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Hong Kong Greenleaf Xinghua is a “super contact” in the Bay Area: looking for opportunities on the platform is nostalgic-Chinanews.com

Ye Xinghua and his colleagues communicated in Gonghe Space in Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong.Photo by Chen Jimin

  (Love in the Greater Bay Area) Hong Kong Greenleaf Xinghua becomes a “super contact” in the Bay Area: looking for opportunities on the platform is a matter of nostalgia

Chinanews.com, Foshan, January 2. Topic: Hong Kong Greenleaf Xinghua is a “super contact” in the Bay Area: looking for opportunities on a platform is a matter of nostalgia

Chinanews reporter Fang Weibin

At 9:00 in the morning, Hong Kong youth Ye Xinghua connected online at Gonghe Space in Nanhai, Foshan, and communicated with the entrepreneurial team of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and talked about the work of the project landing in the mainland. At 3:00 p.m., Ye Xinghua entertained several entrepreneurial teams who visited Gonghe Space.

A working mode like this is already the norm for him. Since starting his business in the mainland in 2015, Ye Xinghua has not only started his own business, but also served more than 200 young entrepreneurs from Hong Kong and Macau. Recently, a reporter from Chinanews.com visited Foshan and chatted with Ye Xinghua about his role as a “super contact” in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

To set up a platform to serve entrepreneurial young people, Ye Xinghua built an entrepreneurial incubation base in the Mainland. He said: “Gonghe Space is an entrepreneurial service platform for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau that I founded in 2017. It helps young people from Hong Kong and Macau enter the mainland, and also helps young people from the mainland to go international through Hong Kong.”

Interview with a reporter from Chinanews.com. Photo by Chen Jimin” src=” alt=”Ye Xinghua accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from Chinanews. Photo by Chen Jimin” />
Ye Xinghua accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from Chinanews.com.Photo by Chen Jimin

According to him, in May 2019, Gonghe Space became the first batch of “Guangdong-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base” awarded by the Guangdong-Hong Kong government. In more than 5 years, it has attracted more than 4,000 visits from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao delegations, and has incubated more than 150 entrepreneurial teams, of which Hong Kong and Macao teams accounted for more than 60%.

The reporter saw in the more than 1,800 square meters of Gonghe space that there are office areas, product display areas, roadshow conference halls, leisure negotiation areas, and outdoor gardens. Ye Xinghua said that the annual fee to settle in Gonghe Space is 505 yuan, and you can enjoy office space, WIFI, tea, and share public spaces such as meeting rooms for free.

With rich supporting facilities and resources accumulated by Ye Xinghua in the mainland for many years, many young people in Taiwan also want to look for opportunities in the platform.

Shenzhen Yingtang Smart Health, which has entered the platform, is a high-tech enterprise that provides air disinfection and sterilization solutions. Zhao Yanan, the company’s salesperson, said: “Our R&D team is from Taiwan. The air disinfection products have been successful in Shenzhen. We hope to tap more customer resources in the mainland market through Gonghe Space.”

Ye Xinghua works in Gonghe Space.Photo by Chen Jimin

Looking for opportunities to help young people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Ye Xinghua regularly organizes entrepreneurial exchange activities. In Gonghe Space, posters of the “Cyberport Greater Bay Area Youth Entrepreneurship Program” can be seen everywhere. He said: “On December 5 (2022), we will close the registration online, and in early January 2023, we will start training.”

Ye Xinghua said that the plan provides a total of 1 million Hong Kong dollars in entrepreneurial funds to support 10 entrepreneurial teams of college students. As the organizer of the event, Gonghe Space will provide services such as 1-to-1 entrepreneurship consulting, service project landing, and business opportunity development.

The reporter learned that this plan is only a small part of Gonghe Space’s services. Hong Kong and Macao Youth Entrepreneurship Salon, fiscal and tax agency, policy resource docking, guidance on incubation projects, immigration matters, etc., from work to life, Gonghe Space provides Hong Kong and Macao youth with various services, and also attracts the attention of mainland enterprises.

On the day of the visit, the reporter met Xu Mingjiang, CEO of Guangzhou Smile Electronic Technology, who was investigating in Gonghe Space. He said: “We focus on ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization products and have developed in the Mainland for many years. We hope that after entering Gonghe Space, Hong Kong technology experts or capital parties can empower the company’s products and go to the global market through Hong Kong.”

Ye Xinghua entertained the guests who visited Gonghe Space.Photo by Chen Jimin

Ye Xinghua entertained the guests who visited Gonghe Space.Photo by Chen Jimin

With nostalgia and witnessing the integration of the Bay Area, Ye Xinghua also has unexpected gains in his work. Ye Xinghua said: “A Hong Kong member of Gonghe Space once met a distant cousin at an exchange meeting in Foshan.”

According to Ye Xinghua’s recollection, there was a Hong Kong member couple whose surname was Wu. When they participated in offline exchange activities in Foshan, they met a speaker with the same surname as Wu. A Hong Kong couple took photos and shared them in a family chat group, but they were told by their elders that the speaker was a distant relative.

Ye Xinghua lamented: “The mainland and Hong Kong are inextricably linked.” He also introduced that in 2022, Gonghe Space will try to revitalize the countryside. “Recently, I went to Yunfu with a Hong Kong youth from Yunfu to investigate the yellow leather industry.” Ye Xinghua said that many Hong Kong youths are very concerned about the development of their hometown, and they will also consider the characteristic industries of their hometown when starting a business.

Recently, the mainland and Hong Kong are resuming customs clearance in an orderly manner. “It only takes 15 minutes to drive from Gonghe Space to Guangzhou South Railway Station, and it takes more than 40 minutes to return to Hong Kong West Kowloon from South Railway Station.” Ye Xinghua said that the connection between the two places will become closer and closer. (use up)

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