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Railway communication “commander”: the phone is “hanging” on the ear and the eyes are “fixed” on the, Huaihua, January 10th, title: Railway communication “commander”: the phone is “hanging” on the ear and the eyes are “fixed” on the screen

Author Lu Yi Zhou Kai Zeng Xiaoxian

“Okay, the alarm has been restored and you can evacuate.”

“Jingle Bell”……

At 9:00 on January 10, at the Huaihua Network Management Center of the Huaihua Electricity Section of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Lin Tao, a communication worker, had just hung up a phone call when the landline on duty rang again.

“Hello, hello!” “Okay, let me check this data for you.” Lin Tao held the phone in his left hand, and quickly clicked the mouse with his right hand, staring at the complex network topology diagram on the computer screen, searching for a string of data . This kind of work has been handy for him after working in Huaihua Network Management Center for four years.

The Huaihua Network Management Center is responsible for the communication network management equipment of the general railway in Xiangxi mountainous area of ​​Hunan Province and the Zhangji-Huaihua high-speed railway. “Post-95” Lin Tao is the deputy chief engineer of the Huaihua Network Management Center. When he is working, he and two other communication workers shuttle between dozens of computers, staring at the screen, and constantly operating the mouse and keyboard with their fingers to monitor in real time. Inspect the status of communication network management equipment such as transmission, data network, and dynamic ring. They not only have to browse and analyze the surveillance videos along all jurisdictional lines three times a day, but also keep an eye on the on-site operations, and coordinate and guide the on-site handling of alarms. Therefore, as soon as I go to work, the phone is almost always on my ear.

Lin Tao at work.Photo by Zhou Kai

“Mostly, I have to talk on the phone for 4 hours a day, and deal with more than 50 various problems.” Lin Tao said that because of answering the phone for a long time, he often has earaches and occasionally slight tinnitus.

The working pace of the network management center is very fast, and it is required to solve the problem in a short time during the call. “You can evacuate” and “replace the optical module”… Lin Tao commanded the on-site operators to deal with the problem skillfully and remotely into the microphone, just like a “commander”.

Recalling that when Lin Tao first joined the network management position in 2019, every time Lin Tao entered the computer room, he would stay far away from the equipment and dare not approach it. Because the master often reminded him, “The equipment is in use, which has a great impact on driving, so don’t move it randomly.” Therefore, every time he was off duty, he went to the unit’s training ground to familiarize himself with the business, stroked the lines one by one, sorted out the aisles one by one, and soon became familiar with the equipment.

Because of his diligence, Lin Tao received special care from “Master Song”, the foreman of the network management center at the time. “Master Song will give me special tutoring after get off work every day. Thanks to him, I can learn so fast.” Lin Tao said, “I was in the same class with Master Song. It was the happiest thing at that time. He taught me a lot to deal with difficult problems. sickness.”

Under the guidance of his master and his persistence, Lin Tao’s business ability has improved rapidly. Nine months after entering the road, Lin Tao participated in the skills competition organized by the Huaihua Telecom Section, and won the fourth place in the all-around transmission project, which gave Lin Tao more confidence and motivation to study business knowledge. In 2020, Lin Tao won the second place in the all-round skill competition of Huaihua Electric Power Section and the third place in theory of Guangzhou Railway Group.

While constantly improving his own business, Lin Tao also shared his business skills with his colleagues at any time, and became a “service” hotline for technical support in the hearts of colleagues.

“Calling 24 hours a day, the strongest support, really awesome!” Zhou Haitao, a colleague who praised Lin Tao’s “service” hotline, said that it took him a lot of time to adapt to being transferred from the ordinary railway to the Zhangjihuai high-speed railway. The new equipment of the high-speed rail, but Lin Tao can always “preemptively” master the new equipment and provide him with professional guidance.

During the Spring Festival travel season, the traffic density increased, and the phone beside Lin Tao rang more frequently. “We still need to ‘recharge’ ourselves more, enhance our ‘command’ skills, and escort the Spring Festival travel.” Just as Lin Tao finished speaking, the phone next to him rang again. He turned around to answer the phone, and returned to intense work. (Finish)

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