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Go straight to the first day of Spring Festival travel at Guangzhou South Railway Station: the joy of returning home with bags full of tricks and activities to enrich the waiting, Guangzhou, January 8th, title: Directly hit the first day of Spring Festival travel at Guangzhou South Railway Station: the joy of returning home with bags full of tricks and activities to enrich the waiting time

Chinanews reporter Cai Minjie

Guangzhou South Railway Station, one of the busiest high-speed rail stations in China, has been one of the main battlefields for the Spring Festival travel in China over the years. The 7th is the first day of the Spring Festival travel season, and the flow of visiting relatives, migrant workers, and students will peak in the near future. According to the forecast of the railway department, there will be 15.032 million passengers arriving and departing at Guangzhou South Railway Station during the Spring Festival travel season, with an average of more than 370,000 passengers arriving and departing every day.

On the same day, the reporter saw at the Guangzhou South Railway Station that all temperature measurement points and related enclosures in the real-name verification areas of Guangzhou South Railway Station had been withdrawn, and all security check channels in the station had been opened. The sound of the radio notifying the boarding continued to sound, and in the crowded waiting room, the crowd slowly moved towards the ticket gate, and the bags were full of thoughts and concerns about going home.

Passengers enter the station in an orderly manner to take the bus Photo by Cai Minjie

Cantonese-style sausages, Cantonese-style “chicken cakes”, Cantonese-style “claypot rice” prepared dishes…Ms. Deng from Hengyang, Hunan has been doing business in Guangzhou for more than ten years. Cantonese Souvenir”. “My granddaughter is 5 years old this year. She has been to Guangzhou several times and likes Cantonese cuisine. She plans to take her family to Guangzhou after the Spring Festival holiday,” she said.

“I feel very happy when I think of going home, and I feel that this year is particularly full of flavor.” Mr. Zhao from Chongqing set off with his family to return to his hometown. , I bought a ticket to go home in advance.” He said that in addition to the regular visits to relatives and friends during the Spring Festival this year, he will stay in his hometown longer, “I want to take a good tour of my hometown.”

For Ms. Wu from Shantou, Guangdong, this year’s Spring Festival is a bit special because it is her first year as a mother. “Take the children back this year as a gift to their parents.” Ms. Wu said with a smile.

In order to let passengers experience the “New Year taste”, Guangzhou South Railway Station held a number of activities to enrich the cultural and entertainment needs of passengers while waiting for the train, including the “Railway Cultural Relics Entering the High-speed Railway Station” activity, and the display of “mobile museums, talking old objects” ” theme exhibition board, displaying 212 precious collections such as the century-old stocks of the Guangdong-Han Railway and train tickets of different ages; the waiting hall is decorated with flowers and green plants to add a festive atmosphere.

“Flowing Museum, Talking Old Objects” theme exhibition board Photo by Cai Minjie

“Can you write the word ‘Fu’ for me? I also want a piece of ‘Step by Step’.” “My family happens to have a birthday during the Spring Festival. Can you write a piece of ‘Fu Ru Donghai’ for him?”… …In the waiting room on the third floor of Guangzhou South Railway Station, calligraphers wrote Spring Festival couplets and sent the word “Fu” to passengers, attracting many tourists to “pray for blessings”.

In order to meet the travel needs of passengers, Guangzhou South Railway Station plans to run 413.5 pairs of high-speed rail trains that day. Judging from the current ticket sales situation, tickets to Chongqing, Chengdu, Guiyang, Kunming and other directions are relatively tight that day, while tickets to Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Zhanjiang are relatively sufficient.

In addition to returning home, many passengers choose to travel around. Mr. Liang from Guangzhou went to Macau for a visit. “I haven’t been to Macau for a few years. I will take advantage of this Saturday to catch up with my relatives and friends in Macau,” he said.

With the further optimization of the epidemic prevention and control policy, the passenger flow during the Spring Festival this year has picked up significantly, and the cross-regional flow of people has accelerated. The travel demand of tourists returning home for the New Year, visiting relatives and friends, and sightseeing has been released. The work of epidemic prevention and control and transportation service guarantee is facing a new situation.

In this regard, the transportation department advocates that passengers travel on a staggered peak to reduce the gathering of people, and strengthen the passenger flow organization at the station, guide passengers to enter the station and wait in an orderly manner, and keep a safe distance. At the same time, transportation hubs such as Guangzhou Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station are also equipped with emergency supplies, masks, hand sanitizer, alcohol and other supplies; every day, hundreds of volunteers are organized to provide passengers with epidemic prevention health education, consultation, and luggage assistance. volunteer service. (Finish)

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