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Entrepreneur members of Beijing Civil Construction Association talk about the way of high-quality development in the first year-Chinanews.com

In the first year, a new leap forward for the science and technology innovation personnel of China Minjian – Beijing China Civil Construction Entrepreneurs talk about the way of high-quality development

[“China News” reporter Li Tengfei and author Kong Xia reported]2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. As an important force supporting the high-quality development of China’s economy, after the private economy has climbed over the hurdles, how to strengthen its confidence and drive and seek development with peace of mind has become the focus of public opinion. As a democratic party with close ties with the economic circles, the Democratic National Construction Association has long been committed to building a communication platform to serve the private economy. Recently, “China News” and the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association launched a special report and interviewed many members of the Democratic National Construction Association entrepreneurs. For the future, listen to what they say; in the new year, see what they plan to do?

Yuan Guoshu (photo courtesy of the interviewee/published by China News)

  Yuan Guoshu: There is a “Tao” in science popularization to help the capital build a city of science and technology museums

At the beginning of December 2022, a few days before the full release of epidemic prevention and control measures, Yuan Guoshu led his team to Hainan to participate in the exhibition, joining the ranks of “rushing for orders” to “occupy space” for the development of the new year in advance.

In those few days, Yuan Guoshu received good news. The book “Digital Empowering the City of Science and Technology Museums and Helping the Construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center” written by him was selected as a key project submitted by the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association to the United Front Work Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. The selection report made him more confident in the development of the science popularization industry in 2023.

Yuan Guoshu is the founder of Guoshu Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., who has been working in the field of science popularization for nearly 20 years. After joining Beijing Civil Construction, he combined his years of “practical experience” to actively offer advice and suggestions from various aspects, hoping to promote the improvement of the scientific literacy of the whole people and help the construction of the city of science and technology museums in the capital.

The restaurant becomes a “zero-carbon science and technology museum”, and more interactive exhibits are added to the popular science exhibition hall. Digital technology is closely integrated with traditional science popularization exhibits, and a digital science popularization platform suitable for teaching materials is adopted to meet the needs of students for popular science… In Yuan Guoshu’s research In the project, science popularization venues are not restricted by physical space. After digital “efficiency enhancement”, the number of people who benefit from popular science will be far more than now.

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposes to promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese-style modernization. In Yuan Guoshu’s view, to realize the development goal of Chinese-style modernization, it is very important to comprehensively improve the overall scientific literacy of the people, and the time is running out.

As market players in the field of science popularization, science popularization enterprises are important connections between the public and scientific researchers, scientific research institutions, and science popularization venues. “What we are doing is to use the power of the market to expand the spatial dimension of science popularization work, effectively improve the scientific literacy of the people, and benefit all sentient beings through science popularization,” Yuan Guoshu said.

Although it has been impacted by the epidemic for three years, in Yuan Guoshu’s eyes, this is also the three years of seeking opportunities in times of crisis.

“It is the bounden duty of an entrepreneur to resolve challenges and find opportunities amidst uncertainties. In the past three years, Guoshu Technology has stabilized people, products, partners, users, and cash flow. The foundation has been stabilized. Development is a natural thing.” Yuan Guoshu introduced that in the past three years, the company has formulated a “concentric and diversified” “science popularization +” strategy to promote popular science products in different scenarios such as chain catering, popular science education, children’s education, cultural tourism, and smart elderly care. The application in promoting science popularization and multi-industry integration development.

In December 2021, the group standard of “Artificial Intelligence Interactive Projection Equipment for Games” was selected into the “Zhongguancun Standard”, filling the gap in domestic and foreign standards for such products. Guoshu Technology is the main contributor to the drafting of this standard.

Yuan Guoshu said that benefiting from the early transformation and deployment of the “digital + intelligent manufacturing” management system for science popularization, the company got rid of the single business model of serving science popularization venues, expanded the market survival space, and “hard” competitiveness drove the performance to rise all the way.

“Whenever the country has important policies issued or important meetings are held, Beijing Minjian will invite experts to strengthen policy interpretation and answer questions for enterprises.” Yuan Guoshu gave positive comments on Beijing Minjian’s role as a platform for serving enterprises, He believes that entrepreneurs can strengthen their learning so that they can systematically understand the direction of the country’s development and capture cutting-edge information.

In addition, Beijing Civil Construction also “moved” the arbitration tribunal to the enterprise, provided “direct service” and organized arbitrators to “come to see a doctor” to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise and reduce the cost of protecting the enterprise’s rights. When Yuan Guoshu encountered a dispute, this kind of convenient service can be said to be “timely rain”, which resolved the labor-management conflict, allowed the company to avoid detours, and quickly returned to the right track.

Regarding the plan for the new year, Yuan Guoshu said that he will continue to lead the R&D team to continuously innovate technologies and products, and create more products that meet the needs of the public in promoting the deep integration of science popularization with big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies. Popular science products give the audience more “sense of travel”.

“Building a city of science and technology museums is an important starting point to improve the scientific quality of citizens and promote Beijing’s construction of an international science and technology innovation center.” Yuan Guoshu said that he will actively perform his duties as a member of the Democratic National Construction Association, continue to offer advice and participate in it, and aim at “doing it well” Contribute to the goal of living the city of science and technology museums.

Zhu Yun (photo courtesy of the interviewee/published by China News)

  Zhu Yun: “Secret” takes the lead in weaving an information security net for China in the future

One-click ordering, automatic passenger pick-up, no driver… In 2022, driverless taxis will start to operate for a fee in many major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Wuhan, and the outline of a future China scene will emerge.

How to ensure the safety of driverless vehicles? In addition to relying on the gradually mature automatic driving system, “it is also necessary to weave a larger data safety net outside the vehicle.” Zhu Yun gave an example. For example, Beidou Navigation will enter the field of Internet of Vehicles and other fields in the future, which requires passwords to escort the “Beidou+” integrated application.

As a member of the Beijing Democratic Construction Association and the general manager of Shudun Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhu Yun is engaged in the work of “using my country’s self-developed commercial encryption technology with independent intellectual property rights to implement multi-dimensional security protection for network data, so that it can be used in various It can be safely collected, transmitted, stored and used in all application scenarios.”

“As small as the chip in the smart meter, as large as the core business system of the bank’s background, data protection needs to be protected by encryption technology.” Zhu Yun explained vividly that using commercial encryption to protect data is equivalent to putting the data on the Internet. Locked safe, the key of the safe is similar to the code book in the spy movie, so that unauthorized people can “can’t open”, “can’t take away”, “can’t understand” and “can’t change” when facing the safe “Can’t leave”, so as to effectively protect data security. Even if someone tries to crack the password and steal data, we can immediately find out and respond quickly.

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that it is necessary to improve the security assurance system in key areas and the coordination and command system for important special projects, and strengthen the construction of security assurance systems for the economy, major infrastructure, finance, network, data, biology, resources, nuclear, space, and ocean.

Zhu Yun said that the country has put the network and information security system at an unprecedented height to build. This provides a huge market opportunity for private information security companies, and we feel that our responsibilities are even heavier.

The use of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things puts forward higher requirements for information security, which brings huge development space for cryptographic applications.

Zhu Yun said that in 2023, Shuidun Technology will launch new password applications, “such as access to mobile terminal security management and control, ‘cloudification’, and the combination of industry clouds and government affairs clouds to assist the government in password protection work.” .

“We participated in the design of the digital currency standard technical architecture.” Speaking of the company’s future development direction, Zhu Yun also revealed that “digital renminbi based on commercial encryption technology will be an important application field.”

Zhu Yun explained that the digital renminbi is a legal currency in digital form issued by the People’s Bank of China and exists in the form of strings. It is different from the means of realizing the security requirements of the physical renminbi. The digital renminbi uses the commercial cryptography independently developed by my country as the key core technology and basic support. , has achieved security features such as non-repeatable spending, non-illegal duplication and forgery, non-tampering, and non-repudiation, and has initially established a multi-level security protection system. In all aspects of the life cycle of digital renminbi production, issuance, circulation, payment, and settlement, commercial encryption plays a vital role.

In the process of domestic substitution of public equipment, encryption technology must also closely follow this trend. Zhu Yun said that our commercial encryption products have been widely used in the 12306 railway ticketing system, key management systems in large energy companies, and Huawei’s high-end communication equipment to protect information and data security.

As a member of the Beijing Democratic Construction Association, Zhu Yun actively provides advice and suggestions through the professional information he has mastered, hoping to promote the healthy development of the entire industry.

In recent years, the country has successively promulgated the “Encryption Law”, “Personal Information Protection Law” and “Data Security Law”. These laws affect the development direction of the commercial encryption industry. Zhu Yun said, “Recently, from the perspective of enterprise applications, I have conducted in-depth discussions with the members of the third branch of the Haidian District Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association on the subject of password applications and network security, truly reflecting the problems and deficiencies in the field of password applications, and also put forward suggestions. , hoping to promote the process of cryptographic application innovation.”

“As a private enterprise, we also hope to participate more in the construction of major national projects and the formulation of relevant national standards.” Zhu Yun said that in the future, he will actively use the information channels of civil construction to reflect the development of the industry and contribute to the development of private enterprises. Make suggestions for a good development environment.

Gao Peigang (photo courtesy of the interviewee/published by China News)

  Gao Peigang: Empowering Wanye Beidou application scenarios will be everywhere

Where is Beidou satellite navigation? How can I use Beidou? It’s very simple, turn on the mobile phone positioning and navigation system, “collect” multiple satellites in the sky, and Beidou will automatically “go online”. With Beidou’s stable and accurate positioning capabilities, it has become possible to drive with “green lights all the way”.

In addition to navigation, where is the “bull” of Beidou? In fact, Beidou can do a lot for us: unmanned driving, shared bicycles, wearable devices, lawn mowing robots, etc., have all become application scenarios for the Beidou system to “show its talents”. “These are inseparable from Beidou’s high-definition positioning.” Gao Peigang said, “The application of Beidou is only limited by imagination.” As long as you dare to imagine, Beidou will be used everywhere in the future.

Gao Peigang is the chairman of the Beidou Starcom business sector, and also a member of the Beijing Democratic Construction Association and a member of the CPPCC in Haidian District, Beijing. After graduating with a master’s degree in 2002, he joined Beidou Satellite Communications and has been engaged in satellite navigation for more than 20 years. “As a personal witness, I have witnessed the whole process of my country’s Beidou satellite navigation system from scratch, from weak to strong.” This process has gone through many twists and turns. , he has been “focusing on the Beidou field”.

In 2003, the perfection of the “dual-star navigation and positioning system” marked that my country became the third country in the world to have an independent satellite navigation system after the United States and Russia.

This year, Gao Peigang participated in the construction of the “Beidou No. 1” information service system as a new Beidou employee.

Today, the emergence and development of many private Beidou operating companies have benefited from the opening and operation of the “Beidou No. 1” information service system that year.

With the rapid development of Beidou, in 2007, Beidou Starcom “took the opportunity” to go public.

“At this time, I started to make money, and I can do more things for the development of the enterprise when I have money.” Gao Peigang said that Beidou Starcom has done a lot of technology research and development of Beidou applications, and promoted Beidou applications in a market-oriented way to continuously reduce product and service costs. Improve application performance.

“We chose the right direction and got on the express train of national industrial upgrading.” As the team leader, Gao Peigang led the team to develop more than 10 Beidou chips. These chips are used in the surveying and mapping industry, the drone industry, and automotive electronics. It was a huge success.

After years of research and development and improvement, the Beidou chip has now become a leader in the industry, providing important technical support for the promotion and application of the Beidou system.

The Beidou system experienced difficult challenges in the early stage of technological breakthroughs, but at the moment when more than 30 satellites were connected to the Internet in July 2020, a huge and growing business scene network map has basically taken shape.

“The growth of Beidou is actually accompanied by the upgrading of various industries in China.” Gao Peigang introduced that Beidou has become a leader in the civilian field, profoundly changing people’s production and lifestyle, and also conveying our confidence in self-developed technologies.

In addition, as a member of the Democratic National Construction Association, Gao Peigang will be the author in 2022 to conduct research on the application of Beidou high-precision in emerging fields, which is in line with the national strategic development plan to promote the development of global high-precision technology based on Beidou. Suggestions are put forward in terms of strengthening market applications, cultivating professional skilled personnel and cross-border talents, etc., to provide support for Beidou’s industrial applications in emerging fields of wide-area, large-scale, high-precision location services.

Beidou empowers all industries, and then gets richer feedback, achieving a win-win situation.

As a worker who is deeply involved in Beidou technology and applications, Gao Peigang said that the story of Beidou in the civilian field is just the beginning, and there is still a lot to do in the future.

At this stage, my country is promoting the development of the next-generation navigation system – the national comprehensive PNT (navigation, positioning, timing) system. Gao Peigang said that taking this opportunity, we will continue to adapt to the development of the times in the future and create a “cloud + core” business model, “putting chip-based computing power in the cloud to reduce the cost of the client side.” At the same time, adopt multi-technology integration methods to build a world-leading “location digital base”, empower the intelligent era, and actively help build “China’s Beidou, the world’s Beidou, and first-class Beidou”.

On December 20, 2022, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association held the 14th non-public economic legal system seminar. (Photo courtesy of Beijing Minjian Construction Co., Ltd./Published by China News)

  Beijing Civil Construction: Meticulously carry out social service work and be a caring “maternal family” of members

In recent years, multiple factors such as the impact of the epidemic, industrial upgrading, and changes in the international situation are gradually changing the economic environment, and many private enterprises are under multiple development pressures. Facing the complex situation and environment, based on the capital’s economic development strategy, how can we relieve pressure and relief for private entrepreneurs, so that they can see the way, find out the direction, and seek development with peace of mind, Su Jian, the full-time deputy chairman of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association, recently In an exclusive interview with “China News” newspaper, he said that the environment of the times is changing, and the working methods of serving member companies must also change. Only through continuous innovation and the realization of professionalization and refinement of social services can we do a good job in caring for members. people”.

  “China News”: During the epidemic, it is very important to ensure that the rescue measures to help companies are accurate and effective. In this regard, what practices and experience has accumulated by the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association can better serve enterprises in the future?

Su Jian: Different companies are affected by the epidemic in different ways. To help enterprises bail out, it is necessary to provide “timely rain” and “precise drip irrigation”.

In the early stage of the epidemic, the safety of the elderly living in member nursing institutions affected people’s hearts. After learning about the situation, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association donated the most scarce epidemic prevention materials to the Beijing Longquan Senior Citizens Apartment, Minority Nursing Home, and Xingfuli Senior Care Center to solve practical difficulties. .

In terms of solving business difficulties, in response to the problem that member companies do not know how to register suppliers on the “832 platform” for online sales of agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas to expand sales channels, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association innovated service ideas, formulated refined service plans, and held special topics In the lecture session, successfully registered member companies are invited to pass on experience to member companies who have doubts, and to build a platform for exchange and cooperation among member companies in the same industry. After the meeting, member entrepreneurs sent a special WeChat message to thank the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association for being the caring “maternal family” of the members.

In the case of meeting the requirements of the normalization of the epidemic situation, the leadership team visited 38 companies, explored new ways to conduct visits by industry, and conducted visits by industries such as homestay and biomedicine. Establish a ledger for member companies, help companies meet their needs, and build a platform for upstream and downstream member companies.

  “China News”: In recent years, the economic development environment at home and abroad has been constantly changing. In this regard, how does the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association innovate the content and methods of work and services, and improve the level of ideological understanding of member entrepreneurs?

Su Jian: Entrepreneurs must understand not only the operation but also the environment in order to run a business. But how to accurately understand environmental changes requires not only intuitive experience from front-line entrepreneurs, but also professional and authoritative interpretation to guide the direction.

In recent years, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association has adopted “new stage, new environment, new countermeasures – legal protection of the non-public economy in the post-epidemic period”, “innovation-driven, fair competition and high-quality development”, “solid foundation, stable expectations, and long-term benefits” ——Legal Guarantee for High-quality Economic Development in the New Era” as the theme, hold the 12th to 14th non-public economic legal system seminars, timely summarize and push policies for enterprises at all levels, and call on member entrepreneurs to boost confidence, Seize the opportunity.

We also innovate the way of education guidance. In the past three years, a total of 7 Jianhua classrooms have been held, actively promoting the innovation of training content and form, promoting the combination of theory and practice, and promoting extensive exchanges and interactions inside and outside the conference.

For example, in 2020, we will focus on interpreting the content of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the outlook for capital market reform, and the pit-avoidance guidelines for private enterprise equity design; in 2021, we will focus on the opportunities and challenges brought to China by changes in neighboring international relations. The experience and harvest of lacquerware restoration; combined with the hot spots of the Russia-Ukraine war in 2022, experts were invited to give in-depth lectures on the economic impact of the Russia-Ukraine situation and the national industrial control security confrontation, so that the majority of members have a deeper understanding of the situation at home and abroad .

The Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association is also exploring effective ways to serve “specialized, special and new” enterprises. The new private enterprise committee of the municipal party committee has specially established a “specialized, special and new” extension group to help stimulate the emergence of more specialized, special and new small and medium-sized enterprises.

  “China News”: What innovative work has the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association done in terms of improving the ability of corporate members to participate in and discuss state affairs and serving regional economic development?

Su Jian: In recent years, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association has been exploring a new model of combining service member companies and participating in state affairs. Chairman Sima Hong led a team to visit and investigate Zhongguancun enterprises many times, held discussions and exchanges with member entrepreneurs, listened carefully to everyone’s opinions and suggestions on enterprise employment, production and operation, epidemic prevention and control, and existing difficulties, and responded one by one. These voices from the front line of the market have been carefully recorded and efficiently transformed into various materials as materials, which not only help enterprises solve problems, but also provide intuitive reference for government decision-making. In 2022 alone, there will be 81 proposals and suggestions for member companies at the level of the Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association.

The Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association is also committed to combining service member companies with rural revitalization, and pairing up to help the development of Mentougou District and Pinggu District. Collect the needs of members in detail, intensively carry out activities such as the westward trip of civil construction entrepreneurs and homestay inspections, actively promote the docking of homestay resources and the implementation of logistics industry projects, and build a communication bridge between member companies and the development of green tourism in Mentougou District and Pinggu District.

The Beijing Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association vigorously promoted complementary advantages, contacted members in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and held the 2021 China (Tianjin) Non-public Economic Development Forum Beijing Investment Matchmaking Meeting. According to the statistics after the meeting, 11 member companies have landed and are focusing on projects under discussion and have clear signing intentions, with a planned investment of nearly 10 billion yuan. (End) (“China News”)

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