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Passengers visiting Irkeshtan port in Xinjiang pass customs smoothly-Chinanews.com

At about 17:00 on January 17, 34 returned tourists entered the camera from the Irkeshtan Port in Wuqia County, Xinjiang.Photo by Fei Qiang

  (Grassroots in the Spring Festival) Passengers visiting Irkeshtan Port in Xinjiang have smooth customs clearance

China News Service, Urumqi, January 18th (Fei Qiang) “The moment I cross the border, I feel that the air is filled with the taste of home.” At 17:00 on January 17th, after entering the Chinese border, I sat on the ferry Zhou Xuejun, a migrant worker from Kyrgyzstan in the car, couldn’t hide the excitement on his face.

Irkeshtan Port is an important channel connecting China and Kyrgyzstan, and it is also an important port in the core area of ​​the Silk Road Economic Belt. Affected by the epidemic, Irkeshtan Port once suspended passenger customs clearance, but cargo customs clearance has remained smooth.

In accordance with the relevant policy requirements for the adjustment of the new crown virus infection to “Class B and Class B”, the National Immigration Administration has adjusted the relevant policies on entry and exit. On January 9, the largest land port between China and Kyrgyzstan, the Irkeshtan Port, officially resumed customs clearance for entry and exit personnel. So far, 76 passengers have entered and returned to China.

On the same day, there were 34 tourists from all walks of life in Kyrgyzstan, including working, doing business and studying in Kyrgyzstan, who entered and returned to China with Zhou Xuejun.

The reporter saw that Zhao Chenrui, Zhao Chenyi and Zhao Rui were particularly conspicuous among the inbound tourists. They are from Lanzhou, Gansu, and their parents are doing business in Kyrgyzstan. The three of them were studying in Kyrgyzstan. When they heard the news that the port resumed passenger clearance, they prepared their itinerary and returned home to visit relatives in their hometown during the winter vacation.

“The whole process of our customs clearance was very smooth.” Zhao Rui said: “I am very happy when I think that I can eat beef noodles from my hometown in a few days.”

“We regard passenger transport customs clearance as the current primary task, maximize the advantages of border inspection work, optimize the service workflow, strengthen post strength, implement the service measures of ‘linkage between the upper and lower levels, and interoperability throughout the process’, and fully ensure the orderly flow of personnel and vehicles entering and leaving the country. Convenient customs clearance.” said the person in charge of the Irkeshtan Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station. (Finish)

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