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Affected by the strong cold air, many places in Fujian issued an orange frost

January 25, 2023 09:57 Source: CCTV News client

Affected by the strong cold air, the temperature in Fujian Province is low this morning (January 25), and most urban areas in the western and northern regions can reach -4-0°C (locally up to -7–5°C), with ice formation; The coastal urban areas of the southern coastal cities are 4-8°C; the rest of the urban areas are 0-4°C (locally -1-0°C), with frost or frost, and local icing.

Thirteen meteorological stations including the Ningde Meteorological Station in Fujian Province issued an orange frost warning. The meteorological department reminded that active measures should be taken for crops, vegetables, flowers, melons and fruits, and forestry breeding to minimize losses.

The Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued a sea gale warning at 6 o’clock today: from day to night today, the northern coast: northeast wind 6-7 gust 8-9 to 5-6 gust 7-8; central and southern coasts: northeast wind 7- 8-level gust 9-10 to 6-7 gust 8; Taiwan Strait: northeast wind 8-9 gust 10-11 to 6-7 gust 8-9.

Remind the public and friends to keep warm when going out to play during the holidays, and beware of catching a cold. (CCTV News client headquarter reporter Wu Yanmin)

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