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  Hookup+|The beginning of the year inspection and supervision work is done like this!

On January 10, 2023, the second plenary meeting of the 20th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China closed in Beijing, and a communiqué was adopted at the meeting. The plenary session studied and deployed the discipline inspection and supervision work in 2023, and reviewed and approved the work report “In-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and unswervingly promote comprehensive and strict party governance on the new journey”.

In the first year, how to do a good job in discipline inspection and supervision? CCTV’s “Lianbo+” sorts out the main points of the bulletin and learns with you.

The plenary session emphasized that to do a good job in discipline inspection and supervision, we must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, resolutely implement the strategic deployment of unswerving and comprehensive strict party governance, and conscientiously implement sound and comprehensive policies. Strictly govern the task requirements of the party system, carry out in-depth development of the party’s work style and clean government and the fight against corruption, and further promote the high-quality development of discipline inspection and supervision work in the new era and new journey, providing a strong guarantee for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country to get off to a good start.

●Firmly maintain the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, promote Party organizations at all levels to strengthen the Party’s political construction,Improve political judgment, political comprehension, and political execution,Ensure that the entire party maintains a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core in terms of political stance, political direction, political principles, and political path.

● Strict political discipline and rules, timely discovery,Focus on solving the “seven haves” problems.

●promoteConcrete, precise, and normalized political supervision,Focusing on major strategic deployments such as the complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of new development concepts, accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, and focusing on promoting high-quality development, strengthen supervision and inspection around the decisions and deployments made by the Party Central Committee based on time and situation to ensure that the implementation is not biased, flexible, or out of shape .

●Promote the improvement of the system of internal party laws and regulations, study and revise the regulations on party discipline and punishment, and promote national anti-corruption legislation,Continuously improve the system of discipline inspection and supervision laws and regulations.

●According to the Party’s unified leadership, comprehensive coverage, authoritative and efficient requirements,Promote the improvement of the discipline inspection and supervision system, the inner-party supervision system, various supervision and coordination mechanisms, and the grassroots supervision system,Form a supervisory force.

● Make daily supervision detailed and solid,Make supervision always present and form a normal state.

  ●Strengthen the supervision of “top leaders” and leading groups,Urge them to be strict with themselves, take their responsibilities, and manage their jurisdiction strictly.

●Strengthen coordination and cooperation with audit institutions,Make good use of audit and supervision results.

●Consolidating the political responsibilities of strictly governing the party in an all-round way,Make good use of the weapon of accountability,Prevent both weak accountability and generalization of accountability.

●Prominent the positioning of political inspections, fully implement the central inspection work policy, and take “two maintenances” as the fundamental task,Implement strict requirements in all aspects of the inspection process.

●Amendments to inspection regulations,Formulate a five-year plan for the central inspection work.

●Coordinating and arranging regular inspections, special inspections, mobile inspections and inspections “look back”,Promote the central inspection in an orderly manner,Do a good job in the first and second rounds of the 20th Central Committee’s inspections.

●Strengthen inspection and rectification and application of results,Improve the work pattern of inspections and inspections.

● Seriously rectify the party’s image, the masses reflect strong hedonism, extravagance,Strictly investigate and deal with Dingfeng’s violations of discipline,Resolutely prevent rebound and resurgence, prevent invisible mutation, and prevent fatigue and war weariness.

●Pay close attention to repeated stubbornness, change of appearance, concealment and hidden problems, increase investigation and accountability,Resolutely eradicate privileged thinking and privileged behavior.

  ●Focus on correcting formalism and bureaucracy,Pay close attention to the implementation of the Party Central Committee’s major decision-making arrangements, do not take responsibility, do not use force, one-sided understanding of policy measures and work arrangements, mechanical implementation, and brutal operations, neglect of duties and inaction, willful use of power to act indiscriminately, alienated views on power, distorted views on political achievements, and views on career Deviations and other problems, dig deep into the root causes, pinpoint the crux of the problem, make precise corrections, and enhance effectiveness.

● persistCorrect the “four winds” and establish new winds simultaneously,Educate and guide party members and cadres to keep in mind the “three musts” and promote the normalization and long-term effect of work style construction.

  ●Strengthen regular discipline education,Integrate into daily management and supervision, promote party members and cadres to enhance their awareness of discipline, and engrave the party’s discipline rules in their hearts.

●heightAttach importance to discipline education for young leading cadres.

●Supervise and guide the party committees (party groups) of relevant units that have major violations of discipline and law to hold special democratic life meetings,Draw inferences from one instance and use cases to clarify discipline.

●Strictly implement the party’s disciplinary provisions and rules and regulations, and for violations of party discipline,Find out together and resolutely investigate and deal with it together.

  ●Precisely use the “four forms” and implement the “three distinctions”,Encourage cadres to dare to take responsibility and take active actions to achieve the organic unity of political effects, disciplinary effects, and social effects.

● persistDon’t dare to be corrupt, can’t be corrupt, and don’t want to be corrupt, advance together,It will be more effective to curb the increase and clear the stock more effectively.

●Strictly investigate key issues,Resolutely investigate and deal with corruption where political and economic issues are intertwined,Resolutely prevent leading cadres from becoming the spokespersons and agents of interest groups and power groups, resolutely prevent political and business connections, capital infiltration into the political field, and other damage to the political ecology and economic development environment.

●Prominent key areas,Deepen the rectification of corruption in areas such as finance, state-owned enterprises, politics and law, and grain purchases and sales, where power is concentrated, capital is intensive, and resources are rich.

●Keep an eye on the key targets, and take those who have been relentless and bold since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as the top priority,Seriously investigate and deal with the issue of leading cadres’ spouses, children, their spouses and other relatives and staff around them using influence for personal gain and corruption.

● resoluteRectify all kinds of corruption that harm the interests of the masses.

● resoluteInvestigate and deal with new types of corruption and hidden corruption.

●Insist on investigating both accepting and offering bribes,Increased penalties for bribery,Create and promote a good trend of advocating integrity and resisting corruption.

●Deepening international cooperation in anti-corruption,Continue to carry out the “Skynet Action”,Integratively build a mechanism for chasing escape, preventing escape and recovering stolen goods.

● Consolidate and expand reform achievements,Integrate and deepen the reform of the party’s discipline inspection system, the reform of the national supervision system, and the reform of discipline inspection and supervision institutions,Improve the leadership system and working mechanism for promoting the “three reforms” as a whole.

  ●Improve the mechanism of the stationed supervision system,Promote the full use of supervisory powers by dispatched agencies and dispatched agencies.

  ●Promote the integration of forces and resources through reforms,Promote and improve the working mechanism for information communication, clue transfer, measure coordination, and achievement sharing.

  ●We will improve an authoritative and efficient enforcement mechanism that connects party discipline and state law with each other.

●Strengthen political construction, give full play to the exemplary role of the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and drive the whole system to be a model of compliance and discipline,Build an iron army of discipline inspection and supervision that is absolutely loyal to the party.

●Strengthen capacity building, carry forward the spirit of struggle, strengthen the will to fight, enhance the ability to fight, make good use of in-depth study, field research, and grasp the implementation of working methods,Create an iron army of discipline inspection and supervision who is brave and good at fighting.

●Strengthen the construction of integrity, promote the concept of “three non-corruption” throughout its own construction, have zero tolerance for violations of discipline and law enforcement, resolutely eliminate black sheep, and resolutely prevent “black under the lights”,Build an iron army of discipline inspection and supervision that is self-reliant and hard-working.

Plenary call:

We must unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, follow the direction guided by the Party’s 20th National Congress, carry forward the great spirit of party building, be confident, self-improving, upright and innovative, work hard, move forward courageously, and struggle with indomitable spirit The attitude and never-slack mentality of performing duties and responsibilities, and constantly achieving new results in the comprehensive strict governance of the party, the building of a clean and honest government, and the fight against corruption, and united struggle for the comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country and the comprehensive promotion of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

(China Central Radio and Television Network CCTV)

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