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A special family portrait, a special

16:48, January 22, 2023 Source: CCTV

  CCTV news:Now everyone is used to taking pictures with their mobile phones wherever they go, and they can’t remember too many pictures. But some photos are still remembered after a long time, such as family portraits. It’s the Chinese New Year, and the whole family finally get together to take a family portrait, set a makeup for the happiness of the whole family, take it out to look at it in their spare time, and still feel warm. “A man is a drifting boat, but a home is a warm shore.” Family portraits are the ritual sense that Chinese people are most accustomed to. What kind of family portrait has your family had?

  First family portrait in 16 years

Wu Zhengjun’s family in Lukou Town, Changsha County, Hunan Province, is taking a family portrait at this time. This is a group photo they have been waiting for for 16 years. Wu Zhengjun joined the army at the age of 19 and took root in Qianli Coastal Defense. He retired last year due to physical reasons. This year is his first Spring Festival at home after retiring from military service for 16 years, and this is also his first family portrait.

In the new year, not only his parents, wife, but also his child, a healthy baby who just finished one month old, greeted Wu Zhengjun’s honorable retirement.

Wu Zhengjun, who has not celebrated the Spring Festival at home in 16 years, this year he used a family photo to freeze this happy moment.

  A family of three in traffic takes a New Year’s “cloud photography” family portrait

In ordinary jobs, there are many people who cannot celebrate the New Year at home, how to take their family portraits? This year’s family portrait of Yu Meiying’s family, a bus station attendant in Changzhou, Jiangsu, is very special.

Yu Meiying’s family of three will not be able to spend this year’s Spring Festival together again, and Yu Meiying has long insisted on being on the front line of bus services. Her husband is an engineer of CRRC’s project in Kenya, and he spent the Spring Festival in Kenya again this year. Yu Meiying’s son works in the first-line maintenance position of Changzhou Metro Company. Although there is no reunion during the Spring Festival, the family cares about each other, “cloud New Year greetings”, “cloud gatherings” and “cloud photography” family portraits.

  A special family portrait, a special reunion

The next family portrait is even more special. In the photo is a group photo of medical staff and patients in a hospital in Nanchang. In March last year, Nanchang had repeated epidemics. A pregnant woman infected with the Omicron strain in the high-tech zone needed emergency treatment due to premature rupture of membranes. The situation was very critical. At that time, the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University immediately launched an emergency plan, and the obstetrics, pediatrics, and infection departments quickly assembled to escort the baby’s birth.

With the joint efforts of doctors, nurses and patients, the baby was born smoothly. During the delivery, follow-up care and treatment of this pregnant woman, the obstetrics and gynecology doctors accompanied her through the most difficult days. During that time, doctors and patients are not only friends, but also like relatives. It has been almost a year since the little guy was born. The mother who was rescued took the child to visit her savior before the New Year. This was their first “reunion” after they were discharged from the hospital last year.

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