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Cold winter and warm spring, Fujian’s grassroots take multiple measures to precisely care for the elderly –

Party members and cadres of Qidu Town visited the elderly groups.Photo courtesy of the Party and Government Office of Qidu Town

  (New Year’s walk to the grassroots) Fujian’s grassroots measures to care for the elderly with multiple measures in the cold winter and spring

Chinanews, Ningde, January 17 (Ye Mao and Chu Ziqiang) “Thank you so much, you helped me solve the problem of buying medicine without going out, and now I don’t have to worry anymore.” Grandma Wang, who is nearly 70 years old Say so.

Grandma Wang, who lives in Xipi Village, Qidu Town, Jiaocheng District, Ningde City, Fujian Province, is in poor health and has limited mobility. Worry about it. In order to solve problems such as difficulty in purchasing epidemic prevention materials for special groups, Huang Jinzhao, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of Qidu Town, came to her home and presented a “health package for epidemic prevention”.

The reporter saw on the spot that there were antigen detection reagents, Huoxiangzhengqi water, antipyretics and other items in the “epidemic prevention health package”. At the same time, there was a warm reminder card with medication instructions and 24-hour contact with grassroots medical and health institutions. This way, it is convenient for the masses to obtain health consultation, medical guidance and other services in a timely manner.

“It is sending warmth but also health, and sending medicine is sending guidance on use.” Zeng Qinghui, a volunteer and the first secretary of Xipi Village in the village, said that the general public at the grassroots level lacks medical knowledge, and the only way to improve the knowledge of correct drug use and awareness of prevention , in order to give timely health guidance and medical guidance. While speaking, he invited the people around him to watch the video of the antigen self-test operation.

Party members and cadres of Qidu Town visited the elderly groups.Photo by Chu Ziqiang

Party members and cadres of Qidu Town visited the elderly groups.Photo by Chu Ziqiang

The Spring Festival is approaching. In order to ensure that the epidemic prevention needs of the masses are met, all kinds of medicines, disinfectants, thermometers and other epidemic prevention items are sufficient. In the past few days, the Party Committee and the government of Qidu Town have mobilized the majority of party members, cadres and volunteers to go to the homes of the masses to provide support for the orphans and widows in the jurisdiction. Special groups such as empty nesters will be presented with “epidemic prevention health kits” and condolence money, so that they can spend a healthy and happy Spring Festival.

In Waiyang Village, Qidu Town, Jiaocheng District, 84-year-old Uncle Yang has never been married and has been ill all year round. In order to really care for the elderly, the cadres of Waiyang Village came to their door to deliver “epidemic prevention health kits” including medicines, antigen detection reagents and other materials, as well as New Year blessings and condolences. “I am very happy to feel the warmth of everyone.” Uncle Yang said with a smile.

Wayang Village (original site) is a mountainous village of ethnic minorities and Jidian Village in the old district. Due to the need for reservoir construction, all the villages except Zhengkeng Natural Village were relocated to Wayang New Village next to Liudu Village, Qidu Town, with a resettlement area of ​​86 mu. Now the new village is divided into Zone A and Zone B, and Zone A is classified as a residential area for the She people, with more than 140 households and more than 500 people living there.

“For key groups such as widows, senior citizens and households affected by diseases, village cadres conduct thorough investigation and registration one by one, so as to better carry out telephone return visits and provide accurate and meticulous services.” Lu Cichang, Secretary of the Party Branch of Wayang Village and Director of the Village Committee, said.

During the visits and condolences, party members, cadres and volunteers of Qidu Town will talk face-to-face with the elderly, check the storage of living materials, understand the production and living conditions and difficulties encountered; and conduct publicity, education, and psychological counseling on current epidemic-related policy knowledge , Soothe their emotions and guide them to enhance their awareness of self-protection.

“The cadres send not only supplies, but also warmth and care.” Ruan Bin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Qidu Town, said that door-to-door visits will be carried out on a regular basis, focusing on vulnerable groups such as lonely elderly people and pregnant women, and tracking their health in real time To ensure that they can spend the new year safely and warmly; at the same time, we will continue to increase the publicity of epidemic prevention knowledge, and use mobile publicity vehicles, WeChat groups and other carriers to spread correct, scientific and effective epidemic prevention methods to thousands of families. Ten thousand households. (Finish)

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