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BCI Group won the 100MW photovoltaic power generation index in Shanxi, and the core business of the super energy complex continues to land-Chinanews.com

Chinanews.com, January 6. A few days ago, the review results of Shanxi Province’s 2022 competitive allocation of wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects have been announced. A total of 132 wind power and photovoltaic projects were identified in this review, with a total scale of 14.18 million kilowatts. BCI Group’s Tianzhen Qinyun 100MW photovoltaic power generation project was successfully selected.

BCI Group Obtained Shanxi 100MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Index

After the Tianzhen Qinyun 100MW photovoltaic power generation project is completed and put into operation, it can provide about 140 million kWh of green power per year for the transformation and development of the digital economy and the integration of source, network, load and storage, which is equivalent to saving 45,700 tons of standard coal per year. It can reduce 114,100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions stipulated in the “United Nations “Towards a Zero Pollution Earth” Implementation Plan”.

Up to now, BCI Group’s super energy complex has an overall contracted development scale of 1.5GW of renewable energy power generation in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei-Shanxi region, and BCI Group’s super energy complex industrial model centered on renewable energy investment is continuing to land.

BCI Group’s super energy complex industrial model aims to promote the formation of zero-carbon green industrial clusters around the capital, anchoring renewable energy investment, super energy complex industrial platform, zero-carbon equipment white box supply chain, and new infrastructure for life Periodic delivery, IT and network value-added services and other five major areas of business, vertically integrate basic resources such as energy, land, municipal and supply chains required for the development of the digital economy, and actively practice the integrated construction of source, network, load, storage, adjustment and connection, and become a local digital economy industry Provide a basic platform for high-value transformation and development.

At present, in terms of renewable energy investment, BCI Group Qinyun has overcome many difficulties such as time window compression caused by public health incidents, and strives to achieve grid connection of Guangling Qinyun centralized ultra-large-scale renewable energy power generation base; zero-carbon equipment white box In terms of the supply chain, the high-end server equipment manufacturing supporting project has been put into trial operation in the third quarter of 2022.

BCI Group will continue to be based in Shanxi and take root in Datong, practice long-termism and the belief of open source and inclusiveness, continue to allocate basic resources, implement pre-development of basic resources, promise to open up to industry partners at zero premium, and empower the long-term value of digital infrastructure localization. Contribute to the acceleration of the green transformation of the entire industrial chain in the city where the super energy complex is launched.

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