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Sichuan Spring Festival to promote consumption: launch 1 billion yuan “big gift package” to strengthen Spring Festival market supply-Chinanews.com

The scene of the press conference.Photo by Shan Peng

Chinanews.com, Chengdu, January 17th (Shan Peng) The Information Office of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government held a press conference on “Happy Sichuan Taste Year-Quality Consumption New Year Sichuan” in Chengdu on the 17th. It was revealed at the meeting that in order to prosper the consumer market during the Spring Festival, Sichuan’s government and enterprises jointly launched a “big gift package” for Spring Festival consumption: Sichuan Province plans to invest 1 billion yuan, mobilize 30,000 enterprises, and carry out 4,000 activities.

According to reports, in order to promote the recovery of consumption, in May last year, Sichuan issued “6 Consumption Measures” to encourage Sichuan’s cities and prefectures to issue consumption vouchers to industries severely affected by the epidemic, such as catering and retail. As of the end of December last year, 21 cities and prefectures in Sichuan had issued a total of 1.38 billion yuan in consumer vouchers, directly stimulating consumption of 17.1 billion yuan. “Overall, the effect of consumer vouchers is still relatively obvious.” Chen Youqing, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, said.

In order to promote the recovery and blood circulation of consumption, according to the seasonal characteristics of the first quarter of this year, and in line with the creation of the atmosphere of “New Year Sichuan”, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce once again launched a new round of five policies to promote consumption, including the issuance of consumer coupons, the purchase of cars, home appliances and home decoration Subsidies, specific measures to benefit the people such as setting up temporary parking spots at night on roads where conditions permit.

“‘Consumption New 5 Articles’ has high gold content and strong ‘attractiveness’. It not only has the investment of real money, but also has measures that are friendly to the people such as loosening the restrictions on outdoor stalls and temporary parking; there are comprehensive and inclusive consumption coupons. There is also a focus on traditional consumption such as automobiles, home appliances, home furnishing, and catering.” Chen Youqing said that all parts of Sichuan are currently formulating detailed implementation rules, and it is estimated that Sichuan Province will invest 500 million yuan in the first quarter of this year. boost consumer confidence.

During the Spring Festival this year, consumption in some areas is expected to take the lead in heating up. Bian Kangning, general manager of Wanda Commercial Management Sichuan Branch, said that in terms of retail sales, snacks, clothing, and home furnishing that meet the needs of citizens for purchasing new year’s goods, as well as digital and gold jewelry for themselves and their families are the first products to start selling well before the Spring Festival.

“Judging from our recent catering sales, it has basically returned to the level before the epidemic in 2019.” According to Bian Kangning, since last week, reunion dinners have gradually become popular. In addition, in terms of cultural entertainment, this year’s film and experience business is booming. During the Spring Festival, seven blockbuster films including “Chinese Ping Pong”, “The Wandering Earth 2” and “Man Jianghong” will be released together.

At the same time, in order to strengthen the guarantee of market supply during the Spring Festival, the competent commercial departments at all levels in Sichuan strengthened the market monitoring of daily necessities such as vegetables, meat and eggs during the festival, played the role of more than 2,000 key enterprises in Sichuan for emergency supply guarantee, and strengthened the organization of supply sources, regional joint guarantee, and logistics distribution , To ensure that the supply of daily necessities is not out of stock and kept in stock.

Wang Yuwei, general manager of Chengdu Agricultural Products Wholesale Market Co., Ltd., said that merchants have been organized in advance to increase the supply of goods, combined with the dietary preferences of Sichuan citizens and recent seasonal products, and guided merchants to increase imported seafood, imported fruits, sausages and bacon, dry goods and non-staple foods. To enrich the supply of citizens’ dining tables during the Spring Festival. At this stage, the market can supply more than 3,200 tons of vegetables, 1,000 tons of meat, 1,600 tons of aquatic seafood, and about 6,000 tons of rice, flour, grain and oil reserves. The supply of various categories is sufficient and the prices tend to be stable.

Li Mingyu, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that market monitoring has been intensified in the near future, paying close attention to the market supply and price situation of important livelihood commodities such as grain, oil, meat, eggs, and vegetables, and launching an emergency monitoring system during the festival to detect emerging problems in time and make arrangements. Study and judge in advance the impact that adverse weather may have on the production and circulation of important livelihood commodities, and carefully look for weak links and hidden risks in the work of ensuring supply and stabilizing prices. Strengthen the adjustment of reserves, comprehensively sort out the reserves of important livelihood commodities such as local finished grains, oils, and pork, and choose opportunities to release them according to changes in market prices, so as to increase market supply in a timely manner. Timely and full payment of temporary price subsidies, encourage qualified places to issue additional one-time subsidies to people in need, and actively guarantee the basic life of people in need. (Finish)

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