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Chinese New Year “doesn’t close” Fujian cross-border e-commerce companies “open steadily”-Chinanews.com

Pingtan Customs officers conduct on-site inspections of cross-border e-commerce bonded warehouses.Photo by Ye Linxuan

Chinanews.com, Fuzhou, January 19th (Shao Peng) Sorting, packing, and shipping… As the Spring Festival approaches, Fujian Youhaohuo Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. from No. 4 Bonded Warehouse of Pingtan Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics Park ushered in Goods peak.

In the 19,000-square-meter bonded warehouse, wine, cosmetics, health care products and other commodities are stacked to the brim on the warehouse elevated area. More than a hundred staff members wear uniforms, and the sorting area, packing area, and shipping area operate in an orderly manner. “Foreign New Year’s goods” will be sent from here to all parts of the country one after another.

“The customs informed us about the New Year’s promotion plan and customs clearance needs in advance, so as to ensure timely and rapid delivery of New Year’s goods packages, and to cope with the peak cross-border e-commerce business during the Spring Festival.” Yu Anhui, business director of Fujian Youhaohuo Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. said.

Yu Anhui said that it is estimated that during the Spring Festival “Non-Closing” event, 300,000 orders of bonded imported goods from Pingtan Cross-border E-commerce Park will be exported, a year-on-year increase of 15.4%.

In order to ensure efficient customs clearance of goods, according to Wang Shunlang, chief of the Express Supervision Section of Pingtan Customs, during the Spring Festival this year, the site will adopt the method of making overtime appointments and concentrated overtime days to ensure efficient customs clearance of goods. “We closely communicate with various e-commerce companies to understand the company’s stocking plan, arrival time and warehousing arrangements, and make every effort to ensure on-site customs clearance and smooth shipments during the Spring Festival holiday; actively cooperate with the on-site departments to promote the ‘zero errands’ convenient tax payment model , the financial personnel of the enterprise can also complete the tax payment remotely in different places during the festival.” (End)

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