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DT51 kicks off in Beijing and enters a new chapter in regional commercial consumption-Chinanews.com

Chinanews.com, January 16th, a few days ago, the northern part of Beijing ushered in the official opening of the new retail concept department store DT51 in the region. As one of the commercial projects that have attracted much attention this year, DT51 is located in Yaao Community, one of the six functional areas of Beijing’s 12th Five-Year Plan. , to provide the public with a good consumption experience”, the transformation pilot project will not only effectively radiate millions of mid-to-high-end community residents in the surrounding areas, help Beijing citizens to upgrade their consumption, but also bring innovative commercial retail to young and fashionable family customers. Concept and quality life consumption experience. From this moment on, a fashionable lifestyle destination, a place where you can happily explore the beauty of life, freely express yourself, and experience a better life will be presented, and regional commercial consumption will usher in a new chapter.

DT51 kicks off in Beijing

  Innovative commercial retail concept

DT51 creates a brand-new aesthetic space dimension, which breaks away from the stereotyped shopping environment in the past. Technology, art and fashion are closely integrated here, from architectural design to art installations, from different gradient colors on each floor to famous fragrances. Masters cooperate to customize the exclusive fragrance of the shopping mall. From tailoring all the music played in the museum to giving the brand more possibilities, DT51 strives to create an immersive shopping space with a unique experience, creating excitement beyond the commodity consumption link.

The “Kangaroo Territory” art installation was set up at the entrance on the first floor

The “Kangaroo Territory” art installation is set up at the entrance of the first floor. 31 kangaroos in various forms form a changing and orderly array with shaking movements, which together constitute a sense of instability and wonder. The fourth-floor “Flower Adventures” installation consists of 56 rabbits in four shapes, distributed in four directions. Customers can interact with them by squatting up, raising their arms, etc., and the rabbits will give corresponding action feedback. In addition, there are zebra plush toys that are enlarged in the same proportion as real zebras made by flocking technology. These interesting interactive designs not only bring customers the ultimate sensory experience, but also make people feel relaxed and happy, and this is exactly a happy concept that DT51 wants to convey. I hope that everyone who comes here will feel happy. It can temporarily “escape” the hustle and bustle of life, heal the chaotic emotions, and feel the joy of innocence.

The four-story “Flower Adventures” installation consists of 56 rabbits in four forms

  High-quality life consumption experience

DT51 aims to provide a full range of choices for an exquisite and beautiful life. It brings together a full range of consumer products including cosmetics, fashion products, mothers and children, sports and leisure, home appliances, high-end supermarkets, selected catering, etc., and selects well-known brands at home and abroad. The brand enters, and strives to create a high-quality fashion life selection destination for consumers.

Entering DT51, the first thing that catches your eyes is the beauty area that combines history and modern imagination. There are more than 20 main stores of international first-line high-end cosmetics brands here, not only CHANEL, DIOR, LANC? ME and many other well-known brands, but also There are the first store of the cosmetics brand HOURGLASS in Beijing, the first counter of CHARLOTTE TILBURY Beijing department store, etc. In addition, the DT SELECT BEAUTY beauty collection store at the same venue brings together nearly 100 internationally renowned brands and cutting-edge niche and cross-border brands across the four major categories of skin care, make-up, fragrance, and lifestyle, including More than 20 national starting brands. Also located on the first floor of the shopping mall is the famous fashion area, where more than ten international fashion brands such as BURBERRY and BOSS and three jewelry brands such as DE BEERS are gathered.

DT SELECT multi-brand collection store

It is worth mentioning that DT51 has set up a large-scale DT SELECT multi-brand collection store on each floor, bringing together many international famous products and designer brands. DT SELECT FASHION on the second floor of the shopping mall is mainly a collection store for boutique designers. On the third floor of the shopping mall is a collection of modern fashion and women’s shoes. Clothing is also completely different from other parent-child stores on the market.

Bookstore inside DT51

In DT51, there is also a special store for children with selected children’s books in Chinese and foreign languages ​​- RENDEZ VOUS KIDS, which selects products for children of different ages from 0 to 14 years old. In addition to educational interactive, Chinese and English picture books, school-age Pre-education, science popularization for young children, art enlightenment, children’s English, children’s literature, foreign literature, animation IP books, and joint publishing houses to hold high-quality cultural and early education activities from time to time to provide family customers with high-quality parent-child time .

DT51 restaurant Beijing kitchen

On the sixth and seventh floors of the shopping mall, 13 high-quality restaurants with different cuisines are selected for Beijing consumers to choose from. There are private rooms with elegant environment to provide a more comfortable and private dining environment for family dinners. first store. At the same time, other floors of the mall are also equipped with diversified choices such as coffee, desserts, and light meals. The basement floor of the mall is also equipped with a food court, BHG MARKET PLACE high-end supermarket, etc., dedicated to satisfying all-round needs at all times Diversified catering consumption needs of customers.

It is also known that DT51 is close to the Olympic Center, take subway No. 5 or No. 15 to Datun Road East Station, and walk several hundred meters to get there. The arrival of DT51 has brought a beautiful lifestyle from the doorstep to the Yaao commercial district. From now on, at DT51, members can accumulate 1 point for every 1 yuan spent, and use the DT51 mini program to redeem the points for gifts.

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