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“Motorcycle doctor” is busy with consultations during the Spring Festival trip –

The “locomotive doctor” Cao Zhuang is checking the locomotive.Photo by Li Desen, Xi’an, January 8th (Dang Tianye Mi Qiang) With the arrival of the Spring Festival travel season, the “big test” for railway people also kicked off. The No. 1 Maintenance Yard of the Ankang Locomotive Depot located in the Qinba Mountains is brightly lit. “Locomotive doctor” Cao Zhuangzheng and his workers are holding tools and concentrating on inspecting the upper, middle and lower parts of the locomotive to ensure the safety of the train.

In the middle of the night, 51-year-old Cao Zhuang was wearing a yellow helmet, his eyes followed the beam of the camera flashlight, and “scanned” every part of the locomotive. When he inspected the train, his movements were smooth and skillful, as if he was appreciating an exquisite handicraft.

“During the Spring Festival travel season, as the quality ‘gatekeeper’ before the locomotives leave the warehouse, we have a huge safety responsibility. In addition to being familiar with the operation instructions, we must also be good at summarizing and know the inspection items.” Cao Zhuang said that he and his team members are responsible for the “health checkup” of 12 to 14 locomotives before they leave the warehouse. Each locomotive has more than 6,000 parts in the running part, and they must be inspected with high quality within 45 minutes. , This is a great test for the professional ability and physical strength of the “locomotive doctor”.


The “locomotive doctor” Cao Zhuang is checking the locomotive.Photo by Li Desen

During the years of work, Cao Zhuang has developed excellent skills. He summed up the “four more” working methods. The first is to look more. Wherever the light of the camera flashlight hits, the eyes should stare there. Look more at the parts that are prone to hidden dangers; the second is to listen more. The sound of the air pipeline leaking; the third is to smell the smell with the nose to determine whether the electrical circuit is aging and burnt; the last is to touch the axle box end cover with the back of the hand to see if the temperature is normal.

“Axle box tie rods are called ‘corbels’. When the locomotive is being towed and braked, it bears the greatest force and is also the place where cracks are most likely to appear. Every time I see this, I am very careful not to miss any abnormalities.” Cao Zhuang said .

Relying on the work attitude of striving for perfection, Cao Zhuang has been engaged in the locomotive inspection work for more than ten years, and has inspected more than 30,000 locomotives. In 2022, he was rewarded many times by his unit for discovering hundreds of hidden dangers of locomotives, and became a locomotive “physical examination” expert recognized by workers.

“The work of special inspection may seem ordinary, but it is actually very important. It determines the safety of train operation. Master Cao Zhuang regards it as a career.” Lu Yihua, the deputy director of inspection and maintenance of the section, believes that Cao Zhuang has rich work experience And serious attitude, influence the workers around, so that the business level of the whole team is continuously improved.

After a busy night, Cao Zhuang finally completed the inspection task, and all problems, large and small, were successfully resolved. The high-intensity work made him sweat all over, and white steam rose from his head like a train. In the maintenance yard, locomotives that have been overhauled passed by one after another, and headed for the distance with the blessings of the railway people. (Finish)

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