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Herdsmen in Xilin Gol Grassland: Travel hundreds of miles to visit relatives and receive courier at the door –

(New Year’s walk to the grassroots) Xilin Gol grassland herdsmen: travel hundreds of miles to visit relatives and receive express delivery at the door, Xilin Gol, January 18th, title: Xilin Gol Grassland Herdsmen: Travel hundreds of miles to visit relatives and receive express delivery at the door

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“In the past, you had to drive more than 30 kilometers to Qili to pick up the courier. Now you can pick up the courier at the Gacha service station more than 200 meters away. It takes a few minutes to arrive, and you can receive packages from SF Express, ZTO, YTO, STO, etc.”

Jin Ying lives in Naogen Hada Gacha, Haole Tugaole Town, West Ujimqin Banner, Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia. She told reporters that express delivery changed her life. “I used to go to the courier company in Qili to pick up the courier. It took a long time, and I was even more afraid of returning and exchanging the goods. I dare not place an order easily for items with a short shelf life. Now I am not afraid. Many new year’s goods are purchased online this year.”

“Visiting each other within 30 miles and visiting relatives within 100 miles” is a true portrayal of the herdsmen living on the Xilin Gol Grassland. The land here is sparsely populated, and the herdsmen live scatteredly. Today, with the rapid development of the express delivery industry, enjoying door-to-door express delivery service is something that many herdsmen could not imagine before.

In 2020, the State Council’s government work report put forward new requirements to “improve the urban and rural circulation system, accelerate the entry of e-commerce and express delivery into rural areas, and expand consumption in counties and townships”. Five-year long-term goals.

For this reason, the Xilin Gol League has formulated a “post express cooperation” work plan for going to the countryside and entering the village, forming a rural and pastoral distribution centered on the logistics distribution at the banner and county level, with Sumu township distribution as the node, and Gacha village as the service station for express delivery into the village network system. The Gacha service station that Jin Ying talked about is a small trick of Xiwuzhumuqin Banner.

The picture shows Buhe Bilig and his family stockpiling beef and mutton.Photo by Wu Caixia

In Xilin Gol League, “express delivery into the village” not only opened up the “last mile” for herdsmen to receive express delivery, but also the “first mile” for agricultural and livestock products from agricultural and pastoral areas to enter the city.

“I am cooperating with SF Express. This winter, I have sold 90 sheep and 6 cows, and processed by-products such as belly meat, blood sausage, and meat sausage. The cumulative sales are 300,000 yuan.” Herdsman Bu and Bilig The family lives in Bayan Hanggai Gacha, Beligutai Town, Abaga Banner, Xilin Gol League. As the Spring Festival approaches, his family also ushers in the busy winter meat season.

Over the past few years, Buhe Bilig’s family has not only stored their own winter meat, but also intensively processed the high-quality and fresh “Liu Da cattle” and “Liu Da sheep” from surrounding herdsmen and their own 5,900-acre pastures. , Moments are exported to Beijing, Heilongjiang and other places.

The reporter learned during the interview that Xilin Gol is an important export base of green agricultural and livestock products in Inner Mongolia. Beef, mutton, and dairy products are the main agricultural and livestock products exported by the local area, and they are also an important source of income for many farmers and herdsmen. However, fresh food has higher requirements on the time limit and conditions of express logistics. To this end, the construction of cold chain logistics system, the interconnection of farmers and herdsmen, and the sharing of resources among different express delivery companies… a series of “upgrading methods” have been launched.

According to the materials provided by the Postal Administration of Xilin Gol League, the local area also relies on the support policies of 8 national demonstration counties for e-commerce in rural areas to promote the development of e-commerce in rural pastoral areas, and builds a platform of “Internet + express delivery + special agricultural and livestock products” to guide delivery enterprises Connect and cooperate with e-commerce platforms related to agriculture and animal husbandry and agricultural and livestock product processing enterprises to promote the “online” of agricultural and livestock products and “go out” with the help of express delivery.

“The significance of the ‘one in, one out’ two-way channel is not only to provide convenience for farmers and herdsmen to send and receive express delivery, but also to promote the accelerated revitalization of rural and pastoral areas, high-quality and efficient agriculture and animal husbandry, and the livability and business in rural and pastoral areas. It’s a great article about the prosperity of the farmers and herdsmen.” Yu Qiaoling, director of the Policy and Regulations Department of the Inner Mongolia Post Administration, said with emotion.

According to the materials provided by the Inner Mongolia Postal Administration, Xilin Gol League has delivered a total of 2.9226 million express parcels to the masses in rural pastoral areas since the launch of the “express delivery into the village” work in 2020. At present, all the 880 Gacha villages in the Xilin Gol League have realized “express delivery into the village”. (Finish)

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