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Multiple departments in Shenyang City work together to “welcome the New Year and benefit the people’s livelihood security operation”-Chinanews.com

On January 10, the Information Office of the Shenyang Municipal Government held a series of press conferences on “Welcome to the New Year and Benefit the People’s Livelihood Security Operation”.Photo courtesy of Shenyang Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

Chinanews.com, Shenyang, January 10th (Li Wei) Rescue and help the needy groups, increase employment assistance, safeguard labor rights, ensure the quality of heating supply, and ensure the market supply of important daily necessities…Reporter January On the 10th, it was learned from a series of press conferences on the “Welcome to the New Year Benefiting the People’s Livelihood Protection Operation” held by the Information Office of the Shenyang Municipal Government that all departments in Shenyang have made these preparations to welcome the New Year!

According to Yue Maoxin, deputy director of the Shenyang Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, starting from January, the Shenyang Human Resources and Social Security Department has successively carried out the 2023 “Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month” with the theme of “Spring Breeze Sending True Love and Aid to Warm People’s Hearts” “Employment” into the community and other activities, through the establishment of “warm” employment channels, expand job supply, and provide guarantees for the employment of special needy groups as soon as possible. It is planned to help 13,000 people with employment difficulties throughout the year.

At the same time, the Shenyang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will focus on college graduates who have left school without employment and college graduates returning to their hometowns during the winter vacation in 2023, and will comprehensively carry out the work of attracting and encouraging college graduates to stay in Shenyang for employment and entrepreneurship in 2023; planning in advance and actively coordinating , All the pensions originally paid on the 25th of each month will be paid out before the 15th of this month, allowing 1.383 million enterprise retirees in the city to receive pensions before the Spring Festival, and sending heart-warming care to thousands of households.

In order to let the migrant workers who have worked hard for a year get money and have a good year, the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security will continue to carry out carpet-type and drag-net-type investigations before the Spring Festival, so that the number and situation are clear, and the hidden dangers of wage arrears identified by the investigation will be implemented. List-style management, time-limited sales number. At the same time, carry out risk assessment, research and judgment on hidden wage arrears, follow up constantly, and manage dynamically to ensure that wage arrears problems are properly dealt with in a timely manner. It is reported that since 2022, Shenyang City has announced 33 major labor security violation cases, and included 7 untrustworthy enterprises on the joint disciplinary list of untrustworthy wage arrears to migrant workers.

Huang Dianzhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shenyang Urban Public Utilities Development Center, said that recently, the bureau has re-arranged and re-deployed the heating work during the Spring Festival, and all the heating protection measures during the festival have been put in place. During the entire heating period, the total coal demand of each heating unit in Shenyang City was 7.14 million tons, and the contract rate was 100%; 6.626 million tons of coal had been stored, and the coal storage rate was 92.8%, an increase of 5 percentage points year-on-year, ensuring coal for heating during the Spring Festival There is no problem with demand.

At the same time, the bureau organized the heat supply unit to conduct hidden danger investigation and maintenance of heating boilers, auxiliary equipment, heat exchange units, water pumps, pipe networks and other equipment and facilities. The heating equipment and facilities are in good condition and can guarantee normal operation during the Spring Festival. heating. During the Spring Festival, the front-line employees of the heat source plant (heat exchange station) of each heating unit will not rest for operation, maintenance, customer service, etc., to ensure normal heating operation and service. Municipal and district heat supply management departments and management personnel of heat supply units implement the on-duty system, leading cadres lead the shift, and the on-duty personnel are on duty. Emergency safeguard measures are also in place to ensure 100% timely repair of heating facilities.

“At present, Shenyang City has sufficient stocks of important daily necessities such as grain, edible oil, meat, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, and various easy-to-storage foods, smooth supply channels, and stable follow-up supply, which can fully meet the holiday consumption needs of the general public.” Shenyang Zhao Zhuoqing, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that in order to meet the increasingly vigorous holiday consumption needs of the city’s residents, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce has actively taken effective measures to ensure that the city’s important daily necessities market has a rich supply of categories, sufficient total volume, and stable operation.

At the same time, the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce has adopted measures such as increasing the total amount of wholesale production and sales, increasing the stocking of retail terminals in the market, making a good reserve of meat and vegetables for the government, setting up vegetable counters for the benefit of the people, strengthening the supply guarantee service on the online platform, and strengthening the monitoring of market operation, etc., to ensure that During the festival, the market supply of important daily necessities is stable and sufficient.

Zhao Zhuoqing said that in the next step, the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce will continue to vigorously organize the supply of important commodities, strengthen retail terminal stocking and service measures, continue to pay attention to the dynamic changes in the market of important daily necessities, and make every effort to ensure sufficient and stable supply of the city’s important daily necessities market, so as to ensure that the people of the city will spend Happy and peaceful holiday. (Finish)

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