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Focus Interview: Strong Confidence in Seeking Development and Promoting High-level Opening-up-Chinanews.com

  CCTV news(Focus interview): At the Central Economic Work Conference held in December last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech, summarizing the economic work in 2022, analyzing the current economic situation, deploying the economic work in 2023, and making a good start for the comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country A good start and directional navigation. Starting today (January 12), “Focus Interview” launched the “Strengthening Confidence, Seeking Development” series, interviewing 15 major persons in charge of sub-provincial cities, and listening to their opinions on implementing the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and giving full play to their strengths. Regional advantages and characteristics, planning ideas and measures to promote high-quality development. Today we first focus on “promoting high-level opening up” that was re-emphasized at the Central Economic Work Conference.

The Central Economic Work Conference proposed to promote high-level opening up and improve the quality and level of trade and investment cooperation. In recent years, in the face of the complex and severe world economic situation, China has unswervingly expanded its high-level opening up, and has continued to provide new opportunities for the world with its own new development.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port is the port with the most super-large ships in and out of China. It has more than 300 international and domestic routes. Its cargo throughput has ranked first in the world for 14 consecutive years, and its container throughput has ranked third in the world for five consecutive years. Ningbo City has also put forward new ideas for the future of the port economy.

Peng Jiaxue, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Secretary of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee: “To enhance the linking power of the port and build a large transportation hub, we will follow the instructions of the General Secretary and strive to build a modernized port centered on the railway, highway, air and water. Big traffic pattern.”

Ningbo continues to strengthen its own advantageous resources, strengthen the construction of the airport and railway network, fundamentally change the situation of “big harbor, small airport”, and comprehensively improve the hub energy level of Ningbo serving the national strategy.

Ningbo is also actively benchmarking against the world’s first-class shipping cities, focusing on the development of professional services such as shipping finance, maritime services, and commodity trading, and accelerating the formation of a full chain of shipping services integrating “ships, cargo, people, and merchants”.

Peng Jiaxue: “To enhance the radiation of the port and build a large service hub, we will continue to consolidate the important position of Ningbo Zhoushan Port in the global ports in accordance with the requirements of the Central Economic Work Conference to enhance the national strategic material reserve capacity, and continue to enhance the voice of international shipping and international shipping. Influence.”

On the basis of improving and upgrading infrastructure and shipping services, Ningbo will also rely on port advantages to drive the expansion and transformation of the local economy from traditional trade to new trade and promote the optimization and upgrading of trade in goods.

Peng Jiaxue: “Enhance the driving force of the port and create a large open hub. On the basis of continuously expanding the cargo throughput of the port, we will better carry the two-way open trade volume, boost the confidence in the development of the real economy with greater efforts, and create a global competitive hub. A powerful new international trade center.”

To promote high-level opening up, we must also optimize the layout of regional opening up, consolidate the leading position in the opening up of the eastern coastal areas, improve the level of opening up in the central, western and northeastern regions, and accelerate the construction of new land-sea corridors in the west.

In recent years, Xi’an has continuously strengthened the interconnection of infrastructure, and strengthened the linkage between airports, land ports and double ports, so that the Asia-Europe Land-Sea Trade Corridor and the New Land-Sea Corridor can be gathered, converged and deeply integrated in Xi’an.

Fang Hongwei, member of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and secretary of the Xi’an Municipal Party Committee: “It is not necessarily a disadvantage not to be close to the border or the sea. In this era, the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” has made Xi’an stand at the forefront of opening up to the outside world.”

With the help of the “Belt and Road” initiative, Xi’an has achieved trade with 202 countries and regions, and has established 21 sister cities and 47 friendly exchange cities along the “Belt and Road” countries, and has made great strides in trade and cultural exchanges. up a new level. Facing the future, Xi’an also hopes to continue to adjust its industrial structure and deeply participate in the global industrial division of labor and cooperation.

Fang Hongwei: “It is necessary to find and seek opportunities in a larger space. We have gathered a group of export-oriented enterprises, and they can quickly realize the connection of production, supply and marketing in this place; on the other hand, after the opening of international and domestic channels, more The gathering of various resources has made it possible for some emerging industries to grow and grow.”

Xi’an proposed to “invite in” high-end elements such as talents, industries, and capital with greater efforts; on the other hand, support local advantageous enterprises to “go out”, help enterprises to explore international markets, and continuously expand the scale of the open economy.

Fang Hongwei: “Our current opening up, I think, is more important in a pattern. If we consider local development in the context of the world economy and put our own industrial chain in a pattern of internal and external linkages, then opening up inner motivation is generated.”

To promote high-level opening up to the outside world, it is necessary to better coordinate the domestic circulation and the international circulation, and enhance the linkage effect of the two resources in the domestic and international markets.

Xiamen is one of the pioneering cities of my country’s reform and opening up. Under the background of the turbulent external environment of the world economy and the deepening impact on my country’s economy, Xiamen also proposed to create a node city with a new development pattern.

Cui Yonghui, Member of the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and Secretary of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee: “General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the domestic cycle should be the main body. It is by no means a closed operation with closed doors, but to better connect the domestic market with the international market by giving full play to the potential of domestic demand. We propose to build a node city is to focus on promoting the two domestic and international cycles, connect and open up in Xiamen, and promote each other.”

Xiamen has a well-developed supply chain, where the China-Europe Railway Express and the Silk Road Shipping are seamlessly connected. Therefore, Xiamen proposes to start from the two aspects of commodity circulation and element circulation, enhance global resource allocation capabilities, and promote the convergence of domestic and foreign logistics and related producer services in Xiamen.

Cui Yonghui: “Continue to vigorously promote digital transformation, promote the high-quality development of ports, further consolidate Xiamen’s bottom-level advantages, focus on promoting the innovative development of cross-border e-commerce, offshore trade, service trade and other models, and promote the stable scale and excellent structure of foreign trade. Explore the expansion of institutional openings such as rules, regulations, management, and standards.”

On the basis of consolidating the advantages of the external circulation, Xiamen also proposes to actively integrate into the internal circulation, better play the role of driving and promoting, and help the linkage of the double circulation.

Cui Yonghui: “First, we must take the initiative to build a supply chain network that takes Xiamen as the hub and radiate across the country; second, we must actively serve and further accelerate the construction of a regional financial center; The industry-leading professional exhibition platform; the fourth is to actively cooperate, guide the cross-regional layout of the industrial chain and supply chain, and promote the complementary advantages of resources.”

The Central Economic Work Conference proposed that greater efforts should be made to promote the stable scale and optimized structure of foreign trade, greater efforts to promote the stable stock and expansion of foreign investment, and cultivate new growth points for international economic and trade cooperation. Facing the turbulent international environment, how to provide a better business environment for foreign-funded enterprises is the key to attracting foreign investment.

Guangzhou is one of the pioneers of China’s foreign trade, and the annual Canton Fair is also the “wind vane” of China’s foreign trade. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the quantity and quality of Guangzhou’s foreign trade imports and exports have risen, successfully crossing the trillion mark. A total of more than 50,000 foreign businessmen have come to Guangzhou to invest and develop, and the actual use of foreign capital has increased for 11 consecutive years. Regarding the work of attracting investment under the new situation, Guangzhou has also put forward a plan to focus on creating a market-oriented, rule-of-law, and international first-class business environment.

Lin Keqing, Member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee: “We will continue to optimize foreign investment access, further relax market access, continue to optimize rights protection, make greater efforts to implement national treatment for foreign-funded enterprises, continue to optimize investment services, and establish city leaders. The through-train mechanism of multinational companies will continue to optimize talent-based investment promotion, and increase efforts to introduce top global talents, leading teams, and skilled personnel in professional fields, etc., to drive the landing of high-quality investment projects.”

As one of the four central cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Guangzhou will make good use of its location advantages to integrate and make good use of the “national brand” signs such as the international consumption center city, the comprehensive pilot program for the expansion and opening up of the national service industry, and the national service outsourcing demonstration city. Promote the Nansha plan, create a higher standard open cooperation carrier, and form a higher level of foreign economic and trade channels.

Lin Keqing: “Focus on the requirements of the central government, the direction of the Bay Area, the needs of Hong Kong and Macau, and the capabilities of Guangzhou. We will focus on building a support system to serve the coordinated development of the region, strengthen the linkage between the three major platforms of Nansha, Hengqin and Qianhai, and strengthen the opening up with brother cities. Cooperation, joint consultation, and joint construction of the Golden Inner Bay will further improve the linkage mechanism between Guangzhou and Shenzhen, accelerate the construction of the Guangzhou metropolitan area with global influence, and jointly promote high-level opening up.”

The Central Economic Work Conference proposed that we must persist in promoting high-level opening up to the outside world, and steadily expand institutional opening up such as rules, regulations, management, and standards. Compared with the opening of commodities and elements, institutional opening is also a deeper opening.

As the “vanguard” of my country’s reform and opening up, Shenzhen also undertakes the mission of a pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. In the process of further promoting institutional opening, Shenzhen is also actively exploring.

Meng Fanli, deputy secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China: “In foreign trade, capital, finance, and personnel exchanges, we will actively explore more free, convenient and efficient policy systems, management systems, and operating mechanisms. Fully integrate the practices and standards of all parties, and actively deepen the reform of relevant work in related fields in accordance with the economic and trade agreements between the country and other economies.”

Institutional opening up is China’s responsibility and example of adhering to the basic national policy of opening up to the outside world and promoting the construction of an open world economy, and it is also a realistic demand for its own development.

On the one hand, Shenzhen has the institutional advantages of a leading demonstration zone, and on the other hand, it has the geographical advantage of being adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau, which is more conducive to in-depth docking with high-standard international economic and trade rules, promoting high-level open stress testing, and accelerating the formation of a system that is in line with international high-standard rules system and so on. For example, in 2022, Shenzhen promulgated the “Regulations on Foreign Investment in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone”, which detailed and implemented the national foreign investment access system in the form of special zone legislation. And Shenzhen’s attempt to promote institutional opening will also provide valuable experience for my country to further promote opening to the outside world.

Meng Fanli: “To expand opening up, we must make great efforts in all aspects and at a high level. We are digging deep into a series of unique advantages of Shenzhen, insisting on relying on Hong Kong, serving the mainland, and facing the world. We regard the global market as our market. As our resources, we will accelerate the building of a more globally influential economic center city and a modern international metropolis, demonstrate Shenzhen’s actions and make Shenzhen’s contribution in the comprehensive expansion of opening up.”

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country has become a major trading partner of more than 140 countries and regions. The total volume of trade in goods ranks first in the world, and it ranks among the top in the world in attracting foreign capital and foreign investment. In recent years, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made a series of important deployments for expanding high-level opening-up, and has emphasized on many international occasions that China will continue to implement wider, wider and deeper opening-up. When unilateralism and protectionism are on the rise, and some countries are advocating “decoupling” and “broken chains”, “China’s door to opening will not be closed, but will open wider and wider” is our repeatedly reiterated position. The Chinese market will also be the world’s market and a shared market. China’s new development will also provide new opportunities for the world and better benefit the people of all countries. (CCTV)

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