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From Exploration to Confusion——A Review of the Development of Comics Industry in 2022

(*The article was written on 2022.12.31)

Today is the last day of 2022, here I would like to say Happy New Year to everyone in advance~!

According to the past practice, I will sort out and summarize the development of the domestic comic industry in 2022 through an article, and also review with you what happened in the comic industry in this year.

It is still necessary to make a statement here. The content of the article is based on personal perspective and experience. It may not be comprehensive and accurate. If the content information is wrong, please help to correct it. If there is a difference Opinions and analysis are also welcome to share and discuss~

Overview of the development of the comics industry in 2022

Overview of the development of the comics industry in 2022

In last year’s article, I put forward a point of view. I summarized 2017 as after the comic industry entered the Internet age,The “Year from Prosperity to Decline” in the First Development Stage2021 will be the beginning of this decline“The Year of the Bottom”

On this basis, I think 2022 marks the Internet age of comics industryThe official end of the first development stage

The so-called “first stage of development” is the initial development and exploration of the domestic comics industry after entering the Internet era. During this period, many achievements have been made and a lot of experience has been gained.The result of the exploration ended in failurethe development of the entire comics industryonce again in a state of confusionwhat needs to be faced in the future is how to start a new round of exploration.

Personal division of comics development era:
The Age of Traditional Comics 1920s – 1980s
New Age of Comics From 1987 to around 2009
The first stage: 1987-1994: the birth of new Chinese comics
The second phase of “5155 Project” from 1995 to 2000
The Third Stage: The Prosperity and Decline of Comic Magazines from 2000 to 2009
The internet age of comics 2009 to present
Phase 1 2009 – 2022 Initial exploration of web comics

The most representative event in the comics industry this year should beSuspension of Youyaoqi comics platformup.

You Yaoqi was wholly acquired by Station B from Aofei Entertainment for 600 million yuan in November 2021. After the completion of the acquisition, Station B did not announce any plans and arrangements for the future development and operation of Youqi, so I personally expected at that time that Station B might transfer the content and users of Youqi to Bilibili Manga, and then the Yaoqi platform will be shut down.

From the perspective of a single incident, operations like Station B naturally have considerations for the comic business. However, for the entire domestic comic industry, Youqi is not only a comic platform,It also represents the starting point of many comic authors, the youth of many comic readers, and the initial dream of many practitioners in the comic industry.Therefore, the closure of the evil spirit still has a very special meaning for the comics industry.

In fact, in my personal analysis of the development history of the comics industry in the Internet era, the starting point is the launch of Youyaoqi platform, so the shutdown of Youyaoqi does representend of an era

*This year, I also wrote an analysis article on the incident of Yaoqi shutting down. If you are interested, you can read it again.

Article Portal:“Shutting down Youqi may be an opportunity missed by station B”

Youyaoqi platform shutdown announcement

Another event of high concern in the industry this year is very negative, that isThe plagiarism incident of the work “The Dark Craftsman”

The development of the incident has been summarized in the previous timeline. The blogger “Zaixuan Yikou” sorted out the whole incident in detail on Weibo. If you want to know more, you can directly search and check it. Let me introduce it in detail.

The nature of this incident itself is very bad, and it has a very bad impact on the entire comics industry. But in comparison, the handling method, process and results of the incident seem too “flat”, especially the response from the platform side, which hardly regards this incident as an “event”.

Behind this situation, I think it may just reflect that one of the reasons for the failure of the comic industry in the past ten years is that many capitals, companies, platforms, and even some authors in the industry,It is no longer the goal of “developing the comic industry”, and comics have only become a method, form and means to achieve some other goalsso he has become less concerned about the behaviors that hinder and destroy the development of the comics industry.

Weibo related to the plagiarism incident of “The Dark Craftsman”

The many comic competitions and activities carried out this year may have left a glimmer of hope for the development of the entire industry.

I personally made a very rough statistic. There are several domestic comic competitions held all year round. This year, there are a total of more than 70 award-winning places, and the total prize money is more than 400,000 yuan. This also shows that our comic industry still has a mechanism for cultivating and selecting authors, and also provides an environment for authors to create and display their works.

Of course, in these competitions in recent years, very good and influential works have not been produced. I think one of the important reasons is that weHaven’t found a creative direction suitable for the Chinese comic industry, that is, for which readers to create, what kind of themes and stories to create, and what kind of characters to create. These may be the content that needs to be considered and practiced in the new round of exploration in the comics industry in the future.

The above is what I sorted out and summarized, the development of the domestic comics industry in 2022, and put forward some personal views and opinions on some of the events, for your reference only~

Although the comics industry has now entered the bottom of its development, it has also ushered in an opportunity to explore and develop again. All we have to do isSummarize past experience and lessons, think and clarify the direction of future development, and work hard to practice on this basis

This requires the participation of many people and a long time of dedication. I hope that everyone can work together to make the comic industry develop better as soon as possible, and eventually develop China’s own mature comic industry.

Finally, I wish you all good health, safety, smooth life, and good luck in 2023~ I also look forward to seeing more excellent comic works~!

Historical Overview of the Development of the Comics Industry in the Internet Era (2009-2022)

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