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New Year’s Eve in High-speed Rail Cars: Travel “Rabbit” Increases New Year’s Flavor and New Regulations “Joyful” Journey-Chinanews.com

The staff gave the white rabbit toffee to the passengers.Photo provided by the Second EMU Team of Changsha Passenger Transport Section

  (New Year at the grassroots level) High-speed rail carriages celebrate the new year: travel “rabbit” to increase the flavor of the new year and new regulations “joyful” journey

Chinanews.com, Changsha, January 15th, title: High-speed rail carriages celebrate the new year: travel “rabbit” adds flavor to the new year and new regulations “joy” journey

Author Lu Yi Jin Yang Zhang Qiu

In the young year, Na Furui, enjoy the taste of the year on the way home. On January 15th, the twenty-fourth day of the twelfth lunar month in the lunar calendar, it is a small year in southern China. On the G1348 train from Zhuzhou West in Hunan to Hongqiao in Shanghai, the carriages are decorated with lights, window grilles, couplets, and cute and festive little rabbits. The stickers climbed onto the seats and onto the window sills, and there was a strong flavor of the Year of the Rabbit everywhere.

The train was taken by the G11/G12 group of the second bullet train team of the Changsha Passenger Section of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. The carriages full of “Year of the Rabbit” are their holiday blessings for passengers.

At 8:54, train G1348 departed from Zhuzhou West Station on time, and the New Year’s “feast” prepared by the train staff for passengers also officially began.

The staff explained the new railway regulations to passengers.

The 2023 Spring Festival travel season is the first Spring Festival travel season after the implementation of the new version of the “Regulations on Railway Passenger Transport” (hereinafter referred to as the new regulations). A small lecture on “New Year’s New Year’s Regulations” became the “first dish” of the “big meal” for the new year. Ding Li, the young conductor of the train, first distributed brochures of the new regulations to passengers, reminding them of travel precautions and explaining the specific content of the new regulations on ticket purchase and travel. Then, he organized passengers to participate in the quiz on the new railway regulations.

“At what age should children pay full price?”

“14 years old!”

“When can I buy student discount tickets?”

“Student discount tickets no longer specify a time limit for travel, and can be used at any time in each academic year!”


“After the question and answer, the new railway regulations were remembered by the passengers!” Yuan Jinglu, a train member of the group, took advantage of the hot atmosphere at the scene, and called on passengers to share the new regulation manuals with their circle of friends and family groups, so that more people can understand The convenience and benefit measures of the new railway regulations, and the train New Year gift packs are given to the passengers who successfully answer the questions and get the most likes.

“This trip has gained a lot. I have learned more about the changes in the new railway regulations and the points that need to be paid attention to when traveling, which makes us parents who take children out more at ease.” Holding the New Year gift bag just received, Passenger Mr. Liu couldn’t hide his joy.

During the Spring Festival, epidemic prevention and control cannot be slack. Party member train conductor Shi Biao explained the knowledge of protection during travel, and demonstrated the “seven-step method” of wearing masks and washing hands correctly.

Celebrate the New Year in the high-speed rail carriage.Photo provided by the Second EMU Team of Changsha Passenger Transport Section

Celebrate the New Year in the high-speed rail carriage.Photo provided by the Second EMU Team of Changsha Passenger Transport Section

In the end, the young conductor Chen Xiang led the flight attendants Xiao Lin and He Quanxi to bring a passionate gesture dance to the passengers, bringing warmth and joy to the passengers. At the same time, sheets of New Year’s “Fu” and bags of white rabbit toffee, which symbolizes the auspiciousness of the Year of the Rabbit, were delivered to passengers. For a time, singing and laughter filled the carriage.

Ms. Huang, a passenger who participated in the whole process, said excitedly: “It’s been two years since I went home for the New Year. This time I put up window grilles with everyone on the train. Here, it adds to the joy of the New Year at home. Thanks to the railway staff for allowing me to experience the warmth of going home in advance, and this experience will definitely become the best memory on my way home during the Spring Festival!”

A small train ticket, one stop is the journey, and the other is the hometown. Chen Xiang, the conductor of the train, said: “It is the responsibility of every railway staff member to serve passengers and practice the service concept of ‘enjoy the journey, enjoy the wonderful’. We will actively publicize the benefits of the new regulations and improve the Service quality, extended service content, so that passengers can experience a better travel.” (End)

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