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Sichuan’s foreign trade broke through the one trillion yuan mark for the first time, and the “steel camel team” played an important role-Chinanews.com

Located in the Chengdu International Railway Port in Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu, China Railway Express departs from here to Europe.Photo by Zhang Lang

Chinanews.com, Chengdu, January 15th (Reporter He Shaoqing and Zhang Lang) The reporter learned from Chengdu Customs on the 15th that the total import and export value of Sichuan’s goods trade in 2022 will be 1,007.67 billion yuan, breaking through the one trillion yuan mark for the first time. An increase of 6.1%. Among them, exports were 621.51 billion yuan, an increase of 9.2%; imports were 386.16 billion yuan, an increase of 1.3%.

In 2022, Chengdu’s foreign trade import and export will be 834.64 billion yuan, accounting for 82.8% of Sichuan’s total import and export value. The two cities of Meishan and Leshan will import and export 11.92 billion yuan and 11.04 billion yuan respectively in 2022. The scale of import and export will exceed the 10 billion mark for the first time. The import and export of Yibin, Mianyang, Deyang, Luzhou and other cities will maintain rapid growth. The foreign trade of Sichuan will exceed 10 billion. increased to 7.

Behind the accelerated development of Sichuan’s foreign trade, the “steel camel team” of the China-Europe Railway Express has played an important role. In 2022, Chengdu Customs will supervise the operation of more than 2,000 China-Europe trains. The fully loaded China-Europe Railway Express travels between the Eurasian continent day and night, connecting over 100 overseas stations and 30 domestic cities. The shortest 10-day train journey can reach Europe from the Land of Abundance.

In December 2021, Chengdu Qingbaijiang International Railway Port officially launched the “Chengdu-Laos Vientiane” China-Laos international freight train. So far, it has realized the normal operation of “weekly trains”, and the goods departing from Chengdu can arrive within 5 days at the fastest Vientiane, Laos has played an important role in accelerating Sichuan’s integration into the China-Indochina Peninsula Economic Corridor. In May 2022, after the launch of the China-Laos freight train using the new model of “Railway Rapid Customs Clearance”, a single container can save the company about 200 yuan in costs and shorten the import customs clearance time by more than 24 hours.

In 2022, while Sichuan is expanding the consumer supply network of “buying the world” for the public, the construction of overseas warehouses of enterprises is also speeding up, making it more convenient for enterprises to “sell globally”. Up to now, a total of 47 enterprises and 62 overseas warehouses in Sichuan have registered with Chengdu Customs. In 2022, the export value of cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouses will be 900 million yuan, an increase of 1.6 times over the previous year.

The “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement” (RCEP) has been in force for more than a year, and it has released great vitality, bringing more and more policy dividends to foreign trade entities. In 2022, the value of imported goods under Sichuan RCEP will be 280 million yuan. Chengdu Customs will issue 2,439 certificates under RCEP to 105 export companies, with a total visa value of 13.38 billion yuan. Industries such as agriculture, chemicals, and new energy will benefit significantly. (Finish)

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