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Direct attack: Beijing-Guangzhou Railway “Steel Warrior” plays the “Symphony” of track-changing in the cold

Workers weld rail joints.Photo by Liu Huan, Hengyang, January 5th (Tang Huaicheng and Liu Huan) The 2023 Spring Festival travel season is approaching, and the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway is becoming increasingly busy with passengers and freight, and the load on the rails continues to increase. On January 4th, in order to ensure the safety of train operation during the Spring Festival travel season, 60 “steel warriors” from the Hengshan line workshop of the Hengyang Public Works Section of the Guangzhou Railway Group used cold crowbars to play in the cold night on the track of the Beijing-Guangzhou Line Dapu Street Station Change track “Symphony”.

“The work order has been issued, and we can go on the road.” At 17:15 on the same day, as the construction order was issued, Ou Shiqi, the deputy chief engineer of the Dapu Street maintenance work area who had been waiting on both sides of the line, and his workers held crowbars, Grinders and internal combustion wrenches immediately went to their respective work sites. In an instant, the roar of machinery and the sound of loud slogans rippling back and forth in the cold wind.

“Because of being crushed by passing trains for a long time, the steel rails have cracks, pieces and other safety hazards, and must be replaced. We will use the 225-minute ‘skylight’ period to replace the 740-meter steel rails on Avenue 7 of Dapu Street Station on the Beijing-Guangzhou Line.” Ou Shiqi introduced.

“Everyone hold the crowbar tightly, listen to the password 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3…” Under the command of Ou Shiqi, more than a dozen workers lined up and used the crowbar with a neat chant Turn the rails under your feet, and the old rails are pulled out of the line one by one, and the new rails are accurately aligned and placed on the concrete sleepers.

Workers adjust the gauge.Photo by Liu Huan

Workers adjust the gauge.Photo by Liu Huan

After 20 minutes, the sound of friction between the rail and the cutting machine sounded again, and preparations for rail welding were in progress. Young worker Liu Yong cut the rails with a rail saw machine, dazzling steel flowers sprayed out, and the “scent of burnt rails” wafted in the air. Later, Liu Yong and several other workers began to derust, align, seal, and preheat the new rail joints. Then the thermite flux was ignited, and the temperature reached more than 2,500 degrees Celsius in an instant. After a while, the bright red “hot metal” flowed from the grinding tool into the iron plate, and after cooling, the aluminothermic joint was formed, and the two steel rails weighing thousands of kilograms were tightly connected together.

At 21:00, the “skylight” ended and the line opened on time. After more than 3 hours of “careful sculpting”, the line that has just been replaced with “new clothes” shows a new look, and the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway has a safer guarantee. (use up)

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