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Passengers’ heartbeat and respiratory arrest Pudong Airport staged “speed of life and death” on New Year’s

Passengers’ heartbeat and respiratory arrest Pudong Airport staged “speed of life and death” on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Photo courtesy of Shanghai Airport Group, Shanghai, January 22 (Li Jiajia, Yu Xuebing, and Li Rongfeng) On the first day of the Lunar New Year, when thousands of families reunited to celebrate the New Year, a life-saving “speed of life and death” was staged at Shanghai Pudong Airport.

A 34-year-old young passenger who arrived at Shanghai Pudong Airport by plane from Haikou felt chest pain. Pale, cardiopulmonary arrest.

The tense atmosphere instantly surrounded the entire consulting room, and we must seize the “four minutes” of rescue gold. I wish the doctor and nurses Tao Jiayuan and Liu Ping immediately performed chest compressions for the patient, and at the same time opened the airway and opened the venous access. Another doctor, Jia Weifeng, connected to ECG monitoring and gave defibrillation. Time is ticking by like counting down the seconds, a defibrillation… No, everyone’s heart is raised to the throat, and the chest compressions are carried out continuously. At this time, we must persevere. Immediately afterwards, the second defibrillation was carried out… There it is! Finally, changes began to appear on the ECG monitor, and the patient’s heartbeat and spontaneous breathing began to gradually recover. Subsequently, the medical staff urgently transferred the patient to the Pudong New Area People’s Hospital for further treatment through the “green channel” of Pudong Airport. The patient finally turned from danger to safety and his vital signs were stable.

People first, life first! The New Year’s “First Rescue” successfully saved the lives of passengers. This “speed of life and death” has been staged many times at Pudong Airport. Relying on the excellent medical emergency team and convenient and efficient green medical channels, Pudong Airport has saved the lives of passengers many times, and has built a bridge to protect lives with professionalism and responsibility, providing passengers with the best aviation guarantee for a better life. (Finish)

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