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Five years alone to stick to the special Spring Festival of the iron police at the small

  (New Year walks to the grassroots) Five years of alone sticking to the railway police at the small station, a different kind of Spring Festival, Hechi, January 17th, title: Five years of alone sticking to the iron police at the small station, a different kind of Spring Festival

Author Sun Yunfei Huang Yongsheng

Qin Liuyi, 58 years old this year, is a policeman stationed in the Liujia Police District of the Liujia Police Station of the Liuzhou Public Security Department of the Nanning Railway Public Security Bureau. He is the only one in the police district. The 24th Spring Festival travel in Xiaozhan Police District this year. In the past five years, Qin Liuyi has safely guarded the 47-kilometer railway line of the Liujia Police District, adding peace of mind to the safety of railway transportation.

At about 8 o’clock, Tan Liuyi changed into a police uniform and began to inspect the route on a bicycle as usual. The Liujia Police District governs the 47-kilometer line of the four stations of Balun, Liujia, Damo and Nachao on the Guizhou-Guizhou Railway. , the public security management situation along the line is more complicated, and the line management work is not small.

When inspecting a section of the line in the Little Three Gorges Scenic Area, Qin Liuyi found that the protective fence of the line was damaged, so he immediately took out his mobile phone and called to report the situation to the railway engineering department. “Hey, foreman, I’m Tan Liuyi from the police station. I went to Little Three Gorges today and found a hole in the protective net. Please send someone to get tools to reinforce it.”

In October 2017, when Qin Liuyi first arrived at the station in Liujia Police District, the railway protective net was damaged and had not been repaired in time, and the children of the villagers along the railway ran to the railway to play. For this reason, Qin Liuyi spent a lot of effort to prevent children from jumping over the guard net and entering the railway, affecting the safe operation of the train. He walks 40,000 steps every day, measures the rails with his feet, and walks the lines in his jurisdiction in 20 days. He has patrolled a total of 200 kilometers, and registered the 68 hidden dangers in the lines one by one, and notified the relevant railway units to repair them in time, and then returned to the site. Confirm that the repair is completed and the number will be canceled.

Tan Liuyi, who has many years of experience in criminal investigation, knows that the safety of railway transportation is closely related to the level of legal awareness of the people along the line. In order to prevent casualties along the line, he went to villages and households day after day to publicize railway laws and regulations, explain common sense of railway safety, and remind villagers not to try to make it easier to walk on the road, and not to let large livestock enter the line.

When the Qinliuyi patrol line passed through villages, he took out the publicity materials on railway safety and rule of law that he carried with him and distributed them to the public to popularize the legal knowledge of railway safety.

“Miss Boss, tell your children not to get close to the railway or play on it.” Tan Liuyi went to the commissary to promote it.

Seeing children passing by, Tan Liuyi stepped forward to promote railway safety to them: “Kids, be careful and don’t play on the railway line.” The children surrounded him and replied, “Okay, Uncle Police.”

Qin Liuyi disseminated railway safety knowledge to children in villages along the line.Photo by Xia Yangchun

In the past 5 years in the Liujia Police District, Qin Liuyi and the road guards in the jurisdiction have seriously carried out line security work, and achieved no endangering driving safety cases (incidents), no railway traffic accidents, no driving accidents caused by public security issues, and no serious accidents. Livestock on the road, the goal of zero cases of demolition, cutting and theft.

Near noon, Qin Liuyi returned to the police area after completing the morning line patrol, and his wife Zeng Chunling prepared lunch for him. Tan Liuyi put down the police equipment, washed her hands and walked into the kitchen to help put the dishes on the table. The couple chatted while eating.

“Life here is difficult and work is very busy. I understand his work. The husband and wife have been living like this for more than 30 years. My daughter and I support him. I hope he can take care of himself here and take care of his health. It’s Chinese New Year, we will come here to accompany him and reunite with the family,” Zeng Chunling said.

“My wife and I have been married for 33 years, and the time I spent with her was quite short. I didn’t fulfill my husband’s responsibilities, and I couldn’t fulfill my daughter’s responsibilities as a father. , as a policeman, we must maintain the safety of this railway, which is my top priority.” Qin Liuyi said.

Qin Liuyi and his wife took a group photo at the gate of the police area where the Spring Festival couplets and the word

Qin Liuyi and his wife took a group photo at the gate of the police area where the Spring Festival couplets and the word “Fu” were pasted.Photo by Xia Yangchun

After the meal, the couple posted Spring Festival couplets and blessing characters at the gate of the police area, which added to the atmosphere of the New Year in the small police area and made it feel more warm. (Finish)

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