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Optimize and adjust prevention and control measures according to the time and situation, and firmly grasp the strategic initiative to fight the epidemic-Chinanews.com

09:34, January 9, 2023 Source: CCTV

  CCTV news(News Network): Starting today (January 8), my country has officially implemented “Class B and B Control” for new coronavirus infections. In the three-year war against the “epidemic”, from “Class B and A management” to “B and B management”, from “infection prevention” to “health protection and severe disease prevention”, my country has always insisted on the supremacy of the people, the supremacy of life, and scientific and precise prevention and control , optimize and adjust prevention and control measures according to the time and situation, and firmly grasp the strategic initiative to fight the epidemic.

At 00:00 on the 8th, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge shuttle bus carrying Hong Kong outbound passengers left the Hong Kong port. This is the first batch of Hong Kong tourists entering the mainland through the port after the first phase of customs clearance measures between Hong Kong and the mainland was implemented.

With the official implementation of “Class B and B Control”, no quarantine infectious disease management measures will be taken for entry personnel and goods, no isolation measures will be implemented for people infected with the new crown virus, and the testing strategy will be adjusted to “willing to check everything”. my country continues to Improve the scientific nature and precision of prevention and control.

In the past three years, our battle with the virus has never stopped. In order to protect the safety of peoples lives, we will spare anything! Fighting the “epidemic” together is the collective memory of the Chinese people.

In January 2020, in Wuhan, Hubei, a megacity with a population of tens of millions, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic broke out suddenly. Life comes first and there is no delay. The Party Central Committee made a decisive decision to mobilize the power of the whole country to implement an unprecedented life rescue. In the past three years, our country has successively won the defense of Wuhan, Hubei, and Shanghai, withstood the impact of five waves of the global epidemic, and effectively dealt with more than a hundred clusters of epidemics. The preparation of medical resources has won precious time. As of December 2022, my country has received a total of more than 3.47 billion doses of the new crown vaccine, and the full vaccination rate has exceeded 90%. my country has successfully avoided the widespread prevalence of the original strain and the delta mutant strain with strong pathogenicity.

In the past three years, the Party Central Committee has continuously optimized and adjusted the epidemic prevention and control measures according to the time and situation and made scientific decisions, and firmly held the strategic initiative in the fight against the epidemic. In the past three years, in the contest with the constantly mutating new coronavirus, my country has insisted on preventing and controlling, researching, summarizing, and adjusting, making steady progress, taking small steps without stopping, and constantly optimizing prevention and control policies. Ten editions of the prevention and control plan and ten editions of the diagnosis and treatment plan have been issued successively, and 20 and “new ten” optimization measures have been issued successively. The stability of the control strategy and the flexibility of the prevention and control measures can effectively cope with the complex and ever-changing epidemic situation. At the same time, in response to the problems and deficiencies exposed in the prevention and control of the epidemic, we will make up for shortcomings, plug loopholes, and strengths and weaknesses. The capabilities of medical treatment, pathogen detection, vaccine development and vaccination will continue to improve. The capacity has been significantly enhanced, and the epidemic prevention barrier has been strengthened, laying a solid foundation for dynamic optimization and improvement of prevention and control measures.

Now, as the epidemic prevention and control enters a new stage, my country will continue to strengthen the urban and rural three-level medical service network and the construction of the prevention and control system, and shift the focus of work from “infection prevention” to “protecting health and preventing severe illness”. Chain, all elements, go all out to do a good job in patient treatment, strengthen the health protection of key populations and prevention and control in rural areas. With the implementation of the “Class B and B Management” measures, the resumption of work and production in various places has accelerated, and the resumption of business and market has picked up. The broad masses of the people are full of confidence, united and struggling to overcome difficulties and forge ahead towards a better future. (CCTV)

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