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“Guarding the ‘Guardians'” Guoquan brings warmth to medical workers-Chinanews.com

In order to express gratitude to the “rebels” of the medical staff in the epidemic, recently, Guoquan Shihui’s “Guardian’Guardian'” program and the warmth of caring medical workers have passed on in many medical centers in Shanghai, Changsha and other places. Organizations are held concurrently. On the premise of not affecting the work of medical institutions, Guoquan invites busy medical staff to have a hot pot meal.

“Seeing the selfless dedication of the medical staff, we have been thinking, as a company, what can we do for these ‘white angels’.” The relevant person in charge of Guoquan said. And this is the original intention of Guoquan Shihui to “invite medical staff to have a hot pot meal”.

On January 10, people came and went at the gate of the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital. The hospital is back to its usual busy pace. In order not to affect the order of hospital admissions, the representatives of Guoquanshihui Central China Province put bags of hot pot reunion meals with rich ingredients such as beef and mutton rolls, bacon, fish fillets, Sichuan noodles, etc., neatly stacked in the hospital office building The side entrance of the hospital will be handed over to the front-line doctors and nurses by the labor union of the hospital. The chairman of the labor union of the hospital and other leaders of the hospital also participated in the donation ceremony, personally received the warm donation from the pot circle, and expressed their gratitude to the company for its loving actions.

“Today we sent hot pot ingredients to medical workers. Please have a steaming hot pot meal. I think you are the real heroes, protecting everyone’s health. You have worked hard!” Hao Guanhui, Regional Manager of Central China Province said at the donation ceremony.

Representatives of Guoquan Shihui Central China Province donated ingredients to Hunan Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Last month, Guoquan officially launched the “Guardian Guardian” plan, relying on its thousands of stores in Henan and Beijing, to provide sanitation workers with free masks, hot water, emergency charging and other assistance within their capabilities. The plan aims to fulfill corporate social responsibility through donations, condolences, etc., and pay tribute to the laborers who stick to all fronts of society. But this time, Guoquan Shihui focused its attention on the angel in white.

The activity of “Invite medical staff to eat hot pot” started before New Year’s Day. On December 30th last year, at the Shuguang Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, representatives of Guoquanshihui East China Province and District came to the office of the hospital with boxes of hot pot ingredients, and sent them to the hospital’s medical workers on the approach of New Year’s Day. Ordered dozens of hot pot reunion meals.

For this donation, the hospital expressed its gratitude and promised that the hot pot reunion meal will be given priority to the frontline medical workers.

Representatives of Guoquan Shihui East China Province donated ingredients to Shuguang Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

This warm transfer is the first phase of Guoquan Foodhui’s 2023 “Guardian’ Guardian” plan. Guoquan Shihui hopes to use delicious ingredients and warm actions to convey the gratitude of all walks of life to medical staff, and to arouse more institutions’ attention to the health of medical staff.

“We also call on more companies to join in, do their best, and provide assistance within their ability to the ‘guardians’ who silently guard us around us.” The relevant person in charge of the pot circle said.

People depend on food, and Guoquan Shihui is committed to serving the three meals a day of hundreds of millions of consumers with the “more, faster, better and more economical” service.

The above-mentioned person in charge said that as a company that was born and grew up at the grassroots level and has tens of thousands of stores in the grassroots streets and alleys, Guoquan will continue to work together with colleagues from all walks of life in the whole society, through projects such as “Guardian ‘Guardian'” , Protect the “guardians” from the grassroots with practical actions.

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