made some casually.
Let players with limited understanding have a general understanding~~

The Wu family is the second daughter of the hero of the Tang Dynasty, the hero of the Tang Dynasty. Her mother is the Yang family. Her ancestral home is Wenshui County, Bingzhou (now Wenshui County, Shanxi Province). She was born in Chang’an/Guangyuan (doubtful), and spent her childhood in Guangyuan (Lizhou). Her real name is unknown. At the age of 14, she entered the harem as a talented person. Tang Taizong bestowed the name Mei, known as “Wu Mei Niang”. Emperor Gaozong was honored as “Queen of Heaven”. Gaozong collapsed, Zhongzong came to the throne, and the Wu family became the empress dowager. After being proclaimed emperor, he was honored as “Emperor Zetian Shunsheng”, and after abdicating, he was honored as “Queen Zetian Shunsheng”

It took Wu Zetian 50 years to take part in government affairs from the moment she became a queen to mastering the supreme power; in the later period of 15 years, she officially became emperor again. In my country’s feudal society, although there were some women who were in charge of the government, such as the famous Empress Dowager Lu of the Western Han Dynasty and the Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty, none of them officially proclaimed themselves emperor. Therefore, Wu Zetian is the only female emperor in Chinese history.

Wu Zetian was a feudal politician with outstanding ability to govern the country. She knows people well, and vigorously selects talents; attaches great importance to agricultural production and rewards farming and mulberry; and improves the relationship between Tang and the border ethnic groups. During Wu Zetian’s participation and administration, she promoted social and economic development, strengthened the centralized feudal rule, and maintained and consolidated the unity of the multi-ethnic feudal state.The Tang Dynasty lasted less than three centuries, and Wu Zetian was in power for nearly half a century. She made important contributions to the prosperity of the prosperous Tang Dynasty

However, during his reign, many dependent countries were dissatisfied, and from later generations, he also lost a lot of territory…

Interpretation of lines:


I am Wu Zhao, loved and feared by all the people, the only queen in the world.


As a half of Guangyuan people, I can often see this word…

I asked my parents curiously, and it turned out that Wu Zetian made it himself!

At first glance, this word means: the sun and the moon are in the sky… Photo!

Yes, this word has the same pronunciation as Hezhao.

Representing one’s own kindness like the bright moon

After master:

I think this can be explained in two ways:

(1) Wu Zetian is the only legitimate female emperor in history

Many women have participated in politics in history

But there are only three female rulers

Empress Lu, Empress Dowager Cixi, Wu Zetian.

The only one who can change the dynasty is the Empress Dowager Cixi, who has been in power for half a century.

Then, she said that she is the only legal empress, this statement is no problem~

(2) The posthumous title of the Tang Dynasty’s posthumous edict has been revised several times:

In the first year of Tang Long (710), it was changed to Tianhou.
In the first year of Jingyun (710), it was changed to Dashengtianhou.
In the first year of Yanhe (712), it was changed to Tianhou Shengdi, and soon after, it was changed to Shenghou.
In the fourth year of Kaiyuan (716), it was changed to Empress Zetian.
Tianbao was eight years old (749), and he was given the posthumous posthumous title of Queen Zetian Shunsheng.

If you want to make a conclusion, then it is more appropriate to call him the postmaster~

Exquisite appearance:

Please enter a picture description

Wu Zetian is too old to look good?

Hey, I think the design is very careful!

As mentioned above, although Wu Zetian has been involved in government affairs since she became a queen (32 years old).

But at the age of 67, he reached the highest power.

To be honest, it is really great to be able to reflect Wu Zetian in 67 so reasonable and full of momentum!

Great dubbing too

Please enter a picture description

The shape of Wu Zetian in Civilization 6 should refer to: the statue of Wu Zetian in the Second Temple of Huangze Temple in Guangyuan.

The picture is taken by the owner in the car after returning to Guangyuan a few days ago~

About Huangze Temple

Huangze Temple not onlyIt is the only Wu Zetian Temple in Chinathe temple also preserves 6 caves, 41 niches, 1203-body Huangze Temple cliff statues and inscriptions from the past dynasties excavated from the Northern Wei Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

It not only has a very high value of cultural relics, but also has a very high value of viewing and research, and is praised by experts as a treasure of Chinese traditional culture.

The exhibition in the Empress Cultural Exhibition Hall takes Wu Zetian’s culture as the theme, and is divided into four exhibition halls: “Longxing Lizhou”, “Towards the Throne”, “Great Achievements”, and “Wordless Monument”. its historical contribution.

and additionallyThe world’s top ten queen exhibition hallsshowing the special historical phenomenon of “queen culture”.

Wu Zetian’s exquisite skills:

Please enter a picture description

After Wu Zetian passed away, he left a wordless stele, and the pen describing his life was handed over to future generations.
Therefore, Civilization 6, a foreign game production team, left its own judgment… Master Gongdou.

Is it different from what many friends think?

Everyone thinks that Wu Zetian attaches great importance to the fairness of internal affairs and the progress of people’s livelihood, so skills should also be designed in this regard?

But I think it’s a great design


With the launch of this Chinese leader package, Chinese civilization has both: builders, improvements, Eureka, wonders, trade routes, projects, barbarian conquest, and many other features…

The addition of the spy system allowed Huaxia to enrich the character image and sublimate the theme of the Civilization 6 game (wrong)


China’s internal strife has an unchanging history, and its culture is famous all over the world~ such as novels, TV dramas and so on.

After all, due to IQ, environment, system… the internal affairs of foreign countries are as exciting as China~


Wu Zetian herself is a master of eyeliner. It is inevitable that Wu Mei “transformed” into Emperor Zetian and experienced many thrilling palace struggles.

“Zizhi Tongjian Volume” records: “In June, Wu Zhaoyi falsely accused the queen and her mother Liu of being disgusted with victory, and ordered her stepmother Liu not to enter the palace”;

“New Book of Tang” Volume 76 “Biography of the Concubine” (Part 1): “Zhaoyi falsely accused the empress and her mother Liu’s dislike of victory.”

That is to say, from this time on, Gaozong had the heart to abolish the empress. How was the empress who was the head of the six palaces deposed?

In fact, this all stems from the trap designed by Wu Zetian. Queen Wang is a simple person, and she rarely talks with the attendants around her. Her uncle Zhongshu ordered Liu Shi to be courteous to the concubines when he entered and exited the palace. Therefore, Wu Mei used money and accessories to buy off the cronies around the queen, spread her eyeliner all over the harem, and specially made friends with the impolite attendants and palace servants of the queen and Liu Xi, and often gave them the rewards she got. , in order to obtain their support and protection. And those palace people who benefited naturally became Wu Zetian’s eyes and ears around the Queen Wang, Concubine Xiao Shu and Tang Gaozong.

Therefore, every move of Queen Wang, Concubine Xiao Shu and Emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty, Wu Zetian was clear. Gradually, Liu Xi found that his niece fell out of favor, and was worried that she would lose her status as queen, so he asked Queen Wang to adopt the boy born to Tang Gaozong and a concubine Liu as his son, named him Li Zhong, and persuaded Tang Gaozong to make him the prince. Although Tang Gaozong acted according to the intention of supporting the ministers of the Queen Wang, he loved Wu Zetian as always. In order to test Tang Gaozong, Liu Xun offered to resign from the post of Zhongshuling. Unexpectedly, Emperor Gaozong of Tang followed suit and made him Minister of the Ministry of Officials. In this way, Queen Wang was hit for the first time.

Since Wu Zetian gained power, Queen Wang felt deeply in danger, but she had no way to confront Wu Zetian head-on. At this time her mother happened to come to visit her, so they came up with a wonderful way together – witchcraft. They think they have a plan, but they know that their plan has long been detected by Wu Mei’s eyes and ears.Wu Zetian immediately reported to Emperor Gaozong, in this way not only squeezed out the power of the queen, but also attracted the ignorant concubine Xiao Shu, Wu Mei framed the two for conspiring to kill herself

There is no doubt that in this era where men are everywhere and occupy the majority of ideology, it can be said that everyone who dares to be emperor can be said to be an outstanding man~

Why did the spy advance to the defensive tactics unlock?

I really don’t see any meaningful connection between Wu Zetian’s accession to the throne and defensive tactics. The only possibility is because of the times.

Please enter a picture description

Defensive Tactics is a municipality at the end of the classical period.

Please enter a picture description

Foreign definitions of classical time, as shown in the figure.

The time of Wu Zetian’s reign is also shown in the picture.

In fact, I think the design team may have paid attention to Wu Zetian’s skill design in feudalism at the beginning. This medieval municipal government is in line with the reign time and the dynasty to which it belongs.
But maybe because this design is not strong enough, so I designed it forward~

Off topic: Guangyuan

Please enter a picture description

I am half from Xi’an (Old Qin) and half from Guangyuan (Wu Ze)[cube_滑稽], ahem. Let me briefly introduce it out of selfishness!
The picture shows Guangyuan Cold Noodles, they are also called Empress Steamed Cold Noodles

Her father was the prefect of Lizhou, who is now Guangyuan

Although Wu Zetian’s stage is in Chang’an, there is no doubt that his childhood was spent here~

If you like Jianmenguan (Jiang Ziya) or Huangze Temple, it is worth a visit to pull you

Apart from these, this city is also very suitable for retirement or something


Wu Zetian game strategy:

With so many withdrawals, we can finally talk about the game strategy.

Veteran players will basically have two thoughts when they first see it:

I copied, isn’t this the skill of the French Black Queen?

Moreover, the strength of playing spies is not enough!

yysy is still quite fun, so let me talk slowly from these two aspects~~

How does the spy play and what is the mechanism?

Please enter a picture description

Regarding spies, you must read my old article of 4500 words and 50 pictures!

So far, it is the only article on the whole network that explains the spies clearly

Detailed analysis of exclusive civilized spies on the whole network (super liver)

I wrote it out of curiosity at the time, and thought that this article written for so long after testing would be nothing but ashes

Unexpectedly, the skills designed by Wu Zetian have a lot to do with it!

Please enter a picture description

In this article, you can learn all the basics of the spy system~!
There may be some things that were measured wrong at the time, and corrections are welcome~

Similarities and differences between Wu Zetian and Heifa

Reminder in advance: today’s ru method

Please enter a picture description

If you want to talk about how Wu Zetian played, then comparing them will be very helpful for understanding.

Early unlock times for spies:

Please enter a picture description

These two pictures compare the unlock time of each other’s spies

Wu Zetian’s is the municipal unlock in the late classical period, and the black law is unlocked in the late medieval period.

And in the early days, neither Chinese/French civilization had a way to directly increase technology/culture.

Yes, there are cultural improvements, but the unlocking is a bit late

But China is developing faster than France because of the rapid unlocking of Eureka/Encouragement.

Learn Eureka well, and you are not afraid to play any civilization! ~Civilization 6 most complete Eureka Raiders

Oh my power of thinking! The most complete strategy of Civilization 6 Eureka Network (Part 2)

But, uh, the eurekas of both of these things are hard to unlock.

Obviously, from all aspects, Wu Zetian’s spy unlock time is much earlier than the black law!

Spy upgrades/diplomatic visibility vs success rate settlement increase/tech culture

diplomatic visibilityis a unique advantage of France, but as an early civilization that does not fight wars, it is not very helpful

Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy, and Never End in a Hundred Battles ~ Civilization 6 Diplomatic Visibility Strategy

Please enter a picture description

The spy comes with upgrades, and the success rate is settled, each has its own advantages and disadvantages

In the early days, the spy comes with a better upgrade

Because as shown in the picture, the spy upgrade not only affects the success rate, but also increases the effect of the task, and allows you to choose the skills you want to further increase your mobility!

Wu Zetian currently only has the buff of the success rate alone, but this is enough. Perhaps for Wu Zetian, the technological culture brought by the attack is also very important!

In later stage, Wu Zetian is much stronger

Wu Zetian’s skills nakedly affected the action limit of spies.

If all the spies are aces (full level) in the late stage, Wu Zetian can easily cultivate a group of spies with a super high success rate!

It is also easy to do tasks, and a large sum of technological culture is not much better than Catherine!

France is stronger in terms of conquest

France is very powerful in fighting with the mainland, and it has a double bonus of unique units and diplomatic visibility.

It can be easily converted to conquest with spies.

But 2k didn’t optimize this stupid tiger shield gun. . .so

Fighting is still not good, unless the cumulative advantage is very large.

Civilization ability comparison:

As far as farming is concerned, Huaxia is much stronger


Wu Zetian’s thinking:

After the comparison, I believe you have a better understanding of the game!

Then let’s take a look!

I’ll quote from my previous spy article


Inspired by the weirdness of defensive tactics, you need someone to declare war on you!

Liaring is to provoke the opposite party, slapping the city on the face or something

This will allow you to reduce the general culture needed by this civic (50% for Huaxia Encouragement)

In addition, we have to focus on culture!as fast as you can

The early Great Wall was uncultured, and it was a bit uncomfortable. We had to think about the direction from other aspects, such as city-states and trade routes.

Please enter a picture description

It is best to find a city-state that can give you culture and give you a hand

Kumasi, Kabui, etc., read this article

Novice Amway! Analysis of the most complete civilization 6 city-states on the Internet (Introduction/Culture/Religion)

After unlocking the spy, specialize in spying!

(1) Spy cap more

Please enter a picture description

The preceding ones are civics/techs that increase spy capacity

Followed by Association: Nightingale

Crusu, vampire, alchemist, chaebol? ~Civilization 6 Secret Association Analysis!

One of the optional buildings of the second-level municipal building: Intelligence Bureau

Remember Wu Zetian takes the route of more spy capacity, and then choose this association/civic building

(2) Get spies faster

Please enter a picture description

We/may replenish spies when capacity expands, and also when spies are killed,

So it is more important to get spies as soon as possible.

(3) Executing offensive tasks

Please enter a picture description

Since we have a high success rate in missions and can obtain technological culture, do as many offensive missions as possible!

You can also do some task upgrades with a high success rate in the early stage, but I feel uncomfortable cough cough

But only these – when offensive missions Oh!must remember

Part 1 of Civilization 6 Regions: (Definitions of all regions/Regions are introduced separately)

Lick Lick Civilization 6 Strategy (3): City-State

Counterintelligence: (8 times, need our city center)

Cover the cell and the surrounding cells, a total of 7 cells.

When other spies perform missions, the action level is reduced.

Once the spy is caught, it will stop acting immediately! and wait for redispatch.

How much lower? Buckle according to your spy level!
If you are an ordinary spy, you will deduct 2, for an agent, you will deduct 3, for a special agent, you will deduct 4, and if you are an ace, you will deduct 5.
Deduct 7 if there is an anti-spy upgrade

Obtain information source: (8 times, need the enemy’s city center)

Spies act for 24 turns above level 2.

To put it bluntly, after the task is completed, you spy:
Perform missions within 24 turns of this civilization, with the success rate and effects of a level 2 (Special Agent) spy
Obviously, if the spy itself is of a high level, this is an invalid skill

Create a riot: (8 times, requires the enemy city center)

minus 20 loyalty

A skill that doesn’t mean much, unless you’re Alfalino
Level 2 25, Level 3 30, Level 4 35

Frame the governor: (8 times, need the enemy’s city center and have a governor)

Make the opposite governor unable to serve for 7 rounds

If you count the dispatch time of the governor himself, it is 12 rounds!
Different levels have different effects: 8 rounds at level 2, 9 rounds at level 3, 10 rounds at level 4

Intelligence station: (8 times, need enemy city center)

Increase diplomatic visibility by 1 level (+2 if the level is above Secret Service)

I need to declare that diplomatic visibility has nothing to do with the success rate of espionage!
But if you want to fight for conquest, it is quite necessary to exchange the difference in diplomatic visibility for combat advantage. (Mongolia thinks it’s great)

Draw funds: (8 times, need enemy business center)

During the mission, get xxx gold coins (+xxx)

After the task is successful, it is not instant! Instead, slowly give you v in the next 30 rounds
Conversely, after being stolen, it does not disappear immediately, but slowly disappears in subsequent rounds
The spy level affects the amount you can steal, but the income of the civilization on the opposite side also affects the upper limit you can steal (I don’t understand these two specific mechanisms)

Steal technology upgrade: (8 times, requires the enemy’s academy, and the opposite side has researched technology that you haven’t researched)

Steal 1 boost including xxx

After the task is completed, it will send you Eureka

Pay attention to this policy card, which allows you to upgrade your spy by 2 levels at a time!

Steal works: (8 times, need the enemy theater, and he has works in the city)

Steal xxxxx from this city

The only skill not affected by spy level
Some works may be stored elsewhere, but you also stole them

Destroy Industry: (8 times, requires enemy industrial zone)

Destruction of Industrial Zone buildings, and construction in progress

High-level spies have a large damage ratio,
From 10%~20%?

Destroy dams: (8 times, requires enemy dams)

Destroy dike structures and cause floods

the higher the level
The greater the proportion of buildings destroyed, the damage equates to a higher level of flood

Sabotage Aviation: (8 times, requires enemy space center)

Sabotage the space center, and the ongoing space program

High-level spies have a large damage ratio,
From 10%~20%?

Recruit guerrillas: (8 times, need community)

Destroy the community and recruit the latest technological troops on the opposite side.

The higher the level of spies, the greater the proportion of damage to the community, and the more rebels they recruit
About 1~4?

Fabricate a scandal: (16 times, need a city-state, and have envoys from other civilizations that are not allies)

Force the highest ranked competitor to lose 3 emissaries

NOTE: This mission fails and the spy is not in any danger.

If the envoy is your ally at most, the next civ is deducted
4 for level 2, 5 for level 3, 6 for level 4

(4) Reduce task execution time

Deployment time eliminated

Please enter a picture description

task time reduction

Please enter a picture description

At the same time, the faster the speed, the more tasks will naturally be done.

Spy time is divided into rush time and mission time.

Regarding the time difference between the two, I wrote it in the previous picture. You can take a look!

The next three are to reduce the task time, and the superposition can be reduced by 75%!

Policy cards, upgrade options for spies, golden age focus points

(5) Increase mission success rate (action level)

Please enter a picture description

The three aspects mentioned above will affect the success rate.

There are also upgrade options for spies, and cultural conquest of a civilization, which provides a large success rate.

(6) Select the appropriate upgrade

Please enter a picture description

I’ve broken down spy upgrades into categories:

  • Increased Offensive Mission Success Rate: Top 10
  • Increased anti-espionage capabilities:
  • Provide group buff
  • Reduce task time: 2nd last row
  • Increased Escape Chance: The Last

What exactly does the spy upgrade option mean?

  • The top ten increase the success rate of offensive missions:

Raise the corresponding task action level by 2!

  • guerrilla leader

Unknown, maybe one more rebel can be recruited

It may also be said that this action raises an action level.

  • Quartermaster:

All spies enjoy a higher level of mission success rate and improved mission effectiveness.

But the spy is up to level 4, and if it is already level 4, it cannot be upgraded.

  • Monitor:

Has not been clearly stated, guess:

(1) Give all areas of the city anti-espionage +1 level, and an extra +1 around the circle.

(2) Give the entire civilization the anti-spy +1 level effect in this type of area, and an extra +1 around the circle

(3) Give the anti-spy +1 level effect in all areas of the entire civilization, and an extra +1 around the circle

The spy level affects the mission success rate and is the only factor that affects the mission effect.

(6) Anti-espionage prevention

Please enter a picture description

If there is something on the opposite side, be careful when performing the task.


The development of China’s own country can be done whatever it wants. I suggest that the spy bureau should focus on entertainment.

stealing is really cool

But if you want to develop quickly, you still have to pay attention to the construction of the Great Wall / the unlocking of the Eureka Inspiration

Give full play to the ability of Chinese civilization skills!

This article has a plan to write about the Great Wall

Learn Eureka well, and you are not afraid to play any civilization! ~Civilization 6 most complete Eureka Raiders

Oh my power of thinking! The most complete strategy of Civilization 6 Eureka Network (Part 2)

An article written for half a year ~ about 10w words Civilization 6 Qin Shihuang Amway and Raiders!


Huh, it’s finally finished

Recently, the host hopes to focus on science popularization, so that the audience of the article can be wider and show everyone the charm of Civilization 6.

Therefore, the attack will be reduced, and the popularization will be improved

However, a lot of historical knowledge of Licking is also learned and written now, so if there are any deficiencies, please feel free to correct me, and I am very grateful!

More guides here:

Licking: The most complete Civilization 6 Encyclopedia with pictures and texts on the Internet (40w words, 2k pictures)

Thanks for watching, happy new year!

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author:be a lick and listen to a story

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