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China Eastern Airlines plans to invest 753 aircraft in the 2023 Spring Festival with an average daily flight of more than 2,900 flights-Chinanews.com

China Eastern Airlines puts 753 planes into operation during the Spring Festival travel in 2023

Chinanews.com, Shanghai, January 7th (Reporter Yin Liqin) The 2023 Spring Festival Transport will kick off on January 7th and end on February 15th, a total of 40 days. With the accelerated implementation of the “Class B and B Management” measures, the people’s accumulated travel needs for returning home for the New Year, visiting relatives and friends, and sightseeing will be released intensively. During the Spring Festival, civil aviation traffic will quickly recover from a low level and climb, and the market will pick up and passenger traffic will increase significantly. China Eastern Airlines strengthens the dynamic research and judgment of the passenger flow situation during the Spring Festival travel, and makes every effort to do a good job in transportation organization and service guarantee. This year, the Spring Festival travel plans to invest in 753 aircraft, the planned average daily flight frequency exceeds 2,900, and plans to implement more than 6,000 extra flights. The planned passenger seat kilometers have already been invested. Restore to 87% of the level of Spring Festival travel in 2019, fully meet the needs of passengers for air travel, and join hands with passengers and relevant parties to create auspicious, efficient, healthy and satisfying Spring Festival travel.

The Spring Festival travel in 2023 will come earlier. It is the first Spring Festival travel after the introduction of optimized epidemic prevention and control measures and the implementation of “Class B and B management” for the new crown virus infection. The characteristics of traveling on hills and shifting peaks. It is expected that the return journey after the festival will be relatively concentrated, and the peak travel time will appear after the festival. Judging from the data of China Eastern Airlines, the peak flight frequency appears on January 20 (the twenty-ninth year) before the festival, and on January 27 (the sixth day of the new year) after the festival. The northeast, northwest, and southwest directions are for returning home and visiting relatives. main destination of travelers. Judging from the seat reservation rate of China Eastern Airlines on January 3, Beijing Daxing-Sanya, Shanghai Pudong-Kunming, Kunming-Beijing Daxing and other routes are in the forefront.

China Eastern Airlines puts 753 planes into operation during the Spring Festival travel in 2023

China Eastern Airlines puts 753 planes into operation during the Spring Festival travel in 2023

During the Spring Festival travel season, China Eastern Airlines rationally allocates flight resources and invests in high-quality transportation capacity. The new increase plan is mainly based on popular tourist routes such as homecoming routes, ski routes, Hainan routes, and routes within Yunnan Province. Before the Spring Festival, in response to the shrinkage of business passengers before the year, China Eastern Airlines reduced some business routes and shifted the capacity of relevant business routes such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou to the tourist return market, with a net increase of nearly 800 flights. Aiming at the market for returning home to visit relatives, China Eastern Airlines has changed some of the stops in the Northeast to direct flights, focusing on adding routes to popular markets such as the Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest. Combined with hot markets, China Eastern Airlines will open 20 new routes during the Spring Festival travel period, including Beijing Daxing to Changchun, Xiamen, Changsha, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen to Shenyang, Qingdao to Changbaishan, Shenzhen, Jinan to Yanji, Fuzhou to Chengdu Tianfu and other flights. The adjustment and optimization of aircraft models is also a key measure of China Eastern Airlines to ensure the Spring Festival travel. China Eastern Airlines has placed multiple A330 and other wide-body aircraft in hot markets such as Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Sanya for departure operations, implementing “smaller models for larger” flights There will be 2,434 flights, involving Beijing Daxing-Sanya, Shanghai Hongqiao-Xi’an, Shanghai Hongqiao-Chongqing, Shanghai Pudong-Changchun and other routes.

During the Spring Festival travel season, China Eastern Airlines’ international routes will also usher in a new batch of resumption and encryption, enriching travel options for passengers. For example, starting from January 23, China Eastern Airlines will add Shanghai Pudong-Melbourne flights, reaching 3 flights per week; during January, Shanghai Pudong-Budapest, Shanghai Pudong-Auckland, Shanghai-Sydney and other flights will be encrypted respectively. Up to 3 classes per week. Throughout January, China Eastern Airlines plans to increase its weekly passenger international routes to 48 and 184 flights. The resumption of international routes also requires a preparation process. China Eastern Airlines is intensively promoting the gradual resumption of international flights in light of the international market situation and the guarantee preparations of foreign airports. In the near future, it is also planned to add flights from Shanghai to Phuket, Chiang Mai, Male and other destinations. The existing Shanghai Pudong-Bangkok, Kunming-Phnom Penh, Kunming-Ho Chi Minh, Hangzhou-Manila, Qingdao-Dubai, Wenzhou-Rome Wait for the encrypted execution of the route plan.

China Eastern Airlines puts 753 planes into operation during the Spring Festival travel in 2023

China Eastern Airlines puts 753 planes into operation during the Spring Festival travel in 2023

During the Spring Festival travel this year, all transportation systems will no longer check passengers for negative nucleic acid test certificates and health codes, will no longer carry out landing inspections, and will no longer implement passenger temperature measurement. At the same time, China Eastern Airlines continues to do a good job in scientific prevention and control, and through optimizing services, it has done a good job in flow control, disinfection, production operation and other tasks throughout the process. From now on, China Eastern Airlines will also provide passengers with a “warm health package” in all cabins of international and regional flights and two cabins of some domestic routes, including disinfectant wipes and medical surgical masks. China Eastern Airlines also reminds passengers not to relax their personal protection when traveling during the Spring Festival travel season. Wear masks without breathing valves throughout the flight, and do not take off masks unless necessary. Reduce unnecessary walking on the plane and do not change seats at will. If you feel unwell during the flight, you should take the initiative to inform the flight attendant.

At the same time, on the Spring Festival travel flights, China Eastern strictly implements the comprehensive disinfection of the bathroom every 2 hours or 10 passengers, strengthens the personal protection of the crew, and wears N95 masks and goggles throughout the flight. China Eastern’s shuttle bus, passenger ladder car and other special vehicles on the apron are also ready. For flights with a lot of inbound luggage, China Eastern Airlines will increase the batches of luggage delivery based on the actual situation to effectively improve the luggage service speed. At the same time, provide discounted air tickets, guidance and answers, boarding care and other services for first-time passengers. (Finish)

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