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Representatives of Guizhou committee members heatedly discuss “computing power” and hope to speed up the “East Counting and West Counting” project-Chinanews.com

Data map; Aerial photography of Gui’an Huawei Qixing Lake.Photo by Qu Honglun

Chinanews.com, Guiyang, January 14th (Reporter Yang Qian) “The data center and computing power center built in Guizhou empowers Guizhou, and the economic development it brings is obvious.” Guizhou Provincial People’s Congress Representative, Xintongda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Qi Yufeng, chairman of the company, said.

At the two sessions of Guizhou Province in 2023 being held here, “data” and “computing power” became hot words.

In recent years, Guizhou has focused on building a national big data comprehensive test zone and a digital economy development innovation zone. In February 2022, the overall layout design of China’s integrated big data center system was completed, and the “Digital from East to Computation from West” project was officially launched. Guizhou is one of the eight hubs of “counting from east to west”, and its comprehensive computing power ranks among the “first phalanx” in China.

The work report of the Guizhou provincial government proposes to maintain a good momentum of digital economy development. Grasp the core production factors of “data” and the core productivity of “computing power”, and accelerate the construction of an innovation zone for digital economy development. Build a computing power guarantee base for the whole of China, and accelerate the “East Counting West Counting” project.

The Guizhou Provincial Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association put forward the “Suggestions on Seizing the Opportunity of “East Counting and Western Counting” to Accelerate the Construction of Guizhou’s Digital Economy Development Innovation Zone”, stating that Guizhou needs to strengthen support for technological innovation, activate the potential of data elements, and promote the digital economy. Integrate and develop with the real economy, and explore experience for industrial transformation and upgrading and digital China construction.

Liu Junjie, the author of this suggestion, deputy director of the Youth Work Committee of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association, deputy leader of the Big Data Group of the Political Consultative Committee, deputy leader of the New Industrialization Group, and technical director of Guizhou Qiageo Technology Co., Ltd., said that Guizhou needs to make good use of With the advantages of big data and 5G network infrastructure, we will accelerate the promotion of intelligent social governance, establish a digital evaluation system for social contribution, and promote the construction of an innovation zone for digital economic development with high quality.

Data map: Aerial photography of Gui'an Tencent Seven Star Data Center.Photo by Qu Honglun

Data map: Aerial photography of Gui’an Tencent Seven Star Data Center.Photo by Qu Honglun

From “storage in the east and storage in the west” to “calculation in the east and west”, and from “cold storage” to “hot service”, Guizhou plans to basically build a computing power guarantee base for the whole of China in 2024, focusing on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the The Yangtze River Delta region provides computing power services. In 2023, the Gui’an main computing power hub project (Phase I) is planned to be completed and put into use.

According to the reality of Guizhou, the Guizhou Provincial Committee of the China Democratic League proposed that a cross-domain interconnection and cooperation mechanism should be established to promote the high-speed direct connection between Guizhou and other national computing power hub nodes, and create a low-latency “computing power service circle” “. At the same time, strengthen the integrated security guarantees for basic networks, data centers, cloud platforms, personal privacy, data and applications, explore multi-party cooperation and win-win data security governance models and industrial practices, and promote data centers, Collaborative linkage between cloud and network improves resource utilization.

Lian Zaohua, member of the CPPCC Guizhou Provincial Committee and chairman of Hengda Technology Group Co., Ltd., has been working in Guizhou for more than 20 years. He said: “The ‘East Counting and Western Counting’ project has created huge market opportunities for related industries in Guizhou Province. Combined with the current Based on the main business and related professional technical foundation, we will focus on increasing the investment in technology research and development related to the “East Data and Western Computation” project, continuously strengthen the construction of professional technical teams, and strive to provide comprehensive services in data center construction, system integration, software development and network security services. In other aspects, we will give full play to our professional expertise, continuously improve the technical capabilities of the enterprise, develop more software application products, provide more comprehensive and efficient network security services, and escort the smooth progress of the ‘East Counting West Counting’ project.” (End)

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