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Nirvana of ancient sugar extraction and rebirth of “sweet” industry to help rural

  (College at the Grassroots Level in the New Year) The Nirvana of the Ancient Method of Squeezing Sugar and Rebirth of the “Sweet” Industry to Help Rural Revitalization

China News Service, Ningde, January 26 (Yu Shankang, Chen Rong) During the Spring Festival, in Huangtian Village, Chixi Town, Jiaocheng District, Ningde City, Fujian Province, workers harvesting sugar can be seen everywhere in the sugar cane planting base of the cooperative and the ancient sugar extraction experience center Cane sugar and brown sugar are busy, and the air is filled with the aroma of sugar.

In the Huangtian Village Ancient Sugar Squeeze Experience Center, a wooden waterwheel runs at high speed driven by the water flow, and drives the upper and lower stone mills to rotate and crush fresh sugarcane. Then, the fresh sweet cane juice flows out, and after the turquoise cane juice settles, it is transported to the stove for boiling sugar.

Villagers harvest sugar cane.Photo by Yu Shankang

The sugar stove is a huge earthen platform with five iron pots arranged on it, one in front and four in the back. “According to the degree of saturation of the sugar water and the different firepower in the stove cavity, adjust the sugar juice in different iron pots in turn.” The sugar cooker said that the more the sugar cane water is boiled, the thicker it will be, and the water will evaporate completely. When it is less than one-third, the pot can be started.

Mastering the heat of the pot is the most skillful thing. I saw the sugar cook first soak his hands in cold water, then quickly reach into the pot with his bare hands to dig out a small ball of boiling syrup, then quickly put it into the cold water, and knead it with his hands in the water. After a while, a slightly warm, waxy and sweet “sugar egg” jumped into the palm of your hand. After cooking, the master divides the brown sugar, sprinkles peanuts and sesame seeds, and the finished brown sugar is finished piece by piece.

Pack the brown sugar.Photo by Yu Shankang

Pack the brown sugar.Photo by Yu Shankang

“Usually when buying sugar during the Spring Festival, I always look for brown sugar from Huangtian Village. It has a mellow fragrance, sweet but not greasy. I didn’t expect the sugar extraction process to be so delicate and complicated.” Ms. Wu, a citizen of Ningde, brought her children to Huangtian Village to experience the ancient method of pressing during the Spring Festival. After the sugar crafting, I am amazed, “Squeezing sugar with children not only enhances the relationship between parents and children, but also understands the traditional craft and history of sugar extraction. I think it is very meaningful.”

Huangtian Village, which has a long history of planting sugarcane, has a long-standing reputation for its handmade ancient brown sugar. However, under the impact of modern mechanized sugar-making technology, the ancient sugar-pressing industry in Huangtian Village, which is complicated in technology, also fell silent for a time.

Old-fashioned brown sugar finished product.Photo by Yu Shankang

Old-fashioned brown sugar finished product.Photo by Yu Shankang

In order to revitalize the ancient sugar extraction industry, Huangtian Village built an ancient sugar extraction experience center integrating the ancient sugar extraction production and processing, manual experience, cultural exhibition, tourism and other functions, and transferred more than 150 mu of land as a supporting planting sugarcane area , Realizing the Nirvana rebirth of the ancient sugar extraction industry.

“Huangtian Village vigorously develops sugarcane, brown sugar and other special industries. From December to the next Spring Festival, the sugarcane matures and the sugar factory starts to be lively. We sell while making.” Huang Zheng, secretary of the Party branch of Huangtian Village and director of the village, said: Said that at present, it mainly produces a variety of handmade brown sugar such as cube sugar, ginger sugar, and powder sugar.

In addition to offline wholesale and retail, Huangtian Village is also trying online live broadcast sales. In 2022, a total of more than 12 tons of handmade brown sugar will be sold, with a total output value of 240,000 yuan. The output value of the entire brown sugar industry chain is expected to be 300,000 to 400,000 yuan.

The appearance of Huangtian Village.Photo by Yu Shankang

The appearance of Huangtian Village.Photo by Yu Shankang

Relying on Chixi’s 1,000-mu high-quality agricultural demonstration park, Huangtian Village is led by the party branch to carry out “village-enterprise co-construction” with enterprises, and promotes “enterprise development, The income of the village wealth increases, and the villagers get rich.” A win-win situation for all parties.

At the same time, the Huangtian Village Party Branch Foreman Cooperative provides sugarcane seedlings to the villagers for planting, and then recycles mature crops from the villagers. The villagers no longer need to worry about sales issues, which fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of the villagers and promotes the development of sugarcane and brown sugar characteristic industries.

“Compared with the previous single industry structure, the income of the village has doubled.” Huang Zhengwei said that the total income of the village has increased from more than 100,000 yuan a year to more than 700,000 yuan today, and the per capita annual income of villagers has reached 20,000 yuan. diverse.

Bulk paleo brown sugar.Photo by Yu Shankang

Bulk paleo brown sugar.Photo by Yu Shankang

Rural characteristic industries not only bulge up the money bags of villagers, but also change the appearance of the village with each passing day. Focusing on infrastructure construction, Huangtian Village has implemented a series of rural management measures such as river dredging and silt improvement, old street facade renovation, and beautification of the front and back of houses to continuously improve the “appearance” of the village.

“We actively promote infrastructure construction, explore new models and new formats of integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism, and stimulate the endogenous power of rural revitalization.” Huang Zhengwei said that today’s infrastructure in Huangtian Village has been comprehensively improved, the appearance of the village has been completely renewed, and the income of villagers has increased. The continuous growth has achieved a magnificent transformation from an obscure mountainous village to a provincial rural revitalization pilot village. (Finish)

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