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Snow field becomes “golden mountain” Jilin folks enjoy ice and snow economy-Chinanews.com

Zhang Zenghua is busy in the back kitchen Photo by Cang Yan

  (Grassroots in the Spring Festival) The snow field has become a “golden mountain” Jilin folks enjoy the ice and snow economy

Chinanews.com, Jilin, January 22 (Reporter Cangyan Shi Hongyu) In the early morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year, the smell of firecrackers still lingered in the courtyard. The “post-90s” are equipped to start the car, and the three skiers on the car meet for the “top door” skiing in the Spring Festival-that is, on the first day of the new year (the first day of the new year), take the first cable car to the top of the mountain.

In their eyes, “Dingmen” is to win a good fortune, “I hope that the Year of the Rabbit will be strong and have a breakthrough on the snow track.”

The farmyard run by Gong Peicheng and his wife Sun Yunxia is located in Nangou Village, Yongji County, Jilin City, Jilin Province, only 6 kilometers away from the Beidahu Ski Resort. The ski resort is currently the largest ski resort in Asia.

During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, skiers from home and abroad made Nangou Village very lively. Many guests have booked rooms in the farmhouse. On New Year’s Eve, everyone gathers together to eat the New Year’s Eve dinner in Northeast China, set off fireworks, and watch the New Year’s Eve.

Yu Shufen organizes tableware photo by Cang Yan

Yu Shufen organizes tableware photo by Cang Yan

For the couple who have only returned to their hometown to start their own business for two years, the current passenger flow has made them overjoyed. The public partner is a professionally trained coach and part-time driver, and Sun Yunxia is in charge of the kitchen of this “home and store”.

“There are 142 homestays in our village, 33 of which are newly opened.” Zhang Zengfa, Secretary of the Party Branch of Nangou Village, said that there are new homestays opening every year. The villagers of Nangou Village all focus on the “ice and snow business” during the slack season.

In fact, from around 2010, the homestays in Nangou Village gradually expanded in size with the development of China’s ice and snow economy. In recent years, the villagers have been “earning extra money” around the ski resort. “Even in summer, when it is not the snow season, there will be many construction projects in the Beidahu Ski Resort, and the villagers will go to the construction site to work.” Zhang Zengfa said that almost no one in Nangou Village went out to work, and young people also stayed at home. Follow the village to make money.

53-year-old Yu Shufen is extremely busy during the New Year. The fireworks ordered by the “Xuexiangrenjia” homestay are already in place. Yu Shufen is going to light a bonfire, build a snowman, and enjoy fireworks with guests on the second day of the Lunar New Year.

New Year decorations at Nangou Village Restaurant Photo by Cang Yan

New Year decorations at Nangou Village Restaurant Photo by Cang Yan

Yu Shufen’s “Xuexiang Renjia” has been in business for 13 years, and there are many repeat customers from south to north. “A coach from a ski school in Inner Mongolia takes a dozen students and lives there for a full snow season every year.”

The Spring Festival couplets and window grilles are particularly festive. Backed by a high-quality ski resort, Yu Shufen’s New Year is busy. “Happy to be busy, the snow season is still two months away, I hope the business will continue to be good.”

Photo by Sun Yunxia dressed up by Cang Yan

Photo by Sun Yunxia dressed up by Cang Yan

The “Beixue Hotel” run by Zhang Zenghua is the “old taste” of Nangou Village. Many “championship” athletes have retired and skied, and they often visit the store. “I know all about their growth, achievements, and championships.” Zhang Zenghua said that he is friends with many athletes.

Merchants in Nangou Village predict that there will be a peak passenger flow after the third day of the Lunar New Year, which is a good start for the Year of the Rabbit. (Finish)

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