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Guangzhou “Hundred Years Flower Market” reopens with tourists and merchants, Guangzhou, January 19th, title: Guangzhou “Century-year Flower Market” reopens with tourists and merchants smiling

Chinanews reporter Cai Minjie

The flowers are like a sea, and people are like a tide. You can only celebrate the New Year when you walk through the flower street.

“Xinghua Street” is an ancient Spring Festival custom in Guangzhou. From the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth lunar month to New Year’s Eve, Guangzhou people like to go to the flower market “Flower Street” for good luck in the coming year. After two years (2021 and 2022), the Guangzhou Yuexiu West Lake Flower Market reopened on the 19th, with brisk business and happy merchants.

The Yingchun Flower Market is not only an important festival of Lingnan folk culture, but also a Spring Festival carnival for tourists from home and abroad. Yuexiu West Lake Flower Market is the most representative traditional flower market in Guangzhou, with profound historical and cultural heritage, known as the “Century-Year Flower Market”.

Guangzhou “Century-year Flower Market” reopens with many tourists. Photo by Chen Jimin

At 9 o’clock on the 19th, after the performances of “Lion Dancing and Welcome” and “Ode to the Flower God”, the West Lake Flower Market officially opened. Many Guangzhou citizens help the old and the young, and take advantage of the warm winter sun to go to “practice Universiade” and “seek good fortune”. More than 120 stalls in the flower market have attracted the public one after another. Among them, the Phalaenopsis orchid, which means “all wishes come true”, the golden fruit, which means “five generations live together”, and the peach blossom, which means “beautiful love”, are the most popular.

“Selling flowers and selling flowers, so beautiful flowers (Cantonese: very beautiful flowers)” “Smoothly, eighteen eighteen (Cantonese homonym: real hair, real hair, implying a fortune)” “Thank you, thank you, I wish you good business “…

“This year is very happy and lively. There are many people in the flower market. We have been looking forward to the reopening of the flower market for a long time.” Ms. Guo, the owner of the flower market, said that she and her sister have set up stalls at the West Lake Flower Market for about 20 years. “In the past 20 years, the traffic around the flower market It has become more and more convenient, the law and order are getting better, and the management is more standardized.” She said that her family has a plantation covering an area of ​​about 20 mu in Shawan, Panyu, Guangzhou, and the flowers they grow are mainly sold to Hong Kong. “About 20,000 flowers are wholesaled to Hong Kong this year, an increase of 60% compared with previous years, mainly chrysanthemums and gladioli,” she said.


Guangzhou “Century-year Flower Market” reopens with many tourists. Photo by Chen Jimin

A lady from the Guangzhou Citizen District is shopping for “Five Generations Under One Roof” at a flower stall. She thinks this year’s flower market is very beautiful. After shopping around, she finds that there are many varieties of flowers. “The price is not important, you can buy it if you like it.” She said that the most important thing is everyone’s health.

The reporter walked through the flower street and found that this year’s New Year’s oranges are mainly traditional varieties, and the price is basically the same as in previous years. At the same time, the flower market also sells Cantonese couplets, festival mascots, etc. In order to promote the culture of Guangfu in south of the Five Ridges, this year the West Lake Flower Market has set up intangible cultural heritage exhibition and sales stalls, including displaying cultural and creative products such as lion dancing, olive carvings, cake printing, and copper stamping.

The lion dance is a vivid portrayal of the spirit of Guangzhou. It not only implies good luck and auspiciousness, but also a symbol of vigor, bravery and strength. In front of a stall called “Intangible Cultural Heritage Lion Dance”, “Puppet Lion” and “Bang Bang Lion” are popular products. Many parents hope that their children will be as eye-catching and refreshed as Lion Dance.

“I have been selling ‘Lion Awakening’ cultural and creative products at the West Lake Flower Market for 6 years. This year’s flower market is more prosperous than before the epidemic, and I have already earned several thousand yuan in income not long after the market opened.” Xu Yingxian, the stall owner, said, “One click I have sold a lot of ‘Bang Bang Lions’, and I will replenish them later.”

“I have liked visiting the flower market since I was a child, because it carries our memories of Guangzhou, and I feel that the citizens will have more joy and expectations this year.” Guangzhou resident Chen Zhuang said that compared with his childhood, the flower market today has new features. It is reflected in the products and the way of selling flowers, such as live streaming and delivery of goods.

Two years before the West Lake Flower Market was closed, Chen Zhuang bought flowers online or in the community. “I bought flowers for the purpose of celebrating. I want to buy peach blossoms this year because the Cantonese word for ‘桃’ is the same as the word for ‘Picture’ in Hongtu Dazhan. Good luck in the new year,” he said.


Guangzhou “Hundred Years Flower Market” reopened Photo by Chen Jimin

The 2023 winter jasmine flower market in the 11th district of Guangzhou has been fully launched, mainly to show the cultural charm of the flower market and the strong Cantonese style, such as the historic Liwan “Water Flower Market”. At the same time, there is also an online flower market, including through VR technology. Let the citizens experience the charm of the flower market immersively. (Finish)

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