Make evenings fun with Satay Ayam. Recipe inside

Satay Ayam is a sought-after chicken dish from South-east Asia. Said to have originated in Indonesia and Malaysia, Satay Ayam is a lip-smacking recipe of chicken meat marinated in soy sauce and cooked in an open flame grill. This is a fun and evening-special snack available at the street-side shops in the streets of South-east Asia.

However, this can be made at home as well. Chef Prasad Metrani shared a super easy and fun recipe of making Satay Ayam at home which can be relished with family and friends by the side. Take a look at the recipe here:

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Sliced Chicken Breast – 250 gm

Bamboo Stick – 6 no.

Cooking Oil – 60 ml

Marinate Items:

Shallot – blended – 60 gm

Garlic – blended – 10 gm

Lemongrass – Slice and blended – 40 gm

Fennel Powder – 5 gm

Cumin Powder – 5 gm

Sugar – 5 gm

Salt – 5 gm

Turmeric Powder – 5 gm


Cucumber – Cut to Small – 20 gm

Onion – Cut to Small – 20 gm

Peanut Sauce – 60 gm

Peanut Sauce:

Whole Raw Peanut – 100 gm

Lemongrass – Blend – 15 gm

Galangal – Blend – 10 gm

Onion – Blend – 20 gm

Ginger – Blend – 10 gm

Dry Red Chilli Soak and Blend – 20 gm

Brown Sugar – 40 gm

Salt – 10 gm

Oil – 100 ml

Tamarind juice – 20 ml


To make the Satay Preparation, blend all the satay spice mix ingredient together in a food processer until it becomes fine paste. Then add remaining spices and marinate the slice chicken and keep in fridge for at least 30 mins. Then skewer the marinated chicken and grill and serve with Peanut Sauce. To make the Peanut Sauce, fry the raw peanut in oil and keep aside for cooling. Blend all the ingredients together and crush the fried peanut. In a wok add oil, saute all the blended items. Then add the crushed peanut and seasoning. Cook on a slow flame and add the Tamarind Juice. Check the seasoning and serve.

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