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After nearly 3 years, the “century port” Suifenhe ushered in the first batch of inbound tourists-Chinanews.com

The staff of Suifenhe Port checks the passports of inbound passengers.Photo by Zhou Yang

  (Grassroots in the New Year) Suifenhe, a “century-old port” after nearly 3 years, ushered in the first batch of inbound tourists

Chinanews.com, Suifenhe, January 11th, title: Suifenhe, a “century-old port” after nearly 3 years, ushered in the first batch of inbound tourists

Author Fu Xiaojun Jiang Hui Wang Lin

“The switch is finally on. Three years ago, I went to Vladivostok, Russia to help my mother do business. Now I can return to China more conveniently and quickly. Thanks to the motherland.”

At 8 o’clock on the 11th, Cao Songyuan, who lives in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, successfully returned to China through the “Centennial Port” Suifenhe Highway Port. He was the first Chinese passenger to enter the country after Suifenhe Highway Port resumed travel inspection and customs clearance in nearly three years.

Suifenhe Port, located in the southeast of Heilongjiang Province, has a history of nearly one hundred years as an international trading port. Suifenhe City has two national first-class ports of highway and railway, which are the main land-sea transport channel leading to the Sea of ​​Japan from China, and also an important international channel for economic and trade cooperation in Northeast Asia. After the outbreak, the Suifenhe port travel inspection channel was suspended for nearly 3 years. On January 8, the travel inspection channel officially resumed customs clearance services. On the 11th, the first batch of 152 passengers entered China through customs.

The reporter learned at the customs clearance site at Suifenhe Port that after the travel inspection channel resumes customs clearance, entry personnel will undergo a new coronavirus nucleic acid test 48 hours before departure, and those with a negative result can enter the country without applying for a health code from the embassy or consulate abroad. At the same time, nucleic acid testing will no longer be implemented for all personnel entering the country. Those who have health declaration information and a negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours, and there is no abnormality in the customs routine quarantine, can be released to enter the community.

Inbound passengers line up for customs clearance.Photo by Zhou Yang

Inbound passengers line up for customs clearance.Photo by Zhou Yang

“Inbound passengers should complete the electronic declaration of the health declaration card as early as possible to ensure that the filling is true and standardized, which can improve the efficiency of customs clearance.” According to Zhang Dejiang, Section Chief of Travel Inspection Section 1 of Suifenhe Customs Highway Port Office, in order to ensure the safety and smooth flow of customs clearance personnel, the joint inspection department of Suifenhe Port and related units have established an efficient and smooth communication mechanism to provide one-stop, nanny-style and humanized services.

Guo Hongjian, deputy captain of Team 6 of the Suifenhe Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station in Heilongjiang Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection Station, told reporters that in the next step, they will increase their service efforts to provide safe, high-quality, efficient and convenient customs clearance services for inbound and outbound passengers, and promote trade with Russia , tourism and other fields of cooperation and development.

The relevant person in charge of the Suifenhe port said that with the resumption of normal exchanges between Chinese and Russian personnel at the travel inspection channel, Suifenhe will give full play to the important geographical advantages of the port, fully integrate into the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”, effectively connect the two domestic and international markets and two resources, and realize New leapfrog development. (Finish)

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