How to limit screen time for your kids? Psychologist shares tips

Childrenthese days, get hooked to the screen a lot more. The practice of watching the screen through the television, mobile phones and laptops are created over a period of time. Mainly used as a form of distraction for the children, either to have food or to stay busy, often becomes a way of their life. They are soon not able to stay away from the screen. This further leaves to a gap in communication with parents and other family members. Once the habit of screen time is created, it takes a lot of time to gradually reduce their screen time. Dr Jazmine McCoy, Psychologist, addressed the issue of screen time in kids and shared a few tips on what can be done from the parents’ end to limit the same.

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Speaking of kids’ screen time, Jazmine wrote, “Before exposing kids to new technology like social media and virtual reality, it’s important to focus on building a foundation of open communication, digital safety and healthy screen habits. And the earlier we start teaching these things, the better.” Jazmine further noted down four practical ways to limit the screen time for kids. They are as follows:

Create a schedule: The practice of using screen should be established as a privilege that they receive after finishing important work at hand. A conditional approach can be put in place that when they finish their homework or after they have their meal, an hour of screen time can be enjoyed.

Family plan: Create a zone for the entire family to enjoy each other’s company without the involvement of any screen. However, this approach should be established after conversation with the kid and making them understand the importance of family time.

Quality screen time: Use the time to connect with a family member virtually, or learn a new language or perform online yoga or playing an educational game. This will expose the kids to the bright side of screen time and help them to be more creative.

Teaching moments: “In general, media can be a great learning tool for kids if they understand what they’re viewing. Watch TV shows and movies together, and use scenes to help them process what they viewed,” wrote Jazmine.

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