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Sichuan Two Sessions Focus on “Pain Points” in the Development of Private Economy to Boost Development Confidence-Chinanews.com

The production workshop of Sichuan Huiyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Neijiang.Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Neijiang Municipal Party Committee

Chinanews.com, Chengdu, January 14th (Shan Pengyue Yitong) “This year’s Sichuan Provincial Government Work Report specifically took a section to talk about the private economy. Every sentence is dry, and it touches the hearts of private entrepreneurs.” 14 Ding Zhao, a representative of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress and Sichuan Huiyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said frankly in an interview in Chengdu that how to boost the confidence and motivation of private entrepreneurs is crucial to the revitalization of the private economy.

The Sichuan Provincial Government Work Report pointed out that Sichuan will optimize the development environment for private enterprises this year, and introduce more valuable policies and measures to address the difficulties faced by private enterprises. Benchmark advanced regions, identify and resolve to solve Sichuan’s outstanding shortcomings in the business environment. Comprehensively clean up and abolish the policies and regulations that hinder participation in fair competition, and carry out special rectification to clean up the accounts owed to private enterprises and enterprise-related charges. The property rights, independent management rights and entrepreneurial rights of private enterprises shall be equally protected in accordance with the law, the illegal use of law enforcement force to intervene in economic disputes shall be strictly prohibited, and the abuse of discretionary power of administrative law enforcement shall be strictly prohibited, so as to prevent private enterprises from falling into major difficulties due to small cases.

“Confidence is gold. Both the central government and the local government have mentioned two ‘unshakable’, and the recent adjustment of the epidemic prevention policy has injected great confidence into the development of the private economy.” Ding Zhao said that private enterprises are responsible for promoting economic development, absorbing social employment, and realizing Technological breakthroughs and many other responsibilities, “The primary social responsibility of pharmaceutical companies is to provide truly good medicines at reasonable prices. We invest 20% of our operating income in research and development every year; among the company’s 1,600 employees, there are more than 600 R&D personnel. We have a new building in Chengdu. The R&D center covering an area of ​​80,000 square meters will be put into use in the second quarter of this year, all for the purpose of developing more new drugs with improved efficacy and international competitiveness.”

“Private entrepreneurs often talk about ‘needing preferential treatment, but more importantly, opportunities’. Optimizing the business environment is what the majority of private enterprises are thinking about, and it is also a must-answer question for the development and growth of the private economy.” Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Sichuan Provincial Industry and Commerce In an interview, Hu Jingshou, the full-time vice chairman of the Federation, said that in response to the above problems, he suggested that in terms of preferential policies for enterprises, a unified provincial-level policy comprehensive intelligence platform should be established, and policies related to private enterprises should be implemented to implement third-party evaluations, so as to make the policies for preferential enterprises easier to obtain and handle. , more effective. In terms of the atmosphere of public opinion, it is recommended to hold a high-quality private economy development conference with high standards, publicize and commend outstanding private enterprises and private entrepreneurs, and promote the establishment of Sichuan “Entrepreneur Day”. In terms of laws and regulations, the property rights of private enterprises and the rights and interests of entrepreneurs are protected in accordance with the law, so that those who hold property have perseverance.

In order to actually solve the problems faced by private enterprises, Hu Jingshou also suggested that Sichuan Province’s “Millions of Cadres Entering Enterprises” campaign be carried out in different levels, so as to really enter the enterprise, find out the bottom line, solve problems, do a good job in the “small things” of the enterprise, and help Development is “busy”. “Construct and operate a comprehensive platform for the innovation and development of private enterprises, unblock resources such as talents, projects, and funds, and further expand domestic demand by increasing investment in new infrastructure and releasing rural demand, so as to promote the continuous recovery of the consumer market.”

In response to the problems of “difficult financing” and “expensive financing” of private enterprises, especially small and micro private enterprises, Li Enfu, a member of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and a member of the Central Finance and Finance Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association, proposed to promote financing facilitation, strengthen the structural reform of financial supply, and support small Structural monetary policy tools such as re-lending guide commercial banks to increase support, open up the last mile of financial support for small and micro enterprises, and improve the ability of financial services to serve the real economy. “By optimizing the credit process and innovating financial products, we will ensure that the support for small and micro enterprises is significantly increased.”

Li Enfu also suggested integrating the financing service platform of small and micro enterprises, building an online and offline one-stop intelligent bank-enterprise financing service platform through technological empowerment, and promoting service scenarios, intelligent financing, and standardized management to ease the tension between banks and enterprises. Information asymmetry among small and micro enterprises and insufficient effective financing needs of small and micro enterprises; it is also necessary to establish a three-party dispute litigation and mediation docking mechanism among the government, banks, and courts. It is necessary to build a smart platform for financial rule of law, including the establishment of a bankruptcy financial laboratory, to promote the professionalization, intelligence, and internationalization of financial trials, to combat financial debt evasion, and to strive to create the best business environment. (Finish)

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