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“Olige” of “Sister Flower” at the extremely cold oil station during the Spring Festival does not close for 13

  (College at the grassroots level in the Spring Festival) “Olige” of the “Sister Flower” at the extremely cold oil station will not close during the Spring Festival for 13 hours, Daxinganling, Inner Mongolia, January 17th: The Spring Festival does not close.

Author Zhang Weisheng

“Hi, may I ask how much oil you add and how much?”

“Number 92, top up, thank you.”


As the Spring Festival approached, the number of passengers at Kuduer Gas Station increased. Zhang Hongyan and Yuan Yingying kept talking to customers, and frost formed on their caps and masks wet from breath.

In this season, the temperature in the hinterland of Daxing’an Mountains in Inner Mongolia fell below -45°C. In the extremely cold weather, from 6:30 am to 8 pm, refueling crews Zhang Hongyan and Yuan Yingying worked outdoors for more than ten hours a day.

Kudur Town is located in Yakeshi City, Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, on the highland in the middle of the main line of the Daxingan Mountains. Kudur Gas Station is the only gas station in the Kudur area.

The picture shows that Zhang Hongyan seized the time to prepare lunch while there were few cars refueling.Photo by Mary

“On average, more than 100 vehicles come to refuel every day, most of which come from the three areas of Kuduer, Yuanlin, and Xinzhangfang.” Zhang Hongyan told reporters while stomping her feet and cheering for customers.

In order to ensure that the gas station will not be closed during the Spring Festival, the 6 refuelers in the station are divided into 3 shifts to provide refueling services for drivers 24 hours a day.

This year is Zhang Hongyan’s 19th year working as a gas worker. “We usually arrive at the gas station at 6:00 in the morning and start work on time at 6:30.”

More than two hours after taking up the job, Zhang Hongyan’s toes were still so cold that she couldn’t feel it, even though she was wearing big cotton shoes and wearing baby warmers on the soles of her feet.

“In winter, our feet are numb all day long, and our faces are stiff. We are most afraid of wind and snow. The snow particles hit our faces and it is cold and painful.” Zhang Hongyan said.

Today, Zhang Hongyan is working with Yuan Yingying, a “post-85” who has worked at a gas station for 4 years and is no longer a novice.

“Hello, what fuel level to fill?” Yuan Yingying skillfully opened the car’s gas filler cap, pulled down the fuel gun, inserted it into the fuel hole, and then pulled out the gun to reset it. The whole process was done in one go, without unnecessary movements.

Yuan Yingying told the reporter that every time she sees off customers who fill up their gas and head home, they always feel indescribably gratified.

The picture shows Zhang Hongyan cheering for customers.Photo by Mary

The picture shows Zhang Hongyan cheering for customers.Photo by Mary

Zhang Hongyan told reporters that the job of refueling is very hard, and there are not many young people who choose this profession and persevere. “Yuan Yingying is the youngest refueling member in the station.”

“Yingying doesn’t talk much on weekdays, but she is not inferior when doing work. She rushes to do hard work, tiring work, and heavy work.” Zhang Hongyan spoke highly of Yuan Yingying.

“Although the Kudur gas station is not a large-scale gas station, its work intensity is not low.” Zhang Hongyan said, “Even during off-peak hours, there will be vehicles coming to the Kudur gas station one after another. We hardly have any Time to go inside and warm up.”

At 12:00 noon, taking advantage of the fact that there were not many cars coming into the station, Zhang Hongyan took the time to cook some special dishes and filled two bowls full of rice. “Yingying is a hard-working child, standing outside for a whole morning, sometimes it is so cold that she can’t even hold her job, and her hands are covered with chilblains, which really makes people feel distressed.”

Seeing the car that needs refueling arrive, Yuan Yingying hastily put down the table and chopsticks and pushed open the door to go back to the refueling machine before the stool warmed up…

As night fell, more and more vehicles were refueling from north to south, and Zhang Hongyan and Yuan Yingying kept busy. Every time a tank of fuel is filled, the driver will say “Thank you” to them. “With these heartwarming words, we are worth it.” In the cold wind, they rubbed their frozen hands and continued to lift the oil gun. (Finish)

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