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Policewoman in Guangxi has compared fingerprints over 70,000 times in 17 years and has trained on the front line of investigation with “sharp eyes”

The picture shows Lin Min at work.Wei Guozheng, Liuzhou, January 10th, title: Guangxi female policemen have compared fingerprints over 70,000 times in 17 years, and they have trained in the front line of investigation with “sharp eyes”

Author Li Jiaoyang Wei Guozheng

January 10 is the third “Chinese People’s Police Day”, which coincides with the Spring Festival travel season. With the arrival of the “homecoming wave”, the front-line policemen have also ushered in an extremely busy time. Sitting in front of a computer and comparing fingerprints, Lin Min, squad leader of the Criminal Investigation Comprehensive Brigade of the Liuzhou City Public Security Bureau in Guangxi, received a call from his daughter asking when she would be able to go home. “I’m still busy.” Lin Min hurriedly explained a few words before putting down the phone and continuing to work.

When mentioning criminal police, what comes to people’s mind is usually the “tough guy” image of them arresting criminals on the spot. In contrast, 40-year-old Lin Min has straight bangs and fair skin. As a technical criminal police officer, the 16-square-meter office is her “main battlefield”. Since officially entering the police force in 2005, she has been engaged in trace inspection. So far, she has retrieved and compared fingerprints more than 70,000 times. Her rich work experience has given her a pair of “sharp eyes”.

Whenever a case occurs, Lin Min needs to compare the fingerprints extracted from the scene with the fingerprints in the database to provide technical support for the detection of the case. For her, the clues to solve the case are a large number of fingerprints and countless lines on the screen. Under the circumstances that modern information technology is still unable to fully realize accurate comparison, the technical criminal police who are engaged in fingerprint comparison work like Lin Min use their eyes to find the similarities and differences between fingerprints, and find the key to solving the case in the “fingerprint maze”. “exit”.

The picture shows Lin Min observing the details of fingerprints.Wei Guozheng

The picture shows Lin Min observing the details of fingerprints.Wei Guozheng

Moving, zooming in, and zooming out the fingerprints on the screen is an operation that Lin Min often needs to use the mouse. For each round of fingerprint comparison, she has to press the mouse hundreds of times, while focusing her eyes and energy on the computer screen. “In order to solve the case as soon as possible, we need to complete the fingerprint comparison quickly and accurately.” Lin Min said that in front of the computer screen, people’s patience, care and memory will be tested.

Due to sitting in front of the computer for a long time, Lin Min suffered from cervical and lumbar spondylosis. There is a lumbar support pad on her seat, but many times, she props up her computer with a book and works standing up. And her pair of “golden eyes”, because they need to focus on the two fingerprints on the screen, over time, they look like “cross-eyed eyes” to friends. “These are the professional ‘common problems’ of technical criminal police who are engaged in fingerprint comparison.” Lin Min laughed.

Around Lin Min, most of the criminal police who are engaged in the same job as her are about the same age as her, and they often exchange technical issues to improve work efficiency. Lin Min said that with the advancement of science and technology, there are more diverse investigative techniques. The frequency of using fingerprint comparison, a traditional investigative technique, has decreased compared to before, but it still plays an irreplaceable role.

Lin Min was deeply impressed by a case of smashing a car window and stealing cash in August last year. “After receiving the report, we locked the suspect through trace inspection within an hour, and successfully arrested the suspect three hours later, helping the owner recover 120,000 yuan (RMB) in cash,” she said. , when the trace inspection work helps the case to be solved efficiently, she can get a sense of accomplishment from it. During the battle against outstanding crimes at the end of the year and the beginning of the year in Liuzhou City, Lin Min used his professional skills to provide key clues for the detection of theft cases involving people’s livelihood.

Having been engaged in trace inspection for nearly 20 years, Lin Min has no concept of rest when facing holidays. But when facing her daughter, she felt a little guilty. “My wife and I are both police officers. It is almost impossible for a family to go out together during the holidays.” Lin Min said that her daughter was a little dissatisfied with this, but lack of company with her family is a common phenomenon in police groups.

Reunion is the eternal theme of the Spring Festival. Lin Min said that he and his colleagues will devote more energy to their work so that citizens can feel at ease during the festival. (Finish)

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