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One day is the four seasons and the four seasons are like a day… This is the “spring, summer, autumn and winter” exclusive to the Liaoning ship-Chinanews.com

  The new year goes to the grassroots 丨 One day is the four seasons and the four seasons are like a day… This is the “spring, summer, autumn and winter” exclusive to the Liaoning ship

my country’s first aircraft carrier, Liaoning, has been enlisted for ten years, and its track has been continuously extended, and its mission has expanded to Deep Blue. Regardless of the severe winter and hot summer, the crew members always stick to their respective positions, providing a solid guarantee for the battleship to break through the waves and the war eagle to soar high. Today’s Chinese New Year walks to the grassroots, we walk into the Liaoning ship of the navy, and experience the different “spring, summer, autumn and winter” of the officers and soldiers together.

  Liaoning ship crew

Experience the changing seasons in one day

This is the Liaoning ship of the Navy, with more than 20 decks above and below. The crew members are distributed in dozens of different positions. The training sea area of ​​​​the Liaoning ship also extends from the Bohai Sea to the Western Pacific Ocean. The crew can experience the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter in one voyage, or even in one day.

During the one-day inspection, the staff walked from the deep cabin to the deck and hangar, witnessing the temperature change from summer to winter.

The current Liaoning ship goes to sea to perform missions, often spanning more than 20 latitudes from north to south, and the temperature difference is 30°C. In such an environment, meteorological and hydrological support is crucial to the navigation of aircraft carriers and the take-off and landing of carrier-based aircraft.

  The “weather station” on the ship

The meteorological team of the Liaoning ship observes wind direction, wind speed, visibility and various weather phenomena every day, and conducts early warning and prediction of dangerous weather. The real-time data they observe will be provided to forecasters, and eventually become weather support recommendations sent to the cab and tower.

During one mission, the J-15 fighter jets were undergoing take-off and landing training. The meteorological research judged that there would be sporadic precipitation two hours later, and it was suggested to end the flight as soon as possible. At that time, there was still a clear sky in the sea area, and everyone had doubts about the results of the weather consultation. But two hours later, the clouds gradually shrouded, and the precipitation arrived as expected.

The meteorological and hydrological center of the Liaoning ship is the first “meteorological station” established on a ship in the entire army. They have insight into the battlefield situation in the turbulent sea and ocean, and continue to grow with the dark blue track of the Liaoning ship, escorting the aircraft carrier and the war eagle.

  start from winter

all the way to summer

On the deck, J-15 aircraft took off one by one and landed precisely. Aviation fuel soldiers wearing purple deck identification suits are responsible for refueling fighter jets. During the mission of the Liaoning ship, before dawn every day, aviation fuel soldiers had to come to the flight deck early to start a day’s support preparations.

They are also the people who are closest to the carrier-based aircraft, and they are also the people who most intuitively feel the changes in temperature, humidity, and temperature. Sometimes after a voyage, they set off from winter and sail all the way to summer. Regardless of weather conditions, they always stick to their positions.

From north to south, the temperature rose from below zero to more than 20 degrees Celsius. The deck security personnel took off their heavy winter clothes and put on light jackets.

This is the “spring, summer, autumn and winter” exclusive to the Liaoning ship

One day is four seasons Four seasons are one day

Aircraft carrier people use their persistence and dedication day after day

Practicing and waiting for the day to win the battle is mine

Clank oath

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