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Innovating zodiac elements in cultural inheritance set off a consumption boom-Chinanews.com

06:38, January 20, 2023 Source: Economic Daily

  The Economic Daily and JD.com released data——

  Zodiac elements set off a consumption boom

Data source Jingdong Consumer and Industry Development Research Institute

  Innovation in cultural inheritance

Zhang Yi

The twelve zodiac signs are symbols of time in Chinese traditional culture and have rich cultural connotations. Products related to the zodiac signs are very popular among consumers. This year, the overall popularity of zodiac consumption has not diminished. However, as many businesses are scrambling to enter the market, product homogeneity and image design do not meet the public’s aesthetics. How the zodiac consumption breaks through the “out of the circle” and becomes bigger and stronger is worth pondering.

On the one hand, the zodiac culture originated from traditional customs, and related products should be integrated with traditional culture. In particular, each zodiac sign has its unique cultural meaning, which entrusts people’s blessings and expectations for truth, goodness and beauty. Take the Year of the Rabbit as an example. In Chinese mythology, the rabbit is a symbol of longevity, auspiciousness and good fortune. In 2023, the heavenly stem is Gui and the earthly branch is Mao, so it is Guimao. Guimao and the five elements belong to wood, which is a peaceful and docile wood, full of good luck and happiness. Therefore, related zodiac products need to find the development foundation in the tradition, reflect the cultural heritage in the design, make the products fully collide with the zodiac culture, and complete the integration of zodiac symbols and physical carriers. Only in this way can they stand out from the crowd and truly grasp the zodiac. The great business opportunity of the economy.

On the other hand, zodiac consumption is closely related to modern life. Whether it is aesthetics or practicality, zodiac products must conform to the characteristics of the times and meet the continuously upgrading consumption needs of consumers. 12 years a reincarnation, each year of the rabbit is a different year of the rabbit. Therefore, Zodiac products must also maintain innovation, show practicality, be able to “snap” the popularity, and turn the popularity into real development momentum. For example, cultural and creative products of the zodiac must be textured, warm, interesting, story-telling, good-looking, easy-to-use and connotative, so as to better transform the cultural resources of the zodiac into products and capture the hearts of consumers.

Generally speaking, the designers of zodiac products should present and “reshape” the twelve zodiac signs from a new perspective, not simply copy and paste, but combine traditional and trendy elements to make zodiac products adapt to the preferences of contemporary consumers, so as to Awakening the inner spiritual needs of consumers may be the breakthrough for the “rabbit” before the zodiac economy realizes its prosperity.

(The author is a senior researcher at Jingdong Consumer and Industry Development Research Institute)

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