Hot Bods: Piano teacher keeps track of calories, spends time stretching

SINGAPORE – Meet this week’s hot bods – personal trainer Joey Lim, 26, and piano teacher Absalom Wong, 27.

Joey Lim, 26

Personal trainer

Height: 1.58m

Weight: 54kg

Exercise regimen: The beginning of my journey included a lot of running and high-intensity interval training exercises. While these helped burn fat, they were not doing much building muscle. That diverted my attention to resistance training.

My current regimen revolves around weight training, which I do four to five times a week, focusing on different muscle groups. On most days, I do cardio twice a week after my lifting sessions.

Diet: My diet is high in protein as it helps to build muscle. My meals during week days are prepared at home – it helps me keep myself accountable for what I put in my body plus I find joy in preparing the meals.

I avoid processed food and sugary drinks whenever I can. On the weekends, I give myself a little time off if I am going out. I definitely have cravings and will reward myself after crushing the week, as long as it fits in my daily calories.

Absalom Wong, 27

Piano teacher

Height: 1.75m

Weight: 80kg

Exercise regimen: I am on a calisthenics programme that focuses on the upper body. For lower-body exercises, I do simple hypertrophy, which aims to build muscle through workouts.

It has only been a year and a few months since I started on a proper programme. I also spend time stretching during pockets of free time.

Diet: I used to do all kinds of dieting programmes such as keto and intermittent fasting. But they did not work as I did not stick to one.

Things changed when I started focusing on calorie tracking as my main dieting method. I make sure to control what I eat in the week, depending on whether I am on a deficit, maintenance or surplus programme.

It has been a year since I started this dieting programme and I have lost 10 per cent of body fat. I am willing to eat anything delicious so long as it fits my macros.

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