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Facing this world, there is no absolute moment

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A Wall Street fund manager told the media that the world will not return to the state it was in 2018 or 2019 anytime soon. But as Chinese New Year approaches, should we binge on the holiday we love only to be unceremoniously canceled when we least expect it? Or continue? It can only be said that there are no absolutes in the world, but there is indeed no real interest.

These are all kinds of worries when the Spring Festival is approaching again three years after the outbreak. The restaurant owners have received satisfactory orders for New Year’s Eve dinner, and there will be another round after another, but some restaurants have already closed their holidays from January this year to March 1 this year. There are no more manpower to provide services, or the original skilled manpower has left and returned to their hometowns, which is their common problem. The bigger problem is the traditional off-season after the Spring Festival consumption boom, what to do in February, and what to do in March? If the service personnel in the front field do not return as scheduled, the suppliers will start to ask for payment, and there will be one wave of closures in the past two months.

There is an allegorical saying that a rabbit’s tail can’t grow, but in the cartoons, Bunny Bunny always jumps around biting red carrots, and some animal protectionists say that carrots are too high in sugar, and rabbits will get fat after eating them. In fact, every Easter, the rabbit represents the recovery of spring or the birth of new life. After these three years of torment, people’s habit of looking forward to Easter has given way to looking forward to the Jingzhe. During the Jingzhe, the stinging insects wake up, the weather gets warmer, and the spring thunder gradually comes, and the plague is far away from the world.

After New Year’s Day, the bad news is still one after another, that is, every day in the Moments, friends are posting various memories or commemorative texts. Because some people are yang, some people are gone, and some people are still yin, so all kinds of news are passed around in the circle of friends. Friends say that when they open social media every day, they will see the death of a respected old man. information. Excluding the long mourning list of the great academicians, they gradually became relatives of friends or colleagues of friends. These days, the literary and art circles have collapsed. The famous voice actor Su Xiu from Shanghai Translation Factory, and the famous Chinese director Mr. He Ping , and Mr. Zhang Wei, an expert on modern literature in Shanghai, all happened within a few days one after another.

If there is still good news, it is that the price of Kanti wine has dropped by 20% in the past year. In fact, this is known as the treasure of the world’s local tyrants drinking big wine. In 2021 Twelve bottles of 750ml trade for £300,000, slipping to £240,000 by 2022. These unattainable price drops are not good news at all, but the price of N95 masks has fallen below 1 yuan per piece. Thinking of the feat of buying short masks all over the world in 2020, we seem to be in disbelief. January of 2023.

If the entry of Pfizer’s specific medicines into the pharmacies of community hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai is a real joy, then someone will calmly tell us that as long as the age meets the requirements and the symptoms of the new crown do not need the distribution of more than 5,000 yuan from United Family Hospital, it is also possible. No need for’s 800 yuan prescription, and another 2,600 yuan fee, only 189 yuan, and Pfizer’s specific medicine can be taken on the spot. From the point of view of saving lives, no matter how congested the traffic is or how expensive the goods are, it is an indisputable fact that the medical and educational resources of community hospitals are absolutely leading. The highly tense pace of life and the highly developed living supporting resources all complement each other, and these convenient conditions are usually ignored when the years are quiet and calm. From penicillin to Pfizer’s specific medicine, every time under the illumination of technological prosperity, human weakness has long been a way of avoiding the most important and taking the light of nature. The development of the city is finally reflected in these people’s livelihood issues. I saw a real estate official account saying that I would buy a house in the future and hope that the downstairs is the inpatient department or outpatient department of the hospital. I really think that real estate can change the way of life of the Chinese people. A long continuation of nothing.

The data provided to the media by an aircraft leasing company makes us feel the subtle influence of another class. Before the pandemic, the charter cost of a heavy jet aircraft was 7,000 to 9,000 US dollars per hour, but now they cost 18,000 US dollars. to $20,000 per hour. The slow recovery after these hemorrhages is gradually eliminating the fear from the epidemic in previous years. And are our cities recovering? Last week, a friend of mine who was doing cultural real estate promotion came to Shanghai admiringly, and asked me where is the most worth seeing now? I told her that it should be Zhang Garden that has just been renovated. In addition to the pop-up stores of various famous stores, you will find a very interesting problem, that is, people no longer focus on those large and comprehensive venues. Maybe this small and beautiful space will change the desire Young people see a future that is looming. Although many electric vehicles say that the future has come, when a real industry giant like Tesla wields a bloody price butcher knife, the future is still some distance away from us.

In fact, luxury goods are the same. They can continue to run and dance in the past three years, but thinking of so many young people wanting to improve themselves, and reading the analysis of various classes in China by great men nearly a hundred years ago in the subway According to the survey report on the peasant movement, do we still think that the future of these young people is just to buy a bag or a big toy like an electric car? Everything is changing. Looking at the neat new red tile roofs of Zhang Garden, and the shining skyscrapers of Hong Kong Industrial Plaza not far away, it looks like an unsmiling monster, accommodating venture capital companies, private banks, luxury goods In the quiet offices of drug companies, global video game companies with mythical and lucrative profits, an imported watermelon worth three to four thousand yuan is sold in the city supermarket downstairs, as well as tens of thousands of bottles of Japanese whiskey, and various An exquisite seafood that has just arrived in Shanghai. A small tennis court is squeezed out of the square in the middle of the building, and the Nike store not far away sells all kinds of new running shoes that can only be seen during the live broadcast of the marathon. The trendy Sichuan restaurant, decorated like an art gallery, is waiting for the white-collar workers who have lunch in the office of the building to eat the special package, while the girl with tattoos in the hotel gym from Thailand is sweating and doing Pilates. The largest cafe in the country, which was built with a cost of 100 million US dollars, is filled with bread made by Italian chefs and coffee beans from all over the world. A huge production line is slowly packing selected coffee beans. Chinese people who like to smoke cigars Young people are thinking about it on the sofa outside the cafe on the ground floor. Ambilight marble veneer constitutes an elegant shopping center. Although the number of shoppers is slowly increasing, afternoon tea in London and high-end restaurants in luxury hotels are waiting for consumers who want to satisfy their impulses. These are the trumpeters and leaders of affluence in this era.

The tycoon who took a private jet to London to feed pigeons stood nervously at the corner of a shopping mall more than 1,200 kilometers away from Weihai Road in Shanghai. With such an idea, the poisonous oath that heaven and earth will surely be destroyed made the media reporters who hadn’t gathered together for a long time meet again. Twenty-two years have passed since the last media conference where men all over the world made mistakes, and almost fifteen years have passed since the last media conference where they quit the entertainment circle because of a photo contest.

For so many years, the paparazzi have given way to the Internet self-media. For UP owners who make programs with almost broadcast-level equipment, this is a beautiful era, and it is also a tragic era. The good reason is that the new generation of young people will no longer buy it just because the rich old people can stand up and ask for advice; the tragic reason is that the last time this kind of media crowd like the Colosseum has disappeared for more than ten years. The skinny rich man told a lot of his mental journey in the tone of a young and Dangerous boy from a Hong Kong film, while the self-media staff dressed like a young and Dangerous boy asked politely like a graduate of a private school on Hong Kong Island, brother baa Sister Baa’s acquaintance can’t actually conceal the impact of the Internet age on ancient wealth, and all kinds of messages appearing in the name of navy have been dubbed Internet thugs one after another. Maybe it’s been a long time since I saw such an old-fashioned media conference. In short, the UP owner who shouted across the bank casually raised a few non-problematic questions. He thinks that the Chinese people have no idea who is the richest person. Concerned, because they never cared about how many zeros He Dong or Sheng Xuanhuai’s family property has, they are more concerned about what Musk said on social media, and how many nightclubs Li Chaoren recently had in the UK were converted into drugstores .

Remember 2015. On a certain winter night eight years ago, real estate developers all over Shanghai were desperately building shopping malls, and the completed shopping malls were desperately looking for leases. My friends and I excitedly came out of a shopping mall developed by a central enterprise near Qufu Road. Everyone thought of the philosophical couplet of a calligrapher in the private room who could not be ignored because of people, hanging high in the middle, which contained the meaning of life, “The high place is better than the low place, and it is harder to go down than to go up”, which quickly made the restaurant full of beautiful ideas golden. The waves of the times have swept away the sand, but we believe that in the end, the sinker will be the gold and the winner will be the king, because the common people still want to eat and drink well, even if the sense of smell and taste is completely absent this month .

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