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Light up New Year’s Eve, light up Chinese people’s expectations-Chinanews.com

15:48, January 10, 2023 Source: Guangming Net

“New Year’s Thirty”, a traditional Chinese festival, is a metaphor for a better life and a synonym for a better life. When you mention “New Year’s Eve”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Spring Festival couplets, Tang suits, lanterns, firecrackers, it seems that everything is related to red.

China Red, Gujing Red, and Gujing Gongjiu, which advocates New Year culture, recently launched a large-scale event of “Lighting up the New Year’s Eve, Challenge Guinness”. This event is hosted by Gujing Gongjiu Co., Ltd. and supported by the World Expo Museum. When the new year is approaching, let the smell of the new era and New Year’s “New Year’s Thirty” become more fragrant, and make this “year” more flavorful!

It is understood that this event is mainly divided into various forms, such as lighting up the New Year’s Eve lanterns, displaying New Year’s customs and intangible cultural heritage, interactive Spring Festival blessings, and interaction with high-speed trains. The event will be held in Shanghai as the main venue, and domestic cities such as Nanjing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Harbin, and Shenzhen will be used as sub-venues. The main venue, the Shanghai World Expo Museum, will be officially launched on January 14. The traditional Chinese lantern with the word “Thirty” challenged the Guinness Book of World Records. At the same time, overseas venues such as Germany, the United States, Thailand, Japan, France, Dubai, Vietnam, and Singapore joined hands, and “Gong” was the most shining light in the hearts of Chinese people. The “New Year’s Thirty” and “Gong” also witnessed another Guinness World Record belonging to Gujing Gong Liquor!

There is a saying in China that “no wine can’t make a feast”, “wine” is the prospect of a better life when the family is reunited, and it is a good blessing for the relationship when visiting relatives and friends. Everyone is looking forward to the New Year, not the New Year itself , but the meaning of the New Year, the desire to make life more enjoyable, and what people yearn for a better future! “New Year’s Thirty” is the embodiment of Chinese people’s affluent living conditions. All wishes are engraved and become symbols, leaving a beautiful fragrance in life. “Spring Festival Gala”, let the new year flavor overflow with the fragrance of wine, which is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. And “New Year’s Thirty” belongs to Chinese culture and is an indispensable “New Year’s flavor” for every Chinese. As one of the eight oldest famous wines in China, Gujing Gongjiu has been speaking for Chinese culture and Chinese quality!

On January 14th, Gujing Gongjiu invites you to “tribute” to light up “New Year’s Thirty” together, challenge Guinness, and lighten the expectations of Chinese people, so stay tuned! (Wu Jian) ​​(Source: Guangming.com)

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