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Let the cultural relics come alive with practical moves in Tianjin-Chinanews.com

The data picture shows the archaeological excavation site of the northern cemetery of Baimaquan Village, Jizhou, Tianjin.Photo courtesy of Tianjin Cultural Relics Protection Center

China News Service, Tianjin, January 14th (Wang Zaiyu) The reporter learned from the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism on the 14th that recently, Tianjin issued the “Tianjin City Implementation Plan for Bringing Cultural Relics to Life (2022-2025)”.

According to the “Plan”, Tianjin will adhere to the new era cultural relics work policy of “protection first, strengthen management, tap value, effectively utilize, and make cultural relics come alive”, focusing on the work requirements of the National Cultural Relics Work Conference and the actual protection and utilization of cultural relics in Tianjin , focusing on the three concepts of digital, cross-border, and reform, actively explore effective ways to “live” cultural relics, and take projects and activities as the lead to comprehensively promote the protection, inheritance, revitalization and utilization of cultural relics in Tianjin.

It is understood that from now to 2025, Tianjin will continue to make efforts in five major areas, including the discovery of cultural relics value, digital innovation of cultural relics resources, cross-border integration of cultural and museum development, cultural and museum matrix communication and publicity, and system and mechanism reform. Focus on promoting the implementation of 15 major tasks such as the digital transformation and upgrading of cultural museums, the revitalization and utilization of small western-style buildings, the normalized joint construction of museums and schools, the organic integration of cultural relics and tourism, and the promotion of museum reform and development. Through list-based management and project-based promotion, cultural relics resources are systematically sorted out, and the ideological connotation, humanistic spirit, artistic characteristics and unique creations are deeply excavated to demonstrate and spread the cultural essence and era value of Tianjin cultural relics.

It is reported that Tianjin will focus on digital innovation and cross-border integration in the promotion of “Cultural Relics Come to Life”. On the one hand, it will give full play to the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, cultivate new forms of cultural relics with new technologies, and empower new formats of cultural relics with new applications; Actively promote the cross-border linkage between cultural museum venues and education, tourism, commerce, media and other fields, and enhance the perception and influence of Tianjin cultural relics. At the same time, we will persist in deepening reforms, persist in overall planning, further improve the efficiency of resource allocation of cultural relics, mobilize social enthusiasm, stimulate cultural innovation and creativity, and comprehensively improve Tianjin’s ability in cultural relics research, digital display, integrated development, reform and innovation, media communication, etc. , Let more cultural relics come alive and become popular.

With the implementation of the “Plan”, by 2025, Tianjin’s cultural relics protection management system will be further improved, and the level of cultural relics research, digital display, integrated development, reform and innovation, and media communication will be significantly improved, and the results will become more apparent. More characteristic cultural relics Resources will be revitalized and utilized, social attention and participation vitality will continue to glow, and cultural relics will provide deep nourishment and beneficial support for the construction of a socialist modern metropolis. (Finish)

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