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How to evaluate the special preview program of “Yuan Shen” version 3.4 “Qing Xian Zuo Hua Ye”?

This Chinese New Year version is definitely a super version with an explosive content. In addition to the main event of the Liyue Sea Lantern Festival, it will also open the remaining area of ​​​​the Sumeru Desert “Thousand Valley Sands” (reminds me of the “Yuan” that opened with the 2.4 Sea Lantern Festival version. Xia Gong”), and even Daozuma has arranged activities, it seems that the official is planning to feed us until we are full during the Spring Festival holiday (laughs).

In view of the fact that the plot related to the China Lantern Festival has been covered tightly and there are not many details, so let’s skip it for now, and it will not be too late to talk about it when the plot officially starts and the festive atmosphere in reality is also strong. Here I really want to chat with you about the new desert area that is about to be unlocked. After all, I have always paid close attention to the plot of the Red King and the Flower God, and the game has paved the way for them in three versions. A large number of new maps must also provide a large number of new clues. It is really exciting for us to reveal the background story of this pair of Xumi ancient god-king couples.

The large-scale mission of “Desert Book 2.0” has clearly focused on finding the legendary eternal oasis. In the PV, we can finally get a glimpse of the lost holy land hidden by dust storms in the depths of the desert, the red king commemorating the dead beloved flower The mausoleum built by the gods – “Eternal Oasis” really looks like.

At that time, the Flower God chose to sacrifice himself to help the Red King realize his rebellious dream of resisting the laws of heaven, and opened the passage to forbidden knowledge at the cost of his life. After the Flower God fell, the Red King used the power of the deep-buried sky nail to freeze time , so that this oasis stops at the eternal moment when water and sky meet. No matter how the outside world changes, this area is always immortal and absolutely still. The unique magnificent garden that used to be the residence of the mistress of flowers In the end it was her resting place in peace【Note 1】

According to the information provided in the live broadcast, the official name of this main world mission should be “The Dirge of Bilqis” (The Dirge of Bilqis), thus confirming that one of the prototypes of Flora is King Solomon (King Solomon)【Note 2】The Queen of Sheba (Queen of Sheba, also translated as Queen of Sheba) who appeared in the legend, because “Bilqis” (Bilqis) is considered to be a title of the queen【Note 3】. By the way, the original meaning of “Sheba” is “paradise”, and the queen of Sheba can be understood as “the mistress of paradise”, which is also in line with the identity of the flower god in the game world view, because the red king once had a relationship with her Together, they created the paradise in the desert “Wali Weijie”.

In fact, the connection between the Flower God and the Queen of Sheba has long been hinted in the game. In the book “Fupan Song Volume” that has been installed in version 3.0, it is described that the Flower God used three difficult problems to test the distance and was praised by people. The story of the wisdom of the Emerald Queen (that is, the King of Dacishu), and its prototype is pointing to the record in “Old Testament Kings” that when the Queen of Sheba met King Solomon, she deliberately raised a problem in order to test the king, and was later rejected by the king. Wisdom and great wealth are the legends of generous gifts【Note 4】

[Note 1]Regarding the story of the Red King and the Flower God, I have written a long article with ten thousand characters to sort out and speculate. Here I highly recommend friends who don’t know much about this topic to read it. Some help with a better understanding of the new story that is about to begin:

Dare: Flowers and Rhapsody: Talking about the Mysteries of the Flower God Red King

【Note 2】King Solomon is the son of King David and Bathsheba. He is the third monarch of the United Kingdom of Israel. It is said that King Solomon has superhuman wisdom, a lot of wealth and supreme power. During his rule, ancient Israel developed and prospered. Towards the golden age of prosperity. The greatest achievement of King Solomon was the construction of a temple in Jerusalem for the Judaic god Jehovah, the “Solomon Temple” (also known as the “First Temple”), thus establishing Jerusalem as a holy place for Judaism. King Solomon, who possesses great talent and general strategy, is therefore regarded as the greatest virtuous king in the history of the Jewish nation and one of the most legendary kings in the world.

Due to the legendary nature of King Solomon, he was later included as the protagonist in the creation of mysticism, thus giving birth to the famous concept of mysticism “72 demons of the Ars Goetia”. According to the demonology document “Solomon’s Little Key” (Lemegeton), King Solomon is actually an excellent magician and demon summoner. He once signed a contract with Berial, the lazy demon king, and obtained the command of the devil from hell. Power, the most powerful of which is the seventy-two princes and nobles of hell, whose names are engraved on the seventy-two pillars, known as the seventy-two pillars of Solomon, for the king to drive freely to add glory to Israel. In return, King Solomon will dedicate his soul to Belial after his death.

The names of the demon gods in “Original God”, such as “Barbatos”, “Morax”, “Baal”, “Buyer”, “Fkalos”, etc., are all taken from the legends listed The name of the devil.

【Note 3】There is no clear conclusion about the specific location and geographical scope of the Kingdom of Sheba ruled by the Queen of Sheba in history. It is generally believed that it is located at the southwestern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, which is the location of Yemen today, but there are also views that Sheba is located in the east of Africa today. Ethiopia, the Queen of Sheba is actually the Queen of Ethiopia. According to research by scholars who support the former point of view, the eastern Yemeni city of Ma’rib should be the capital of the Kingdom of Sheba, and archaeologists have indeed discovered a building with an ingenious design on the sand dunes outside the city. The ruins are confirmed to be the “Moon Temple” built in the 4th century BC, and the locals call it “Maḥram Bilqīs (Sanctuary of the Queen of Sheba), where “Bilqīs Qisi” is considered to be the title of the Queen of Sheba.

There is also a description of the Queen of Sheba in the Qur’an. Although the name of the queen is not mentioned, some Muslim scholars such as Al-Tabari, Al-Zamakhshariand and Al-Baydawi also claimed that the queen was named when they expanded the story of the Queen of Sheba. “Bilekiss”. Of course, the real name of the Queen of Sheba is the same as the real situation of her ruling the country, which is inconclusive.

【Note 4】The meeting between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba has only very limited records in the original document “Bible”. So the queen and her servants returned to their own country.” However, later generations never forgot the story of the two kings, and even after a long period of interpretation and processing, a poignant love legend between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba was developed. Said that the queen admired King Solomon’s wisdom and fortitude, and King Solomon did not want to leave the beautiful and intelligent foreign queen in a hurry, so he tried to keep the queen, and the two kings fell into a sweet love, until they had to say goodbye reluctantly, Queen Sheba, who was pregnant with Liujia at that time, gave birth to King Solomon’s son shortly after returning home.

This set of “second creation” stories was eventually widely circulated and accepted by people, and even recognized by Ethiopian folks and officials, and became an important part of its national culture. It can be said to be a very interesting and romantic cultural phenomenon.

What is exciting is that at the end of “Golden Dreamland”, Jade and Benben, who disappeared in the sand sea after bidding farewell to the travelers in a hurry, also officially announced their return. They will appear as the main characters in this large-scale mission in the desert and accompany us again Go on an adventure (so what about Ji Joong’s follow-up…is it really farewell to the abyss?). In “Golden Dreamland”, the sacrifice of the knife by the father of Jeborel is believed to make many friends still feel uneasy【Note 5】At that time, Jade told the traveler at the end that she would bring the relics of her parents to the legendary eternal oasis, so that the souls of her father and mother could find eternal peace. If there is no accident, this should be the main purpose of this world mission One of the goals, I wonder if Jade’s wish can be realized?

The hometown of Dad mentioned by Jade – the tribe “Tanit” will also officially appear in the game, and the preview shows that the Mintanit settlement will be the starting point and main scene of the desert mission story【Note 6】. In addition, according to the program and related leaked information, the famous town spirit “Lilupal” in the history of desert civilization will serve as our mysterious help in the form of the spirit of the magic bottle.Lilupar is the chief culprit who caused the destruction of Jule City, once the center of desert civilization【Note 7】In the eyes of this desert man, the “vicious spirit” with a scorpion’s heart, what kind of stand will he take to participate in our adventure?really curious【Note 8】

【Note 5】Regarding Benben’s background textual research (the origin of this little guy is not trivial) and the story of “Golden Dreamland”, I recommend you to read this article I wrote before:

How do you evaluate the world mission “Golden Dreamland” in version 3.1 of “Yuanshin God”?

【Note 6】According to the relevant records provided in the sacred relic of the Flower God set “The Moment of Congealing”, the hometown of Jabalel’s father “Tanit”, “Usa” and “Xinti” are all wandering tribes who believe in the Flower God. The leaders of the big tribes are all women, known as mistresses. The mistresses of all generations have claimed that the blood of the flower god flows in their bodies, and they call themselves “the daughter of the flower god”.

At the same time, these tribes firmly worship and yearn for the eternal oasis, the resting place of the flower god, and regard it as the basis of belief to gather the tribe and unite the hearts of the people. However, the real location of the oasis has long since disappeared in the long river of history. Since no one can find it, how can it be reached? The oasis is more just regarded as a fantasy spiritual sustenance by the tribal people, and it has become an eternal lie believed by the desert people who yearn for inexhaustible springs and struggle to survive after the violent death of civilization.

Since it is mentioned that Tanit will be one of the main stages of the story, it can be expected that in addition to helping Jade bury his parents, the driving motivation of this new desert mission will be to help the Tanit tribe Finding the holy land of their beliefs may eventually become an opportunity to help Jade find a new destination in life.

【Note 7】The ruins of Jule City will be the main part of this new area map exploration. The past events surrounding this formerly prosperous royal capital are an important chapter in the history of desert civilization, and it is very necessary to understand it in advance.

The story of Jule City is mainly recorded in the book “The Story of Xirui and Shirin” and the “Historical Tales of the Castle on the Sand” series of holy relics. The level of absurdity can be called 18+ content in the game. Here are some brief summaries:

In order to maintain the normal operation of the country, Chi Wang, who devoted himself to the study of taboo knowledge, sent Zhenling to make a secret agreement with mortals, and selected wise and resolute heroes to become a vassal king, replacing them like a prophet. The Scarlet King leads a flock of bewildered people. The Red King chose Lilupar, the “daughter of the water lily” born in the water lily, as the envoy of the town spirit. Lilupar fell in love with the shepherd boy Ormaz hopelessly in the process of searching for a candidate, and then Commit to be united with it.

With her assistance, the young man fought in all directions, gathered various tribes, and was finally crowned by the former shepherd as the noble king of the vassals, the representative of the lord of red sand, respected as the “king of the vassals” Ormazisha . The accomplished feudal lord Ormaz ordered the construction of the capital, and the magnificent city of Jull bloomed like a gorgeous artificial flower on the mountain wall, becoming the center of the mortal kingdom.

However, Almaz, who was supported, was gradually corrupted by power and began to indulge in the greed and hypocrisy of the mediocre tyrant, which made Lilupal feel distressed. She also gave gentle remonstrances between the beds, trying to lure the king to change his mind, and stop being fooled by vanity. The man she once loved so much took slavery as the rule and theorem of rule, and only used remonstrance as a rule. Ignore it as a lover’s love words on the bed. Desperate Lilupal felt that his favorite king was no longer the ideal in his memory. In the frustration and rage of being betrayed, Lilupal changed from admiration to extreme hatred, and became a cold heart. A poisonous strategy to punish lovers emerges — that is excommunication that will last for three generations.

In the end, Lilupal also got his wish. Ormaz was first murdered and usurped by his adopted son Kisla Pavizlawan. Later, Pavizlawan was betrayed by his wife Shirin and murdered by his own flesh and blood Shirui who had incest with his mother . With the support of his doting mother Shirene, Xirui, who was dubbed the “Plague King” by later generations, barely ascended to the throne. Tortured by nightmares all day long, he finally fell during a frantic night tour. Into the deep black fissures of the earth and disappeared, the once glorious city of Jule soon ushered in destruction in the dark plague known as the “Hilui Plague” in history… As for the mastermind behind the scenes, the water lily-born Zhenling’s grandmother, Lilupal, was finally punished by splitting her body and soul because her vicious and terrifying conspiracy was revealed to the world.

You can also read this article I wrote to understand this history. In short, it is a story of a son-in-law killing his father-in-law, a daughter and grandson incest, a grandson killing his son-in-law, and finally getting the whole country over. I believe that after reading these, when you meet Lilupal in the game, you will definitely feel complicated…

Da Luo: Tell the story of the town Ling Lilupar and the “Three Generations of Excommunication” in the city of Gul

【Note 8】Because I have already seen the big map, I will add a little more information. The spiral mountain range located at the center of Desert Storm is called “Mount Damavand” in the game. According to the English version of the map text, “Mount Damavand” is the abbreviation of Iran’s highest peak “Mount Damavand” (Mt. Damavand). Similar to my country, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is called the “Roof of the World”. As the highest peak in the Middle East (5609 meters above sea level), Mount Damavand is known as the “Roof of the Middle East”. It is also the highest volcano in Asia.

As we all know, Persian (Iranian) culture is one of the most important cultural prototypes adopted in the design of Sumi, and Mount Damavand occupies a very important position in Persian mythology and folklore. In Zoroastrian mythology, The three-headed dragon “Zahhāk” (Zahhāk; the prototype Persian dragon “Azdahaka, Aži Dahāka” and Zahhāk, the prototype of the king of Ruo Tuo, has the same name as Zahhāk) was chained in the mountain until the end of the world. Wan Deshan is also a symbol in Persian poetry and literature representing resistance to foreign domination.

From this point of view, the game’s choice of naming the mountain in the center of the sandstorm as Dama Mountain does make sense, but it still needs to experience the game’s plot content to further clarify its meaning.

Well, that’s all for the time being about the new version and new map, and more details will be discussed after actually experiencing the game content.

In the past year, we can be said to have watched the level of game map design steadily improve, from the desolate wonders of Yuanxia Palace illuminated by the big day at the beginning of the year, to the amazing experience brought by the update of the lush vegetation in the rainforest area in the middle of the year, and to Afterwards, the complex Hakoniwa maze under the Red King’s Tomb under the gilded sand dunes brought us rich visual enjoyment and plenty of exploration fun. So, as the first new map updated this year, can Qianhe Sand Land bring us new surprises? It is really exciting.

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