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Hefei, Anhui pursues the dream of “stars and seas”, opening the era of active remote sensing data services-Chinanews.com

On January 5, the Star Map Earth Today image was officially released in Hefei, Anhui.Photo by Chu Weiwei

China News Service, Hefei, January 6th (Chu Weiwei) “Hefei will give full play to its advantages in reform and innovation, human resources, technological innovation, industrial cultivation, financial capital, and scene applications, accelerate the pace of aerospace information industrialization, and cultivate and form ‘satellite Constellation + Industrial Fund + Industrial Base’ good industrial ecology, and make every effort to shape a new industrial landmark and create a ‘China Star City’.” Yuan Fei, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee of Hefei City, Anhui Province, said on the 5th.

On the same day, the image of Star Map Earth Today was officially released in Hefei, Anhui, and Yuan Fei delivered a speech on the spot.

In the past 2022, more and more “Chinese stars” shine in space. The data shows that China currently has more than 700 application satellites in orbit, and the “high-resolution sky eye” has formed an all-weather and all-weather earth observation capability, and the ability to obtain remote sensing data has been greatly improved. fields are playing an increasingly important role.

“The original intention of the establishment of Star Map Earth is to make the capabilities of remote sensing satellites truly reach the C-end.” Hu Yu, senior vice president of Zhongke Star Map Co., Ltd., said that remote sensing data is becoming the infrastructure of aerospace information in the new era, not only satellite remote sensing Data, also through supercomputing capabilities and platform capabilities, allows remote sensing data to be used as knowledge and results to reach and serve the public and expand the downstream application scenarios of remote sensing satellites.

It is understood that Star Map Earth Today’s image gathers multi-source remote sensing data resources to build a symbiotic, co-creative, and shared multi-win-win aerospace information application ecosystem, forming a unified information push and online trading platform, through subscription push, instant Service modes such as search and use, scene customization, etc., provide users with instant, rich and convenient remote sensing data information services. “Give me any point on the earth, and the image within 24 hours will be delivered within 24 hours.” Hu Yu said.

At the scene, Wei Zheng, secretary-general of the China Association for Remote Sensing Applications, also brought an online special report on “Remote Sensing Application Marketization Breakthrough and Spatial Information Industry Development”. The report pointed out that the global space information industry has a broad market prospect, and it is necessary to innovate and develop the ubiquitous large-scale satellite remote sensing industry, and provide users with “one-stop + fool-proof + high commercial value” based on “digital/intelligent general terminals + general network conditions” “Data value-added services.

It is reported that Hefei has gathered nearly 60 companies and units related to the aerospace information industry, including 10 scientific research institutes and innovation platforms, covering upstream satellite manufacturing, midstream satellite operation, ground equipment, and downstream data applications in the industrial chain, forming a space-based The application ecology of Tiandata has innovative platforms such as Deep Space Exploration Laboratory, Beidou Navigation Technology Key Laboratory of Anhui Province, National High Resolution Earth Observation System Anhui Data and Application Center, and constellation foundations such as Chaohu No. 1 and Mozi No. 1 . (use up)

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