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Hunan Taojiang deep mountain village exhibits “new face” Bamboo sea resources open up the road to revitalization-Chinanews.com

Bamboo shoot farmers fertilize the bamboo forest in Jinghua Village, Majitang Town.Photo by Lu Jing

Chinanews.com, Yiyang, January 18th (Li Shengcai, Lu Jing, Wang Shudong) On January 18th, I walked into Jinghua Village, Majitang Town, Taojiang County, Yiyang, Hunan. Walking into the mountains, the small vegetable garden surrounded by bamboo fences is full of vitality, and the nearby village houses and the blue sky and green mountains in the distance complement each other, which has a unique charm.

“A piece of “Going Home” for everyone.” In an octagonal pavilion in a cultural square, the villagers who came to have a rest were full, and the performer standing in the middle volunteered to perform a classic saxophone. The applause continued. Xie’s father and son, who are good at writing calligraphy and paper-cutting in the village, are also busy, and there is an endless stream of villagers coming to ask for Spring Festival couplets and window grilles.

On a hillside called “Huangtuwan” by the locals, the bamboo farmers carried hoes and sickles on their shoulders and walked into the mountain along the newly built forest road. Their task that day was to feed the cultivated bamboo shoots Dual-purpose forest fertilization. “In spring, as long as it rains a few times in a row, the bamboo shoots will spring up.” In the blink of an eye, the bamboo forest is deep, only the sound of people is heard, and the sound of shouting and laughter echoes in the valley.

Behind this string of cheerful notes is the story of a remote mountain village following the implementation of rural revitalization in the new era. Jinghua Village is nestled against Yishui River, and once gave the outside world the impression of long distances, traffic congestion, and economic backwardness. In 2021, Jinghua Village will be designated as a Hunan Provincial “Key Support Village for Rural Revitalization”.

“Driving in the past was not as comfortable as it is now, and there are potholes everywhere.” Yi Xuejun, a village cadre in Jinghua Village, said that if you want to get rich, you must first build roads. The 10.2 kilometers of village-level roads were all blackened and widened to 7 meters. This project not only facilitates the travel of villagers in this village, but also benefits Yijiafang Village, which is farther away in the mountains.

Villagers in Jinghua Village are rebuilding a dangerous bridge.Photo by Wang Niantai

Villagers in Jinghua Village are rebuilding a dangerous bridge.Photo by Wang Niantai

The repair of a road can drive an industry and make the people rich. Bamboo resources are everywhere in the deep mountains, and no one cares about them in the past. After the bamboo shoot industry in Taojiang flourished, Yi Yuhua, a villager who returned to his hometown to start a business, saw the development opportunities and resources. He founded the Jingyu Bamboo Shoot Cooperative and built 40 bamboo shoots. brake.

“This year is the third year for the cultivation of bamboo shoots and bamboo forests, and it is also a year of high yield.” Yi Yuhua said that in 2021, he transferred 100 mu of bamboo forests in “Huangtuwan” to cultivate them into bamboo shoots and bamboo forests. In order to support the enterprise, the village hardened the 1.2-kilometer forest road into the mountain, so that the vehicles collecting bamboo shoots can drive directly into the base.

To revitalize, we must strengthen industries, revitalize culture, and beautify the countryside. With the support of the county and township levels, the Jinghua Village Branch and Party Committee built 4 public cultural squares, 14 beautiful vegetable gardens, 10 rain-shielding garbage sorting booths, and rebuilt a dangerous bridge. Today’s Jinghua Village has transformed into a beautiful village in the new era. (Finish)

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