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In 2022, Zhejiang Province will export 84.31 billion yuan of photovoltaic modules to “illuminate” overseas markets-Chinanews.com

Customs officers inspect exported photovoltaic modules Photo by Wang Yixing

China News Service, Jiaxing, January 19th (Zhang Yudi, Lou Zeli) Photovoltaic modules are the “star” commodities among the high-tech products exported by Zhejiang Province. In 2021, the province exported 84.31 billion yuan of photovoltaic modules (RMB, the same below), a year-on-year increase of 107.5% over 2021.

As the Spring Festival approaches, the module production workshop of Zhejiang Jinko Energy Co., Ltd., located in Haining City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, is still busy. A batch of photovoltaic panels are being processed by automated equipment such as laser scribing machines, stringers, and robotic arms. Assembled off the production line, it will be sent to Europe soon.

It is understood that Zhejiang Jinko Energy Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of photovoltaic modules. The N-type series products independently developed by the company have a power increase of 3% to 4% compared with previous products, and an efficiency increase of 15 watts to 20 watts, which is welcomed by overseas customers.

“In 2022, the company’s total export orders will be about 66 gigawatts, a year-on-year increase of 40%. At present, the pre-orders have been scheduled until June 2023, so our production lines are still in continuous production during the Spring Festival, and there will be about 360 megawatts by early February. The orders are waiting to be shipped.” said Li Rui, deputy director of logistics operations at the base of Zhejiang JinkoSolar Co., Ltd.

Li Rui said that Jiaxing Customs has arranged for the company’s specialists to connect with the port to allocate empty containers. 40% of the company’s components are shipped and exported through Zhapu Port, which is “at the doorstep”. A single container can save about 500 yuan in logistics costs.

“In 2023, we will expand the production of 11 GW high-efficiency battery and 15 GW high-efficiency module projects, which is expected to continue to increase the scale of shipments.” Li Rui said.

In order to support the higher-quality development of local photovoltaic enterprises, Jiaxing Customs and key enterprises in the jurisdiction have established a “photovoltaic barrier analysis team”. Experts from “customs and enterprises” jointly interpret export market policy information to assist enterprises in avoiding trade risks.

At the same time, Jiaxing Customs carried out export brand service activities, publicized the customs protection policy of intellectual property rights, and helped the local photovoltaic brand “jinko” to enhance its international competitiveness.

“Photovoltaic products are the key export commodities in our jurisdiction. The export of these products reflects the leading level of China’s photovoltaic industry technology in the world. We hope that through our efforts, more domestic modules can illuminate overseas markets.” Jiaxing Customs Comprehensive Ma Tianjing, the second division of business, said. (Finish)

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