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How to evaluate the role of Wang Zhenqiu in “Under One Man”?

To sum up Wang Zhenqiu in one word, I think it is evildoer

What is a demon, it is a demon when things go wrong.

This boy Wang Zhenqiu, in terms of form, has a graceful androgynous figure;

God mask and comedians, androgynous appearance and horse killing chicken, these superficially abnormal designs have already made Wang Zhenqiu full of monsters.

The ball of plasticine (?) next to him, which looks like something out of the sky, even has “monstrous!” written on his face.

But Wang Zhenqiu’s “demon” also comes from a deeper abnormality.

Although Zhang Chulan always looks calm and in control, as long as Wang Zhenqiu is present (such as Biyou Village and Tongtian Valley), readers will always feel a little uneasy.

Because we know that Wang Zhenqiu has his own motivation and logic, and we don’t know what the motivation and logic are, or even whether he is on the side of Zhang Chulan.

In turn, we have a psychological sense of emptiness of “knowing that it is not good, but there is nothing we can do about it”.

Throughout the whole book “Under One Man”, Wang Zhenqiu is the only person who can create such an abnormal emotion just by “presence”.

How is it a monster word?

What is evil, it is difficult to know what to love and hate.

To this day, we still don’t know what Wang Zhenqiu’s picture is, but the uncomfortable feeling of “smiling and reaching into your clothes to grope around” is enough to constitute the greatest charm of this character.

Because this “addictive and annoying” literary image is inherently attractive.

One is like Jiang Yulang to Jiang Xiaoyu, the second is like Zhizhi Wulang to the Phantom Thieves, and the third is like Hisoka to Xiaojie.

You can call such a character a bad guy, but he hasn’t done anything to you on the surface, and even has a smile on his face full of enthusiasm; you can call him a good guy, but he always wants to test your details and try to figure out your truth in his words and demeanor. psychology.

The so-called not afraid of thieves stealing is afraid of thieves thinking about.

Wang Zhenqiu’s behavior is as slippery as a snitch, his mind is as cunning as an old thief, and his attitude is as smooth as a sun thief. The thief among thieves surrounds the protagonist every day. If you were Zhang Chulan, you would feel cold in your ribs.

Is Wang Zhenqiu worth talking to?

What is he trying to find out?

What is his attitude towards Feng Baobao?

Everything is unknown.

But the irony is that to some extent he is the one who understands Zhang Chulan’s psychology best.

Such a fate, how can it be a bad word?

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