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County Hospital News: Expand wards to fully receive

In each ward, the medical staff stick to their posts, expel sputum, dispense medicine, infusion… to serve the patients well.Provided by Changzi County Financial Media Center

  (Grassroots in the New Year) County Hospital News: Expand the ward to receive patients, Changzhi, January 11th, title: County Hospital News: Expanding Ward Areas to Fully Receive Patients

Author Yang Jing Zhang Yue

“How do you feel? What else is uncomfortable?” Zhao Weiping, director of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Changzi County People’s Hospital, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, is patiently asking about the patient’s condition in front of the bed, and telling the nurses and family members the key points of care.

On the 11th, walking into Zhangzi County People’s Hospital, the reporter saw that the medical staff were busy at their respective posts, and one doctor faced several patients. In the nurse station, the nurses in charge of triage are busy answering the patients’ questions; in each ward, the medical staff stick to their posts, expectoration, medicine dispensing, infusion… to serve the patients well.

With the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures, the number of patients admitted by Zhangzi County People’s Hospital continues to be high. In response to the current situation of continuous increase in patients, the hospital has further raised medical resources, coordinated the deployment of ward beds, and made every effort to cover the bottom line of medical treatment and life protection.

According to Chai Ke, deputy director of the emergency department, recently, 120 patient visits have increased from 6 to 8 trains per day to more than 20 trains per day, and the number of emergency patients in the hospital has increased from 30 to 40 to 80 per day. “The patients who came to see the doctor were mainly elderly people with underlying diseases. They were seriously ill, and most of them needed hospital treatment.”

“For patients who need to be hospitalized, the severe and critical cases are sent to the Department of Intensive Care Medicine (ICU) and the Department of Infectious Diseases, and the mild and common cases are sent to departments such as the Department of Respiratory Medicine and Endocrinology. Say.

Zhangzi County People's Hospital mobilized all staff, overcame difficulties, stuck to their posts, and determined to be the

Zhangzi County People’s Hospital mobilized all staff, overcame difficulties, stuck to their posts, and determined to be the “gatekeeper” for the health and safety of the people.Provided by Changzi County Financial Media Center

The Department of Critical Care Medicine of Zhangzi County People’s Hospital is mainly responsible for the arduous task of admitting and treating critically ill patients with the new crown. In the department, the reporter saw that medical equipment such as ventilators, monitors, and sputum discharge instruments are in place, and medical staff are carrying out various treatment work in an orderly manner.

“Because most of the patients are elderly people with many underlying diseases, this requires our medical staff to raise their spirits to treat symptoms and take care of them carefully.” Zhang Xiuli, the head nurse of the intensive care department, said that the medical staff almost always work day and night.

At present, Changzi County People’s Hospital has 6 open beds and 12 beds in use in the Department of Critical Care Medicine. Since December 7, 2022, a total of 26 critically ill patients with new crowns have been admitted, and 12 have been cured and discharged.

Chang Lili, deputy director of the medical department, told reporters that in view of the current increase in local inpatients, Zhangzi County People’s Hospital has rationally integrated and utilized internal medicine system beds, and at the same time integrated gynecology, ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat, stomatology, orthopedics, surgery and other surgical systems beds, The management model of “one bed for the whole hospital” is implemented. “The beds are scheduled in a unified manner. Except for some critically ill beds reserved, the rest of the beds are used to treat patients with new crowns.”

At present, Zhangzi County People’s Hospital has admitted and treated about 280 patients with new crowns. The Department of Infectious Diseases and General Internal Medicine are the main positions for treating patients with new crowns, and are responsible for the main treatment tasks. Cardiovascular medicine, neurology, endocrinology, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation and other internal medicine system departments make overall arrangements to simultaneously receive patients with new crowns.

“At present, all physicians are involved in the diagnosis, treatment and treatment of patients with new crowns.” Chang Lili said. In this battlefield where there is no gunpowder, the Zhangzi County People’s Hospital has mobilized all staff, overcome difficulties, and stick to their posts, determined to be the “gatekeeper” of the public’s health and safety, so that the public can have “medical support” at their doorstep. (Finish)

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